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1/31/08: SPACED OUT PART 2






As Tony and Anna walk the beautiful, nighttime streets of downtown Salem, they see a man selling roses on a sidewalk. They stop and Tony buys one for his lady love. She smiles as he hands it to her, saying.....

Tony: I hope this starts to make up for leaving you on that pier all those years ago.

Anna smiles once again and rests her head on his chest. She then takes his arm and asks what he’s going to do now. Tony says that with the truce on between Victor and Stefano and the violence hopefully at an end, he wants to connect with Cassie. She doesn’t want his father’s influence to taint her in any way. Anna hopes the same for herself. She knows that she can at least be a friend to Carrie, if not a mother. She now thanks Marlena for being there for her for all those years.

Tony then asks how her business is coming. Anna says fine. Once she gets Designs By A.D. off the ground, she wants Carrie to run it for her. Not as a bribe to get her love back but because she has watched her from a distance, and thinks she has the right stuff to be a top designer and businesswoman. Tony agrees and says he will help in any way he can. But, what worries him now......

Is what his father may be up to.

Anna says that they shouldn’t talk about that. For tonight, they need to let love be their guide. Tony smiles and agrees as they walk arm in arm down the sidewalk.


Victor walks in and kisses Maggie good evening. He fills her in on the latest threat to the family and says that things are about to get dicey once again. Maggie asks whose involved this time and reveals a name she has not heard in years.........Lawrence Alamain. She grows angry, not being able to believe that he has the gall to start trouble again........after what he put Jennifer and the rest of them through.

He also says that Carly is staying at the mansion and she says she knows. Henderson told her. Maggie says she must be scared to come looking for help.......from him. She hopes he didn’t take that wrong and he smiles, saying he didn’t. He actually agrees with her. He doesn’t know what Lawrence has put her through.......but he will find out.

She then says that the club is coming along splendidly as he says he knows. He’s talked to his foreman and he told Victor things should be ready soon. She thanks him once again for doing that for her and he says it’s no problem at all as they share a kiss. He then takes her in his arms and says.....

Victor: My darling, let us go upstairs.........lay across the bed........look lovingly at one another.......and then.......
Maggie: Yes........
Victor: Watch the news.
Maggie: Party pooper.

Both of them laugh as she dims the lights and, as they walk arm in arm to the stairs, she says......

Maggie: You’re no fun.
Victor: You didn’t say that two nights ago.
Maggie: Oh, stop!

And, as they ascend the stairs, the scene turns to...........


Alyson driving down the street, with a crying Sam in the backseat. Her car then starts to sputter and then stops completely as she gets it to the side of the road. As she gets out and tries to flag down a car, after a few minutes, someone stops. And the person who gets out of a very fancy sports car........is Philip. He says what are the chances of them running into each other and she says stuff like this happens in soap operas.

He says he’ll give her car a look see. She opens the hood and he checks under it. He says he doesn’t know what he’s doing but maybe he can at least get it back up and running. She thanks him for stopping. He says it’s no problem. He then tries, after a few moments, he starts to bring up their night together. When he does.......she doesn’t want to talk about it, reminding him they agreed that was for the best. Philip respects her wishes.

A few moments later, he says that he can’t do a thing but has called a tow truck.....and will pay for whatever repairs she needs. She thanks him and then says she wishes he was that good with children as Sam continues to cry. Philip says he can give it try. Alyson gets Sam and they all sit in Philip’s car. He takes the little boy and, after a few minutes, Sam not only starts to calm down, but starts to drift off to sleep.

She is amazed. Philip says he got a lot of practice with Claire. She looks at him holding her sleeping son and the scene fades into.....


Marlena sits with Lucas first, telling him that there might be a new threat to all their families and friends. Lucas then says a lot of help he can do being locked up. She then tells him to be very careful.....and tells him that Kate, Sami and everyone is doing their best to prove him innocent so can be let free. He thanks her and then leaves, saying he knows she wants to talk to Roman.

Ten minutes later, Roman is led in and she is allowed to take him, with a guard, to a private room for his first session of hypnosis.

As he lays down, Marlena slowly and very patiently, puts him under. She starts asking him questions about his past and his memories start flowing......

Bo and him hugging on the pier after Marlena’s first disappearance..........Meeting Isabella.........Marrying Marlena the first and second times..........Running from Stefano’s men in a theater..........Saving Marlena at Ridgecrest, Stefano’s hideout.........and........being shot by Stefano on a mountain top.........

Which makes his memory drift to him laying in a room. He can barely make out the voices but he can hear two men talking, with one of them saying.........

Man: Are you sure he can’t remember the location? Damn........well, his memory must be erased. If anyone finds out what he knows..........

And then Roman suddenly opens his eyes, terrified. Marlena is shocked and tries to bring Roman out of it but he grabs her by the wrist.....and won’t let go. As she tries to pull away, Roman keeps squeezing harder......

And the scene freeze frames on his face, his eyes opened wide with fear............

And then suddenly go black!





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