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1/17/08: WHAT TO DO?






After Hope called them to come over, Doug and Julie stop by with Alice. They see Hope has been crying most of the night and Doug remarks about how she looks like she has gotten no sleep. Julie asks her what’s wrong and Hope tells her that after a huge fight, Bo not only knows about her and Steve.......but that he is now staying at the mansion. They have separated and it’s all her fault. As she breaks down in Julie’s arms.....


Bo walks downstairs into the study. Victor is looking out the window and turns to look, remarking that it’s about time Bo woke up. Bo says he was really tired for some reason and Victor tells him that when one comes down from a lot of anger, that usually wipes them out. As a maid brings Bo breakfast, he starts chowing it down with all speed and Victor tries to talk to him............

Victor: I received a phone call from the Chief Of Police in St. Louis City. He says he got a phone call from the sheriff of a little town called Joplin in Missouri. They found five people in the town.....dead. Looks like the work of our man, Michael Myers.
Bo: Damn. I thought we were done with that.
Victor: Bo, my guess is that we’ll be done with that when he’s dead.
Bo: If that is possible.
Victor: I have a question. Is your marriage dead?

After Bo pauses, he wipes his mouth with a napkin, looks back down at his plate, and says........

Bo: Ask Hope.
Victor: I’m asking you. You shouldn’t be so hard on her.
Bo: Look here, old man. Don’t tell me what I have the right to be mad about. She slept with my best friend.
Victor: I know that.......and by the way, don’t ever talk to me like that again.

Both men look at each other as Victor walks over. He sits down next to Bo, saying to him.....

Victor: I know how it feels to love someone from afar and give in to passion.
Bo: You mean Ma, right?
Victor: Yes, son. What happened with those two was a by-product of the hell Stefano put them through.
Bo: Still makes it very wrong, Victor.
Victor: I know. And you’re right.......they have to live with what they have done for a very long time. I’m just saying not to throw everything away based on how angry you are now.
Bo: Ok. Ok. I’ll listen to what you have to say........but for right now, I’m staying here. To be honest, I can’t even stand to look at that woman’s face.
Victor: Fair enough.

Victor then stands up and goes to his desk to answer his phone. When he gets through talking, he tells Bo that Nico and some men have a be-line on Nicole. She was on the roof the night Frankie fell and needs to be dealt with. Bo then says that when she's found.......she will do some serious time. Victor says that she just may not make it to a jail cell. Bo disagrees, saying this is a matter for the law. Victor disagrees as well, saying that after what she did and the fact that one brother is dead and the other is being transferred to the state prison....he doesn’t have much faith in the law. And, Victor says, since he is the head of the family.......

What he says........goes. Period. He also says that Nicole will be found....

And dealt with, accordingly. As Bo looks at Victor stoically, the scene fades to.....


Outside of Kayla’s room, where Adrienne tells Steve that Kayla and their marriage will be ok. He thanks her for that and then walks toward Kayla’s room. As he slowly opens the door, he can hear Stephanie tell a sleeping Kayla that everything is Steve’s fault.....and she will never forgive him. He looks at both Kayla and Stephanie and then quietly closes the door, telling Adrienne he needs time by himself as he walks off.


Philip and Belle end up bumping into each other as they both go to see Lucas and Roman. Neither says a word and they just look at each other as Marlena, Carrie and Sami then walk up. Marlena says she will go clear Roman’s visit with them all before he heads to the state prison and, as she walks in, Roman is being brought in. They hug each other lovingly as Marlena is shocked at how Roman looks. He says he hasn’t slept most of the night.

He keeps having these dreams........but everything is so jumbled. He remembered the meeting he had with Abe the morning after Orpheus blew up their house.......and then he remembers being strapped down in some room somewhere, with Stefano standing over him. He says everything is just a fog. Marlena thinks it’s stress from everything that has happened the past year and it’s his defenses trying to protect him.

Outside, Kate walks up and asks why Sami is there. Sami says she has just as much right to be there as Kate does. Kate says she is the reason why Lucas is in the trouble he’s in, which makes Sami respond......

Sami: For once, just once........could you NOT blame everything on everyone else but yourself?!

Carrie and Belle tell them both to stop it and Philip asks Kate if he will have to drag her out of there himself. He then says that both Lucas and Roman are being moved upstate and the last thing they both need is her selfish crap right now. Kate is silent for a few moments and then says that, for the good of the two men.......she will stop with her nonsense. As Kateif anyone has heard from Billie, Will walks up and says it’s about time they stopped fighting.

Patricia then comes up and says that it’s a red letter day for her.....a Horton and a Brady at the same time. Sami asks her if she has a heart at all......or did she sell it, along with her body, during law school? Patricia looks at her and quietly but sternly says that she earned everything she has gotten in her life and her career. Belle asks if that includes getting into bed with Stefano DiMera......so to speak. Patricia says she won’t stand there and take any of that.....

And Marlena then walks out, saying she will take exactly what they dish out. The Horton's and the Brady's are a united front and Patricia is about to find that out. Patricia asks if Marlena if she is threatening her and Marlena responds......

Marlena: If one hair on my husband’s head is even out of place after he is released from there......I will hit you with a lawsuit so big, you will have to street walk to pay me off, got that?!
Patricia: Marlena, I.........
Marlena: Don’t stutter! Just turn around and get the hell out of my eyesight!

Patricia stalks off angrily as Will says how proud he is of his grandmother. Kate says that she surely doesn’t want to cross Marlena and Marlena then turns and looks at her, saying......

Marlena: Do yourself a favor.......clean the wax out of your ears and listen to me very carefully.

As everyone is shocked by Marlena’s demeanor, Sami is trying her best not to start laughing at Kate, because she knows what’s about to come....

Marlena: When it comes to my children......and my man......I am the biggest bitch in this city! And, if anyone......ANYONE!.......tries to hurt them, they will end up face down in the Illinois river, do I make myself clear?
Kate: Crystal.

Marlena then tells her family to come into the waiting room and say god-bye to Roman, as Philip and Kate wait outside in the hallway.

Inside the room, Roman looks over to see his family and can barely hold back tears. Everyone tries to hug him at the same time and he holds Belle in one arm and Sami in the other, as he says.....

Roman: Look. I’ll be ok. Victor pulled some strings for the both of us and we’ll be apart from general population. It won’t be a picnic but I think we’ll be safe like that. All I want you all to do......is watch after your mom and each other. And we’ll be together again.....real soon.

Roman wipes away tears and everyone is crying as the guard knocks on the door. He comes in and tells Roman that it’s almost time. As his daughters and grandson all say good-bye and leave one at a time, Marlena walks up to him once again and he tells her....

Roman: Do me a favor.......make sure that Alice can make those donuts with a file in them.
Marlena: I’ll get on that right now. You take care of yourself, and remember.......how much I love you.
Roman: Thank you, Doc......for everything. I love you.....and I’ll see you soon.

As the guard takes Roman by the arm, the two people can’t take their eyes off each other as the door slowly closes behind him. As it slams shut.....

Marlena sits at a table and cries deeply. The scene then pans upwards and then slowly fades to black.



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Wonderful dialogue, I feel that Victor and Bo would actually speak those words, would have that conversaton. Love the united front from the Hortons and the Bradys. I love Patricia, she is ambitious as hell and takes no prisoners.

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