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Up on the roof, the tension is palpable between Bo and Hope. Bo's back is turned toward Hope as she begs Bo to please look at her, as tears well in her eyes. Hope tells Bo she just wants to talk. Bo tells Hope there is nothing left to say. She already said it all on New Year's and gave her explanation. Hope asks if he believed it, pointing out it doesn't seem like he did.

Bo: Can you blame me? All those lies, Hope. How do I know what was true and what wasn't?
Hope: Bo, how long have you known me? How long have your known Steve? You can't seriously think we could fall for each other and have an affair out of the blue like that without extenuating circumstances.
Bo: Ah, yes. You and Steve getting lost in the past. Give me a break!!
Hope: Bo! Please!!
Bo: Please what? Look, Hope. I don't have time to deal with you and your pathetic attempt to try to sway me right now. I have enough to deal with.
Hope: I know but we need to talk and...
Bo: Now?! My family is in shambles. Roman is in jail! Frankie is dead! Kayla just lost her child! And all your worried about is you and me!
Hope: I'm sorry! I just want to be there for you. I want to fix this!
Bo: It's too late for that. You and Steve may not have killed Frankie or Kayla's child but you put Nicole in the situation she was in. Your lies and your deceit gave her the ammunition. She was only at that reception...up on that roof...because you and Steve did what you did. Not to mention all the stress that Kayla had to deal with finding out what you two did and how you both kept the truth about Chelsea from Billie and I. Damnit, Hope! Do you see how many lives are a mess right now?
Hope (crying): I know! I know!
Bo: Do you? Did you ever consider that this whole mess would !@#$%^&*] with so many people's lives? This isn't just about you and me. It's not even about Steve and Kayla. Billie, Greta, my family...so many lives, Hope. You can't fix this. It's just too much.
Hope: We can try.
Bo: There is no "we." I love this! It's hilarious!
Hope: What?
Bo: You? A tad hypocritical, don't you think? A year ago, you gave me hell when I chose to keep the truth about my undercover operation with Roman from you, as well as my molestation. Remember that? What was my reasoning? Ah, yes. Because I was trying to protect you. You were going through alot. We all were. The same damn reasoning you are giving me after what you have done now. I detect a double standard, don't you?

Bo's words silence Hope as she wipes tears from her eyes and has no idea what to say. The scene then shifts to...

A waiting area where Abe, Lexie, and Celeste are talking. Abe tells Celeste he knew that Celeste knew what was already going to happen as Lexie and the doctors were trying to save Kayla and her baby. He thinks she did the right thing holding back and not saying anything, just like she did when Frankie was dying. Celeste nods, saying as long as she knew there was no stopping it, there was no sense in making an announcement. It would only make things worse. Lexie agrees.

Abe looks at his watch and says it's very late. Celeste agrees, pointing out Theo is still with the sitter and they should be getting back. Lexie says she has to check on some patients but tells Abe to tell Theo she will pick him up in the morning. Abe nods. Lexie thinks Abe for everything, including the advice earlier. He smiles and nods. Celeste tells Lexie how happy she is that things are ok between all three of them now. Lexie agrees. Celeste embraces her, saying she will kiss Theo goodnight for her. Lexie thanks her and the three then walk off and go their separate ways as the scene shifts to...

Outside of Greta's room, where Jack is walking up and sees Billie near the elevators. He yells out to her. Billie seems a bit shaky and upset and Jack asks where she is going and then if she is ok, noticing she seems a bit frantic. Billie says she is fine. She reminds Jack of how he found her this morning and says she is exhausted and wants to try to get some sleep. Jack nods and asks if she is sure she is fine. Billie tells him she will be. Jack points out that he knows she is going through alot and he just wants to make sure she is ok. Billie thanks him for his concern but says she is fine and will check in tomorrow. She bids him good night and tells him to give her best wishes to Greta and everyone else. Billie enters the elevator and it closes shortly after.

Jack then enters Greta's room, where Victor and Maggie are sitting. He asks them if something happened to upset Billie. Victor shakes his head, saying she seemed a bit upset but who wouldn't given what happened. He adds that she said she had to go. Jack agrees and says she is probably just tired or something. He then suggests Victor and Maggie go home and get some sleep or something to eat. Victor doesn't want to leave Greta but Jack suggests they at least go home and change. Maggie thinks it's a good idea, saying they could use some cleaning up and something to eat. Jack promises Victor he will stay with Greta and will call if something happens. Victor reluctantly agrees and thanks Jack. Maggie does so as well. Jack says it's no problem and Victor and Maggie leave while Jack sits down, takes Greta's hand, and tells his friend that he is here for her and that he will help her through this. He then hears Greta in her sleep, seemingly dreaming about being with Frankie, and saying that Nicole will pay for what she did to Frankie. Jack looks on with worry as the scene then shifts to...

Kayla's room, where Steve is wiping away tears, saying to Kayla he is so sorry. Kayla then begins to stir, shocking Steve. Kayla is a bit disoriented and asks what happened. Steve doesn't answer. Kayla looks at him and is stunned to see him. She then mentions how weak she feels. Steve tells Kayla she is going to be fine and that the doctors said she just needs to rest. She will make a full recovery. Kayla asks how the baby is doing. Steve is silent again. Kayla looks at him and can see the pain in his eyes. Kayla begins to realize something is horribly wrong and asks Steve again, as her eyes fill with tears, how the baby is doing. Steve sighs and then tries to say something but just can't seem to get any words out. All Steve can do is shake his head in sadness and finally say:

Steve: I'm sorry, Sweetness. So sorry.

Kayla then lets out a bloodcurdling "NO!!" and breaks down in tears. Steve tries to comfort a hysterical Kayla, who is in disbelief over losing their baby. All Kayla can say over and over is:

Kayla: Not our baby! Not our baby!

Steve does his best to console her but is unable to offer much comfort. Kayla asks how this happened and then recalls learning about Frankie. Kayla realizes it was all the stress of learning about him that pushed her over the edge. Steve says he is so sorry for all that she has lost, saying she nor her family deserve this. Kayla is in disbelief over her baby and Frankie being gone.

Kayla: How could God take them both? Why?!
Steve: I wish I knew, Sweetness.

Stephanie then walks in with Adrienne and demands to know what the hell Steve is doing in Kayla's room. Steve says he needed to see her and was just comforting her. Stephanie says she can do that and orders him to leave, saying he is doing no one no good. Adrienne tells Stephanie to back off but Kayla interrupts and says:

Kayla: ENOUGH!! A child is dead! Frankie is dead!!
Stephanie: Sorry, mom.
Steve: Yeah. Sorry.
Kayla: She is right though. Why are you here, Steve?
Steve: I just wanted to be there for you. I wanted to...
Kayla: Get out.
Steve: What?
Steve: Sweetness...please...understand the situation. You were letting me hold you before.
Kayla: I'm a mess right now, Steve, I can barely think! You already explained the situation...with Hope. As for what happened on the roof, Nicole may have been the instigator but you and Hope gave her the opportunity. God!! I can't even look at you without thinking about Frankie. About our baby!!
Steve: Kayla...I...
Kayla: No! Just leave! Please...not now. I can't do this now. I'm tired. I just...it's too soon. There is too much...hurt. Just go.
Steve: Kayla...
Kayla: GO!! GET OUT!! GET OUT!!

Kayla breaks down as Adrienne tells Steve they better go as Stephanie pushes him away and orders him out, trying to console her mother. A heartbroken Steve finally backs off and walks out with Kayla but not without looking back and seeing Stephanie comfort a distraught Kayla as the scene shifts back to...

The roof as Hope tells Bo she doesn't know what to say.

Bo: There is usually a penalty for repeat offenders. You know that. And this is not the first time this has happened. Remember you and John...I mean, my brother, Roman? You had sex with him and Stefano on that submarine. For awhile, you thought one of them fathered Zack and kept the truth from me for months. That was hard enough but I was able to get past that. Sure, the brain chip nonsense helped but the lies still hurt. I was able to forgive you, though, because you had never done anything like that before. Now, it's different. No brain chips this time and even if I buy the extenuating circumstances BS, there is still the matter of the lies and THEY hurt the most, Hope.
Hope: I know. We had trust issues before. As long as we love each other, we can get through this.
Bo: Not this time. This situation shows you learned nothing from the first time you did this. And the fact that you expect me to be lenient after the hell you gave me for doing the same DAMN thing a year ago...I can't do this right now. My family needs me. I have to go and take mom and Kim home. We have things to do and to think about.
Hope: I know but don't give up on us. Please!
Bo: What "us?" Right now, I don't see anything left.
Hope: I know things are bad but after all we have been through...I just thought I was doing what was best..we both did.
Bo: You ASSUMED you were.
Hope: And so did you, Brady!! Last year...oh, and what about Zack, huh? That was a nasty lie too, was it not?
Bo: I can't believe you just...
Hope: I know...I'm sorry. It was uncalled for. I just want to make you understand...
Bo: Mistakes were made on both sides, Hope. I know that. But don't try to excuse what you did by using the past. This is different. Many more lives were affected...I just don't see any excuse for this. No "out" for you and Steve. Nothing.
Hope: So, what? That's it?
Bo: I have to go so just have your stuff packed and be out of the house before I come back.
Hope: You were serious before...
Bo: Yes. Leave JT with the sitter and don't draw attention to yourself. We don't need the neighbors talking. We can talk in the morning about him. You can go to the new house Victor gave us.
Hope: But, he's your father? Won't that be...
Bo: Just go, alright. I don't have time to move my stuff right now so you go. I just...can't have you around so just do it, ok?

Hope is in disbelief and asks Bo if he is really sure. Bo doesn't answer and coldly tells her to go home and pack. Hope, fighting back tears, says she loves him and always will. Bo is silent and turns away. Hope then slowly walks off as RASCAL FLATTS' WHAT HURTS THE MOST (CLICK HERE TO PLAY FOR THE END MONTAGE) begins to be heard and a montage begins....

Hope looks back as tears stream down her face and she then finally leaves the roof as the scene focuses on an angry Bo looking out over the city as the scene fades to...Stephanie comforting Kayla. Both woman are in tears as Adrienne and Steve watch. Steve can't bare to see the pain his wife and daughter are in and begins to cry himself. Adrienne takes her brother in her arms and embraces him as Stephanie holds her mother in her arms and looks on at Steve and Adrienne from inside Kayla's room.

The scene then fades to...Billie, walking the streets of Salem, telling herself repeatedly she doesn't need a drink. She sees a liquor store across the street and is drawn to it, hesitating a few times before making her way across. She looks in the window and then walks off. After a few moments, she stops and begins to turn back, hesitating a few times. She looks in the window once more as the scene fades to...Greta's room. Jack is sitting with her when Greta stirs. She takes one look at Jack and falls apart once again. Jack takes a crying Greta in his arms and comforts her, saying he's there for her and assuring her it will be ok as the scene fades back to...Bo on the roof, looking over the city skyline. He then begins to wipe tears from his eyes as the scene fades to... Hope in JT's room. She kisses his forehead and then slowly walks off. The scene then shifts to...moments later as Hope is outside her house in tears, looking at the house longingly, and then walking off as the scene fades to...

Billie, who is now in her P.I. office and is popping the top off a liquor bottle. She hesitates a few times before pouring herself a glass. She then hesitates yet again before picking up the glass, her hands trembling. A few moments later, she finally gives in and drinks...and then plops down into her chair, breaking down in tears as the scene fades to...Greta's room as Jack holds Greta in his arms, comforting her and rocking her back and forth as the camera pans to an overhead shot of the scene and then fades to black as the RASCAL FLATTS' WHAT HURTS THE MOST montage ends.




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Bo and Hope were right on the money. I could picture their interaction. Another great job with the emotions. I really enjoyed the entire episode. I felt horrible for Kayla and for Steve. I really like the family interaction after all the action. Great episode

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