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Kayla’s family ands friends watch anxiously as the doctors try to save her and her baby’s lives. After learning about her brother’s death, her heart rate and BP are through the roof. After twenty minutes, the three very tired doctors come out and tell everyone that she made it. She just needs to relax and take it easy. When Caroline asks about the baby, Mike says that she lost the baby. Everyone reacts with deep sadness as Stephanie runs out of the room crying and Kimberly says that she will go call the station and get the word to Roman and Lucas.

Stephanie rounds the corner to see Steve walking up. She walks right up to him and lets him have it, blaming him for the baby’s death. Steve is now in shock, not being able to believe that Kayla lost the baby, and Bo walks up behind Stephanie, asking if Steve really even cares. Hope can’t believe Bo even said that as she walks up also but Stephanie truly doesn’t care. She holds the both of them responsible for what has happened to Kayla and the baby.........and Bo tells the both of them that maybe they should just find a hotel room....

And do what they do best.

As Bo walks off, Marlena comes up and stops Hope from once again chasing after him. Stephanie walks off crying as Abby runs after her, having heard the fight. Back in the waiting room, Caroline can’t believe what has happened to her family. She blames herself for the baby’s death and Kimberly tells her that’s silly. It just wasn’t meant to be. Max stares Steve down as he comes into the waiting area and Caroline tells them both that this is no place for any of this.

Max heeds her words and walks off, with Kimberly saying she’ll keep and eye on him. Caroline agrees to go with her and, as they both leave, Jack walks over to Steve. He offers his condolences on the baby and Steve thanks him but says he needs time by himself. Jack understands and pats Steve on the shoulder as he walks off. Steve then goes into Kayla’s room....

And sits down next to her bed. He takes her hand and starts to cry, saying how sorry he is for messing everything up. He promises that he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her.....if she’ll just come back to him. As he breaks down next to her.....

Bo is on the roof. He can barely contain his anger and lashes out by punching a wall. Hope opens the door to the roof right after he punches it and stands there staring at him. Bo looks out over Salem......but can’t bring himself to look at the woman who betrayed him.

Meanwhile, Greta sits outside the morgue. They have just taken Frankie’s body in but will not let her in. Victor and Nico come down and sit with her. Victor takes her hand and tells her that he is there for her but Greta needs a question answered.........

Greta: You know that Nicole was on the roof.
Victor: Yes, that's what I heard.

Sami then wheels up and speaks.......

Sami: Nicole..........why am I not surprised?
Greta: Well.........I think it’s time, that she be dealt with.
Sami: Greta........I think I have to agree with you.

Victor tells Nico to get some people on it and find Nicole Brady..........right now.

Maggie and Billie then walk up as Nico leaves and Billie says that maybe Greta should go back to her room. Sami and Maggie both agree but Greta says she’s not leaving until she can see Frankie one more time. Victor tells her it is against hospital policy to allow her in and Greta lashes out, saying that University Hospital policy is a joke. She tries to get out of her wheelchair and Maggie, Sami and Victor try and stop her. Greta fights them as Sami gets a nurse......

And after sedating her, Greta is taken back to her room.

A couple of hours later, Maggie and Billie sit with Greta as Sami then comes into her room. Billie says that she needs to go and gets up and leaves. Sami and Maggie look at each other but what Billie doesn’t want them to know is that everything is starting to truly weigh her down. As she leaves, she can’t help but fight a very strong urge that she has had lately....

And that is the urge to drink.

Back in Greta’s room, she sleeps peacefully and dreams of Frankie and her in a beautiful field. He is wearing all white, as she is, and he tells her that he is ok. He’s at peace now. With a big smile on his face, Greta asks him if he came back just to tell her that and he says he thinks so. He just got to where he is right now and is just amazed at how beautiful it is.

He then tells her that one day.......they will be reunited. Greta smiles upon hearing this and says that she will always have him in her heart. It belongs to him. Frankie tells her how much he loves her and tells her to take care. He’ll be there when she truly needs him. As he fades away, Greta stirs in her sleep and keeps whispering his name........

As the scene pans on her tear-stained face and slowly fades to black.



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Loved the episode. Loved how Greta and Sami interacted and understood each other. Stephanie standing up and asserting herself is nice to see.I could feel the pull of the emotions in this episode, very well done.

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