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1/18/08: TARGET



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Billie wakes up slowly. She is disheveled yet again and looks around, seeing the empty liquor bottles in front of her. She realizes she gave in to the urge again and covers her face in shame and frustration. She gets up slowly and glances at her cell, which is registering 9 missed calls. Billie, still trying to deal with her hangover, checks them and learns Lucas is being transfered upstate. She quickly begins to put herself together so she can head down to the station.

Billie's cell then rings. It's Jack, who says he has been calling and admits he was worried. Billie says she had a long night. He asks if she feels better. Billie assures him she is fine but, obviously, couldn't get any sleep. Jack thinks it's understandable with everything she is dealing with. Billie tells Jack she has to go as Lucas is being transfered. She then asks about Greta. Jack tells Billie she is hanging in there. Billie says that's good and then tells him not to worry. She is fine. Jack tells her to call if she needs anything. Billie says she will and tells him she has to go. She then quickly hangs up as Jack can't help but be worried. He decides he will check on Billie later and goes in to see Greta, noticing that she is waking up.

Jack asks how she is doing. Greta is silent until her eyes well with tears and she says she can't believe this is happening. She admits she has no idea how she will get through this. It's like losing her mother all over again. Jack tells her that he is there for her and so is all the rest of her friends and family. Greta embraces him and thanks him for everything. Jack smiles, saying that is what friends are for and her and Frankie are two of his best. Alex then appears outside. Greta informs Jack and Jack asks if he can come in. Greta nods. Jack motions for Alex to come in and he does.

Alex apologizes to Greta for her loss. She thanks him. Jack tells Alex he thought he was starting early at The Spectator. Alex points out he is but stopped by to see him first to see how things were going. Greta tells Alex he will do fine and that Jack is very proud that his son is following in his footsteps. Jack nods, saying he is very talented and no doubt got it from him. They all laugh. Alex tells Greta he looks forward to working with him. She nods, saying she doesn't know if that will happen. Jack says it will. Greta admits her only focus right now is two things...mourning and honoring Frankie and getting a hold of that bitch Nicole and paying her back for what she has done. Greta points out she may as well have killed Eric and now Frankie...and that she will get vengeance. Jack and Alex look on, worried.


Meanwhile, Hope walks up and sees Steve by the nurses station. Steve asks what she is doing there. Hope says she wanted to check on Kayla and Greta, hoping no one that despises her right now would see her. Hope asks how things are. Steve fills her in and asks how things are with her. Hope tells him about her and Bo separating. They both tell each other they are sorry and Steve blames himself, saying he promised her things would be ok. He pushed the past on her and then thought Nicole was bluffing. Hope tells him it's ok. They need to deal with the hand they were dealt. She only wishes they could've told Bo and Kayla their own way, like they planned. None of this probably would've happened.

Steve thinks we all have a time to go and maybe it would've happened anyway but not like this. He blames Nicole for how it all went down and thinks she needs to pay for this...and all the other [!@#$%^&*] she has pulled. Hope points out she is against getting payback through violence and scheming but admits Nicole needs to pay and that jail may be too lenient after all she has done. Hope then says there is no telling what may happen if she strikes again and who may get hurt. The scene then shifts to...

Kayla's room, where Kayla is laying there silent and Stephanie is asking if she is sure she wants nothing. Kayla shakes her head, saying she wants time to be reversed and for things to be what they were before 2008 began. Stephanie wishes that could happen, adding that it's all her father's fault. Kayla says that Steve takes part of the blame. As does Hope. But someone else pushed it too far and is the reason why Frankie fell as well. Stephanie says she knows all about it...Nicole. Kayla nods, saying that woman has been a thorn in the Brady's side for too long and has gone too far. Eric, Frankie, her unborn child...it may not have been directly but she may as well have killed them all, not to mention all the other schemes she has attempted. Kayla tells Stephanie it's time Nicole took a hard fall...a very hard one. The scene then shifts to...


Caroline is making funeral arrangements for Frankie when Bo comes in with Victor. Bo embraces his mother and asks if he can help. Victor offers his help too. Caroline says everything is pretty much set but says there is one thing they can do...find Nicole so she can make her pay. Victor says he has his men on it and plans on handling it, telling Caroline there is no need for her to get involved. Caroline tells Victor she has had it with Nicole. Everything she did to Eric, Victor, Carrie, and now all this. She has caused too much trouble and inflicted too much pain on her family and needs to be stopped.

Caroline admits she can't help but feel it's her responsibility to do it. Bo thinks there is a list of people who feel that way based on how Nicole has affected him, including himself. He wants her to pay too. Bo just thinks Caroline needs to stay out of it and let Victor, him, and the police handle it. Caroline doesn't know if she can do that. Victor promises her that Nicole will be found and WILL pay. Caroline tells him she better and says it's well past due. The scene then shifts to...

ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem)

Nicole serves Joey lunch and tells him he is lucky he slept through breakfast as she didn't know what to whip up. She asks Joey how long it's been since he had a good night sleep. Joey doesn't know and tells Nicole the bologna sandwich is good. Nicole smiles and says thanks and thinks it's time to talk about his options. Joey is confused. Nicole tells him he can't stay with her. She tries to explain but is forced to admit she is in alot of trouble and it's not a good situation for him. Joey says he won't go to a orphanage or a foster home. He says he had friends in those and he isn't going. He tells Nicole he can keep her company. She seems like she is lonely. Nicole insists she is fine and that she doesn't want him getting hurt. Plus, she is no good for him.

Joey thinks she is cool and admits he likes her. Nicole points out it's been only a day since they met. Joey still thinks she is his angel and that Nicole was brought to him. Nicole rolls her eyes. Joey thinks it's true and she will believe it someday. He then adds that if Nicole tries to give him over to the police or to an orphanage he will tell them where to find her. Nicole asks what makes him think she is in trouble with the police. Joey thinks it makes sense with her worried about him being hurt staying with him and all.

Nicole thinks he is too smart for his own good and can't believe he is blackmailing her. He smiles, saying he just doesn't want to be an orphan or all alone again. Nicole, realizing he won't give up, agrees to let him stay with her, for now. Just until they can figure things out. Joey thanks her and walks over to hug her, catching Nicole off guard as Joey looks up and says she won't regret this. Joey smiles as Nicole sighs and says she better not.


Abby is with Max, asking if there is anything she can do. Max smiles, saying she is already doing it but adds he does need some time alone. He is going to go check on Kayla and he needs to think. Abby understands and tells him to come find her when he's done. She kisses his cheek and walks off. While alone, Max puts on his gloves and says it's time he starts his own search for Nicole. The sooner he finds her, the sooner he can return the favor after what she did to Frankie. He walks off.

Abby walks up to Jack, who is now outside Greta's room with Alex. They are talking about Greta wanting revenge. Abby says she can't help but feel Max wants the same. He just isn't telling her much and is keeping alot his feelings inside. Jack thinks he will open up. She just needs to give him time. He's lucky to have her. Abby smiles. Alex says he has to go. Jack embraces him, wishing him luck and saying he will see him later. Abby wishes him luck too, saying he will do great. Alex thanks them and walks off. Abby says she wishes she were spending more time getting to know Alex but with everything going on, it's hard. Jack knows and says she will soon. They all have it rough right now. Abby admits it hurts losing Frankie and Aunt Kayla losing her baby...it's alot. Jack nods, saying they will get through it. They always do. Jack embraces her as the scene shifts to...


Billie arrives and bumps right into Kate in the hallway, who says she was just about to try calling again. She asks where the hell she was. Billie tells Kate she is exhausted and tried to sleep but was unable. She reminds Kate she is going through alot right now. Kate points out that Billie's phone was on all the times she called and asks why she never answered if she was unable to sleep. Billie tells Kate she can't deal with this and they should drop this. Lucas is more important right now. Kate agrees but says they do need to talk later. Billie says maybe. Kate says they will and walks off as an annoyed Billie follows.


Alyson is outside Jean's room, looking at a newspaper. Frankie's death is the headline and there is a mention about the police searching for Nicole. Alyson smiles, saying it's long past time that bitch gets what is coming to her. Alyson admits she wishes she could do it herself and says that maybe, one day, she will be forced to do so. She then looks into Jean's room, hesitant about going in but realizing she must see Jean at some point and that she needs to try to get answers.

Alyson walks in, surprising and relieving Jean, who points out she hasn't seen her since she learned about her father's demise. Alyson nods, saying she needed time to digest things. She recalls her drunken romp with Philip. Jean says she was so worried and wishes she had called. She points out she is being released tomorrow. Alyson thinks that is good but says she isn't there for small talk. She informs Jean that she did some research into her father's death and was puzzled by what she discovered. Jean asks what sort of research she did.

Alyson says she talked to the friend who sent her the letter that revealed everything to her and that she talked to the police who investigated her father's death. All she was told is that it was ruled an accident and Alyson finds it suspicious since it seems the investigation lasted less then 48 hours. Jean asks what she is getting at. Alyson admits to Jean she feels something is missing, saying she remembers that her and daddy were on their way to reconciling. That had happened many times before but this time even the maid was talking about it. Alyson admits she remembers getting her hopes up and how happy both her and daddy were...until they day she and Jean caught him in bed with one of his former mistresses.

Jean says she recalls that day, pointing out how upset Alyson got and how that led to Alyson telling her father she hated him. Jean reminds Alyson her father died that night and tells her that is why she kept the truth from her. If she knew her father died, it would've destroyed her, no matter how mad she was. She would've remembered the last words she said to him..."I hate you" and would've felt guilty. Alyson thinks it's possible Jean put up a front when she found her father in bed with the woman. Jean asks what she is saying. Alyson thinks it's possible Jean went to the boat when she was asleep and killed her father out of anger over him betraying her again. Alyson points out all she had to do was push him and come back home. No one would know, especially since she was so upset and the maid could easily be paid off for her silence.

Jean can't believe Alyson would say such a thing and points out her father wasn't alone that night. His mistress was with him. Alyson thinks that gives her more motive. Jean points out that she hated that woman and there is no way she would ever keep her mouth shut if she had seen her kill her husband. Alyson admits that is a good point and wonders if it was the woman he was with or another mistress of his. Jean shakes her head, saying it was an accident. Her father had alcohol in his system. He was quite upset after what had happened with us and he just fell off and they found the body the next day. Alyson thinks there is still more to it. Jean tells her to just leave it be. It's what is for the best. Alyson lashes out, saying she is sick of her always assuming she knows what is best. She has done that all along for her and that is over. Alyson points out that BS brought them to Salem and made their lives hell. Jean tells Alyson she loves her and is sorry but she just does what she thinks it's best.

Alyson: The key word there is "thinks," mom. No more. I'm living my own life and making my own decisions as to what is right for me and my son. When Sam grows up and is able, I will leave him be to so he can learn from his mistakes and make his own life choices. Not like you. You tried to control me. You tried to dictate everything. Don't you see? Not telling me about daddy didn't protect me? It prolonged the inevitable. You robbed me of my right to grieve my father. I could've dealt with all this much easier when I was younger. Now, knowing everything involved, it's harder. I won't ever get over it.
Jean: So, I screwed you up...even worse?
Alyson: Yes. You did. But there is still hope. I need to know the truth, mom. I know there is more to daddy's death. You don't just keep something like this for so long if it's just an accident, regardless of you not wanting me to feel guilty.
Jean: Just leave it alone. You know everything there is to know.
Alyson: Fine. I knew I wouldn't get anything from you. It's fine. I will learn everything on my own. The WHOLE truth. I have to. Something tells me I have to do this. And I will. I will get the answers I need. Whether you like it or not. Goodbye, mother.

A frustrated Alyson walks out as a worried Jean, now alone, says:

Jean: Leave it alone, Alyson. For your own good. Believe me. You don't want to know the truth about your father. You just don't.

The scene then freezes on Jean's face and fades to black.




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I like the fleshing out of Alyson's character and hope she is tied in with someone else. Jean is such a meddling MOm. She should kill Nicole, and do a favor for everyone else.

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