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Red is the New Black!Episode69



Pasadena City Court House100_1391.jpg

Sister Patterson blocks Sabryn and Bryan from leaving and enjoying there freedom


"Please, let us enjoy this moment."


"What is that supposed to mean? I'm not going to ruin it. What's the matter with you boy? Don't talk to your elders like that. I just wanted to see how yens were doing. Sabryn has been in jail and I haven't seen her around. I wanted to make sure all my children are ok."


"That's nice of you sister Patterson. It's good to see you and I promise you We will be in church on Sunday. Bryan and I have a lot to be thankful for."


"You got that right. You better tell you boyfriend to act more grateful. I have the power of prayer on my side. I don't want to have to get ugly so close to Sunday. Miss Jenkins wouldn't like that neither."


"Well Sister we really need to get going, my baby and I are hungry."


"Yea you look like you could use a good meal. Come over to my house for Sunday dinner.I got some food that will you to sleep for two days. Oh and by the way, stay away from the color red. See you on Sunday" Sister Pat then walks off after giving Sabryn and Bryan that cryptic message


"I wonder what she means by that?"


"Does she ever make sense when she talk?"


Episode : 69,Red is the new Black

Written by ML Cooks, with Monique Bitches

The Jump Offbar2.jpg

Ria and Natalia are sitting at the bar sipping on drinks


"The next time I see Bryan I am going to slap the sh!t out of him for charging 25 damn dollars for this jake ass club."

Natalia almost chokes on her drink as she lets out a laughp208.jpg

"You crazy. But that's the very thing I am talking about."


"Tell me how you feel Natti, you said we would talk so talk to me chica."


"Ria, you're so aggressive sometimes. For no reason. It's like you are ready to amp out at anything. I just don't understand why? You don't have to be so confrontational all the time. That's probably one of the reasons why Karim don't love you no more. "

Ria sits in silence, sipping on her drink, taking in her home girl's words. Natalia doesn't know what to make of this

"Did I say something to offend you?"


"You're my girl Nat. I see you like my sister. And I appreciate you being honest with me. "




"I don't know what to say. That's just me. Either love me or leave me alone."

Nat, seeing she has not gotten through to her, continues to sip her drink and let it go


Lavender Hill, Sabryn's MansionPasadena.jpg

Bryan and Sabryn are sitting outside on the patio, having dinner over looking their view of Pasadena.


"It feel so nice to be able to sit here, enjoy this nice evening with the man I love and knowing that Ashley is dead, and Alexis is behind bars."


"I wish death on no one, but I am glad the drama is over. We need a break. It's been one hell of a roller coaster ride."


"It sure has."


"Speaking off, I think we need to make an appointment at the hospital. To make sure everything is ok with the baby. You have been so stressed out these last few months."


"I wonder why."


"Don't start."


" You're right. It's in the past....I'm tired, let's go lay down."

Bryan, smiling

"I would love that. He stands up, holds his hand out, she puts her hand in his and stands up. Once she stands up Bryan whisks her up into his arms and carries her inside the house as they kiss romantically.

Pasadena City Jail

Natalia walks over to Alexis's cell


"Thank God you're here. What in the hell took you so long?"


"Excuse me? I got half a million dollars invested in you. I'll be asking the questions here. You told me Ria and Jodie out side Devine Design to make sure all our skeletons are stay under wraps but you had the biggest secret of all. Killing your own sister. What in the hell is the matter with you?"


"It was an accident. "


"I don't want to hear that. I understand you don't like Sabryn. I don't like the Bitch either but you let me tie up my money in your damn company and now you will be doing time. I'll be needing a refund."


"That won't be happening."


"Alexis, I don't think you want me as your enemy."


"And you don't want me as your enemy."


"Please. You can't do to much from a jail cell."


"Oh I won't be in here for long."


"I doubt that. You have three options. Refund me my money, hand over control of Divine Design, or you can talk to my lawyers. Now what is it going to be?"


Sierra Madre, Mona's Underground Bunker50d6.jpg

macy_hands.jpgsanaa-lathan-picture-3.jpgMona's cell phone rings and that brings her back to life after being knocked out by Sharan. Sharan is running around the dungeon desperately looking for a way out. Mona sits up as Sharan, with no where else to go, runs into the home made tunnel Mona has been diggin.. Mona stands up and answers her phone

"Hold on for a minute, I got something to handle." Mona puts her phone in her pocket, and not pressed to run after Sharan, after all she knows where and what the tunnel leads too, walks through tunnel following Sharan, letting Sharan think she has one up on Mona. Sharan comes up to a door and opens it . She sees something that looks like a big machine of some kind. Taking a risk and no where else to go she walks in it and sloly and caistiously walks around this "machine" trying to fid a way out or a weapon of some kind.. Mona steps inside the machine to and closes and locks the door. Mona walks over to the control panels and looks over all the buttons and screens and computers that sit before her, she a presses a button, and speaks into the intercom

"Hello and welcome. You have just boarded The USS Mona Lisa. That's right thanks to Ty and his monies, I got a submarine Bitches. Today, we will be traveling to a romantic getaway for a life time stay. Expect wild sex, scuba diving, dinners by the beach and much more. Again thank you for riding the USS Mona Lisa." Mona then presses another button and the submarine departs from it's docking station,(which is why Mona was building a tunnel in the first place) and goes under water. Mona sits down and pulls her phone back out.


"What's going on Miss Lady."

Lady in Redladyinred.gif

"We have a problem on our hands. My enemy did not go to jail. This was not supposed to happen.The wrong person has been arrested."


"Hold on" Mona puts her phone down and goes to look for Sharan. Sharan unable to get very far in the submarine is cornered by Mona.


"I can't believe you hit me. I told you not to do anything stupid. Now I'm have to cut ya."

Mona walks back to her phone and picks it up

"Listen, I am changing locations now. Sharan decided she was ready to leave early. In the meantime just stalk your enemy, put some fear into her heart."


"No problem at all. I learned from the best."


"You got that right. Have you seen Ty?"


"Here and there. He is running around here like a chicken with his head cut off. He's really flipping out now that Santino is alive. He's trying to figure where you're at and what really happened to Daniel."


"By the time he does find out it will be too late. I'll be in touch" Mona hangs up her phone as The Lady in Red goes to her enemies house.

Mona walks toward Sharan


"Please leave me alone."


"Never." She says grabbing her, and kissing her. Sharan bites Mona's lip and out of anger Mona punches Sharan in the face then bashes her head into the wall. Mona then pushes Sharan on floor. Mona kneels down and tears Sharan's shirt off and massages her breast. Sharan tries to struggle and get up but Mona punches her in the face again and Sharan passes out. Mona unsnaps Sharan's bra and begins to like her nipples while she places her hand into Sharan's panties and massages her clitoris. Mona has her way with Sharan as she lays unconscious.

Pasadena City Jail12824943_551f054d6c.jpg

Chris is escorted to the visitors room where his attorney, Lisa Ray is waiting for him.


"So when's my trial?


"Listen homie. I've been reviewing your case. And the only option I see is to take the plea bargain from the D.A."


"You can't be serious. I didn't commit any crime."


"I've heard that so many times and I've seen some strange goings on but the eveidence is strong against you. You had motive, opportunity, your prints were on the murder weapon, the victims blood on your hands. Dude, it's looking all bad. Just save the taxpayers money and take the deal."


"I can't believe it's come down to this. Why is this happening to me?" Chris closes his eyes and tries to figure out what he should do. Chris feeling like there is no more hope him and with everything stacked against him finally gives in

"I'll take the deal."


"Great. You'll be sentenced tomorrow."


"Great." He says, his eyes watering up. Chris gets up and asked to be taken back to his cell.

Ty drives up to Mona's cemented Mountain resort. Ty gets out his car, along with his father Karl and both are in shock as they see the mountain resort, is nothing more then a huge cement block.


"Damn it!"


"You dumb fool. Mona played you."

Then Abe pulls up and gets out his car.


"Why did you drag me out here? Haven't you and Mona done enough?"


"Well Abe, it's good to see you old friend."


"You belong behind bars."


"You too, Child molester."


"Stop it. I don't have time for this. Abe, Mona is missing. We have to find her."


"We? Since when are we working together? Where is Sharan? That's who I want to find. My son is going through hell right now."


"You have no one to blame but yourself. You are the one that drove Mona mad."


"Stop calling her Mona. Her name is Kelis damn it."


"Is that what you called her when you molested her every night. Who knew a man of your status could be capable of such a vial act. "


"You don't know nothing about me. Don't pass judgement and stop wasting my time. If Mona is missing maybe it's for the best."


"I don't think you understand. If we don't know where Mona is, she is liable to do anything to anyone here in Pasadena. She's a loose cannon. Starting with exposing your dirty secrets. So I think it would be in your best interest if we worked together. What else have you got to lose?"

Abe, mad, that once again Ty is controlling him once again

"This has to stop."


"So what are you saying? Your going to turn yourself in to the police? That's the only way this is going to stop."


"No. I'm saying you are done controlling me. I am resigning from the force and telling my family everything." Abe gets back in his car and drives off.


"Don't just stand there you idiot. Stop him!"

Ty and Karl get in their car and drives after Abe. As Ty's car pulls off, Mike walks out from the bushes having heard everything and says " I can't believe Chief Williams is a child Molester. All this time he and Ty have been working together. Abe knows who kidnap Sharan and it wasn't Dondre. This keeps getting crazier" Mike gets in his car and drives off.2119_63041329_58376306a2_H004123_L.jpg

Lavender Hill, Sabryn's Mansion

As Sabryn and Bryan sleep peacefully after many nights of being apart, The Lady in Red Breaks into breaks into the mansion........

Natalia pulls up to her house in Westwood Park.

She walks into the front door and sees her place has been ransacked

"Oh no."She says as she runs to her bed room and looks to see if her sex DVD with Bryan is missing. She enters her bedroom and sees that her worst nightmare has come true. Natalia looks inside and realizes the DVD, the bargaining chip she had over Bryan is missing. She screams!

as Rufus, sitting in his tooter booteroldcar.jpg outside her house laughs and smiles. He looks at the DVD he stole from Natalia's house and says

alexis_arquette.jpg"This is the ticket to getting everything I want." He/She says with a smile driving off......


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POOR NATALIE - I STILL believe she is faking her pregnancy - and now with RUFUS one steps ahead from her... Its desperate TIMES - so she needs to play her card well, and take DD away from Alexis.

The scene with TY/ABE/KARL move very well - and MAN, MIKE discover ABE's dirty little secert... MAN - ABE IS SICK!!!!


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When I was reading the Alexis/Natalia confrontation I was like "is this really happening?" Alexis would be a fool to try to take Natti down, especially since she's already in enough trouble as it is. Ria complaining about the prices cracks me up because that's all she seems to do when she's at that place.

Chris needs to get a new lawyer. For some reason I don't like Lisa's character. What kind of a lawyer accuses their client of being guilty when they plead innocense? Hello? If you don't trust her Chris then why would you pay her to help you? Find someone else...like Stacey.

And whoa where did the Abe plot come from? That was just totally out of the blue. However I'm pretty sure it has to do with why Mona and Kelis are the way that they are.

Go Rufus go! Everyone in Pasadena always seem to one up each other.

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