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#61 Tuesday January 8th



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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#61 Tuesday January 8th


Yvette is sitting in her living room drinking coffee. Chester comes in the front door.


Yvette: I'm glad to see you. I didn't expect you to get back until tomorrow.


Chester: The project I was working on got stalled, I have to go back in a day or two when it gets

back on track.

Yvette: I really needed someone to talk to.

Chester: Is something wrong?

Yvette: Everything. I was up half the night at the office trying to settle the construction contract issue with the board. We finally settled on Greenwood.

Chester: I thought your Mother was in charge of that?

Yvette: She is, I just had to temporarily step in and mediate the situation, she wasn't really up to it.

Chester: Is she feeling all right?

Yvette: She's not ill, just upset.

Chester: Why?

Yvette: I tried to call Cassandra's bluff and it didn't work out to well.

Chester: Uh-oh.

Yvette: She came storming into my office yesterday and we got into a big argument.

My mother heard us arguing and came to see what was going on and Cassandra

just dumped the whole truth out right there.

Chester: Oh, no.

Yvette: My mother is a so upset right now and I am so angry with myself for opening

up this whole situation.

Chester: Does anyone else in your family know?

Yvette: Not yet.

Chester: I imagine your mother would like to keep it that way.

Yvette: She's always been steadfastly against secrets, so I wouldn't be surprised if she clued

the others in soon.

Chester: I guess this Cassandra won't be bothering you anymore now that the truth is out.

Yvette: She's not giving up, she's up to something and I know it.

Chester: Just hold out hope she isn't.

Yvette: She desperately wants to get her hands on my family's company, so it's

a slim to none that she's done causing havoc.

Chester: She certainly sounds like no joke.

Yvette: And I'm sure her son isn't either.


George and Carol are at the Athletic Club


George: I want to thank you for inviting me to lunch, I'm sure your schedule is very busy.


Carol: Of course, but I felt I had to make time for this.

George: I take it you reviewed the proposal I faxed to you.

Carol: I did, it looks really good. Seems very airtight.

George: Took me a long time to put it together, the biggest worry was the funding.

Carol: Your company has specialized primarily in construction, so what made you want

to start acquiring department stores?

George: My intention is to move this company up in the Fortune 500 and expanding

our holdings retail was the best way to do so. Construction alone wasn't cutting it.

Carol: The retail business isn't easy, Mr. Lightner, it involves a lot of elements that require

multi-tasking and clear vision.

George: I've tested the waters a little bit by acquiring a couple of retail stores out west, I'm steadily

getting the hang of it.

Carol: Interesting, I didn't see those stores in the? list of current holdings you provided.

George: I acquired them under a different business name.

Carol: Care to say why?

George: I didn't want my competition to catch on to my plans right away.

Carol: Smart. So what would our first move be, if I decided to come on board?

George: Make McGregor's shareholders restless, even more so than they are now. The whole

expansion deal McGregor is planning with Carter has made already them sort of nervous.

Carol: Add a little fuel to the fire, so to speak.

George: Exactly.

Carol: I like it.

George: Does that mean you are on board?

Carol: Airtight as it is, it still could fail.

George: But it could be successful. I know what a long and bitter history your company has had with McGregor. Why not settle

the score like this?

Carol: My animosity with the McGregors goes beyond business, but we won't get into that.

George: Well, sounds like all the more reason to get on board.

George reaches to shakes Carol's hand. Carol hesitates for a second and then shakes his hand.

Carol: You've got yourself a partner.



Stephen is about to leave his law office for lunch, when Edmund comes in.


Edmund: I needed to talk about the case, is this a good time?


Stephen: I was just about to go to lunch, but I can wait a few minutes.

Edmund: Thanks.

Stephen: What's up?

Edmund: It's something that Leigh said. She stopped by last night and she's done a complete 180 about the case.

Stephen: That's good news.

Edmund: She even says she's going to drop the appeal.

Stephen: What?

Edmund: It wasn't that long ago that she was determined to get the kids from me, now she's changing. I think she's up to something.

Stephen: Her lawyer, Benjamin Bonoff is one of the strongest thinkers in family law, it's possible he told her to change her strategy.

Edmund: I believe it.

Stephen: But on the other hand, she might really want to settle things quietly.

Edmund: If you knew Leigh like I do, you'd know that she doesn't back down that easily.

Stephen: Wait this one out, see what happens. If she's bluffing, it will become clear soon enough.

Edmund: Maybe you're right, I might be thinking too negatively.

Stephen: I'm not suggesting you let your guard down, I'm just saying wait and see how this goes.

Edmund: Thanks for the advice.

Stephen: Not a problem.


Leigh is at her hotel suite, looking through an old, worn address book. She stops on a page and looks at a number


Leigh: This could be my chance to get custody of my children.

Leigh picks of the phone and starts dialing a number.

Leigh: (into phone) Good morning, it's been a long time since I've spoken with you. Listen, I don't want to beat around the bush, but

I need a help with something very important. What is it? Why don't we discuss that in person? It's only half-hour drive, I could leave now? Good, I'll see you there. (hangs up) I hope this works.

Leigh grabs her purse and heads out.




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George is a smooth Operator. He's dipping in every one's business literally. I wonder what Leigh is up too

Again loved how tight the story lines are. I would like to the rivalry with The McGregor's and Donahue's more front and center. You have such powerful players in place.

I so love Anna and Carol. Another great episode

I only wish we could read more often,... hint hint..

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Oops I thought I commented on this episode. Which was a good one btw and I have to agree with Durand, SONOP is bigger then ever. I really like Leigh because of her desperation. She loves her family so much that she's willing to do whatever it takes to get her children back. Very nice cliffhanger endng because I can't wait to find out who's going to "help" her out. I'm thinking there will be some sort of blackmail or extortion involved. Maybe she should go see George or Carol, they're both great in that department.

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