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2008 PREVIEWS!!!!!

"2008 will be Life in Salem's biggest year yet," tells LIS EP/HW Tara Smith "MC and I have cooked up alot of drama, and it will blow the residents of Salem away. Romance, drama, schemeing, all of that will play a role this year on LIS as we explore stories that we've never attempted before!"

Marlena: "While Roman remains catatonic for some time, Marlena must try to get through life without him. On New Years Eve, Stefano was kidnapped, and that will draw her into a whole new situation. But as the year presses on, Marlena will have some drama when a situation from twenty years ago rears its ugly head to her and many other people, particularly being Jan Spears."

Bo/Hope/Megan: "Hope's drinking begins to become a problem as the deaths of her loved ones and the murder of Gina haunt her. Bo tries to keep control of her, but it gets out of hand as Hope gets worse and worse. Megan re-enters this story, which will cause even more trouble for this couple. But don't fear, for Gina's killing will not remain a secret for a year...but once it is revealed, don't think this storyline is near-over."

Abe/Lexie/Celeste: "Lexie may be off the hook for Tek's murder, but her problems with Abe are far from over. They may be broken up, but Lexie encounters a new problem when Abe seeks custody of Theo. Abe will meet a new love interest, but faces from the past will turn up in his life later in the year. Meanwhile, could Celeste be the one who kidnapped Stefano? She seems to have something in his "death" for her, and later on in the year expect a mystery to begin for her, but also she has a new romance."

Sami: "She will try to get over EJ's death, but its hard and her bitterness is showing more and more by the day. She is extremely distant from her family, however Sami will have new problems when a face from her recent past comes back to cause trouble for her."

Steve/Kayla/Helena: "Steve tries to get over killing EJ on the island, but its not easy considering he is hated by his niece. Kayla tries to help him through this, but when Helena returns for revenge Steve and Kayla will face a problem that will rock them to the core."

Tony/Vince/Anna/Kristen/Nicole: "Tony and Anna continue to try to fight Vince, but it gets harder and harder, and Tony's disease and why he was in Aremid will slowly be explored. However, all of that drama causes Tony and Anna to have relationship problems. Anna continues to try to find out if Jan is the true DiMera child, but Nicole has her own plans. Kristen's rape has an affect on her like never before, and that story takes a shocking twist in Feburary."

Forrest/Billie/Vivian: "Forrest and Billie continue dating and grow closer and closer, and Forrest continues to try to snatch control of Alamain away from Vivian. Vivian however dissapproves of Forrest/Billie, and will not have a Roberts woman be in the Alamain family. And we all know how a woman can be in danger when Vivian dissapproves of them. Carly Manning and Lisanne Gardner, anyone?"

Belle: "She'll meet another man, and we'll see a classical love story between these two people."

Victor: "Victor will be cold as ever, but also he will begin to try to strengthen Titan, as he brings back Bella Magazine. This causes a huge business war later down the line, that has been in the set-up stages since late 2006."

Lucas/Jan: "They will grow closer and closer, as Lucas guides Jan to her labor date. However Jan will have much drama throughout this year, one of those her being Tony and Marlena's child, and she might just become the next 90's Sami. Jan has alot of skeletons in her closet, and Lucas will have to find out about these someday. Lucas has his own problems when his family dissapproves of his relationship with Jan."

The Hortons: "This family is being re-established, starting with the returns of Mike and David Banning on Christmas last year. Maggie and Julie will be shown alot as they enter new stories, and look for Alexis Kefer to come back with more airtime and mix it up with the Horton males."

The younger set: "More additions will be made to this set, and there will FINALLY be a story for these people, including romance."

Returns: "Look for ALOT of returns this year, and they all will have huge impacts on LIS."

The Will Storyline: "This story was sparked on the New Years Eve episode. Stefano has been kidnapped by a mysterious figure, and it could be anyone in Salem. Many people want Stefano's money, power, and possessions. Victor, Vivian, Celeste, ANYONE. This storyline will be frontburner but rather short, but it will have a lasting effect on many characters."

Feburary Sweeps Storyline: "Sources on the LIS set have been reporting that Tara and MC have been cooking up a huge storyline for Feburary Sweeps, and it will turn the tides of LIS FOREVER, and in it fans will see the conclusions, turning points, and beginnings of many old and new storylines, and the drama will be intense."

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