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Episode 15



Christmas time in Springfield. The town tries to have a special holiday with the families.

Spaulding Mansion: Gus and Alexandra walk in on Christmas morning to see all of the decorations. Alex is surprised, "Well this is new."

Gus gives Natalia a kiss, "Yep. Thanks Nat."

Natalia hangs up more decorations, "Well I can't take all of the credit. Alan helped."

Gus is surprised. Alex chuckles, "Alan? I can just picture him baking gingerbread men to sit out for Santa!" Alex and Gus have a laugh.

Natalia interrupts, "Hey, Alan isn't heartless."

The two begin laughing uncontrolably.

Alan walks in, "Well Merry Christmas everyone!"

Harley's House: Harley and Dylan get the boys ready, "Dylan would you grab Zach's coat?"

Jude comes running in, "When do we open more presents?"

"When we get to Grandpa's sweetie."

The four head out.

Bauer House: Leah and James are opening presents. Beth and Rick are watching and opening Bertha's presents. Mindy walks in, "Hey guys. I got you this." She hands them a gift.

Beth takes it, "Oh you didn't have to get us anything."

"I wanted to. You guys have been great. Open it."

Beth opens the gift, it's the picture from prom. Beth drops it on the floor.

Mindy is picks it up, "You don't like it?"

"Oh no. I love it. Thank you Mindy." Beth takes it and places it on the shelf.

Rick hands her a gift. She opens it, "Oh a new coat. Thanks guys. I'll wear it out."

Rick stands up, "Oh you're not staying?"

"No, I'm going to see my Dad. Merry Christmas."

Mindy leaves.

Rick looks at Beth suspicously.

Cedars: Lizzie is helping decorate the hospital for her Nana. Ashlee and Coop are delivering food. Coop goes over to her, "Merry Christmas Lizzie."

"Merry Christmas Coop."

"You know, I'm really happy for you."

"Might I ask why?"

"Ashlee told me about you and your new boyfriend."

"What boyfriend?"

"Some doctor that she saw you with a couple of weeks ago."

Lizzie looks over at Ashlee who is totally oblivious to the anger she has put in Lizzie.

Mallet House: Mr. and Mrs. Mallet are putting up decorations, "Babe are you sure your Mom understood?"

Dinah come in, "Yeah. I would love to be with her but I really wanted to start doing this in our own house. You know for when we start a family."

"I like the way you think." Mallet gives his wife a kiss.

The doorbell rings. Dinah answers the door. Julie is standing there with Matt, "Merry Christmas Dinah."

Dinah glares at her new sister-in-law.

Cross Creek: Vanessa and Billy are setting out food while the rest of the family is in the livingroom, "Billy do you think this is going to be a good day?"

"Of course. This is what the family needs."

Bill is helping Emma open her toys. Olivia comes in with Josh, "Hey sweetie! Merry Christmas. I got you presents." Olivia hands Emma her gifts.

She looks over at Bill, "Do you have a problem?"

"No Olivia. I am happy you're here. It's a holiday. Lets put our problems aside for today."

Jeffrey and Reva are sitting on the couch, "So Reva, how are you feeling?"

"I'm okay. I just wish she could be here you know?"

"Yeah I know. She would have loved it. But this is a time when the family needs to stay together."

"Well I just wish Marah would show up. I really want to see her right now."

Just then the door opens Marah walks in and stares straight at her mother.


Cedars: Coop goes down the hall. Lizzie goes over to Ashlee, "Do you know how to keep your big mouth shut?"

"What's wrong?"

"I wish you would stop spreading rumors about me."

"Lizzie I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought that...."

"Yeah I know what you thought and you were wrong. Just like you were wrong when you thought we were friends. Just leave me the hell alone you ignorant little freak!"

Lizzie storms out. Ashlee holds back tears. She wants to make it right. She sees Colin and goes to speak with him, "Excuse me can I have just a moment with you?"

Colin is in a rush, "I'm sorry I have a lot of chemo patients to check on."

"Chemo? What kind of doctor are you?"

"An oncologist. I'm sorry I have to go." Colin leaves.

Ashlee sits down. She remembers when Coop told her about Lizzie's childhood with Leukemia.

Cross Creek: Marah says hi to her father, "Merry Christmas Daddy. How are you feeling?"

"I'm better now that you're here Darlin'."

"Well I'm glad that I could cheer you up."

Marah goes over to her Mom.

Reva begins to speak but Marah stops her, "Mom, I don't want to. Not today."

Marah gives her mother a hug.

Spaulding Mansion: Natalia hangs up the phone she is very upset. Alan walks over, "What's wrong?"

"Rafe isn't coming home. He said he's to busy with school. But I think he just didn't want to see me."

"He is crazy. I'll go up there and drag him down here." Alan walks off.

Natalia grabs him, "No Alan just..." Natalia notices that she has pulled him under the mistletoe. She pulls him into a kiss."

Mallet House: Julie and Mallet are reminiscing over old times. Another knock at the door. Dinah answers, there is a teenage girl at the door wearing boarding school clothes, "Oh my God! Maureen what are you doing her?!"

"I'm here for the holidays."

Matt hears her and brings his daughter in, "Oh Honey! Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted to surprise you!"

Matt and Dinah hug Maureen.

Company: Buzz playing games with the kids. Marina and Cyrus are having a snowball fight with Coop and Ashlee. Cyrus grabs Marina and kisses her. Coop tackles Ashlee. He looks in her eyes, "Hey what's wrong?"

"What? Nothing why?"

"You've been acting weird since we left the hospital."

"Nothing. I'm just happy that I have you."

Coop and Ashlee kiss on the bed of snow.

Harley is inside. She gets a phone call, "Hello?... This is she.... Yes why?... Oh no... So wait they're dead?...." She talks for a while then hangs up she sits on at the table. She tries to hide her emotions from the family so she doesn't ruin the holiday.

Bauer House: Rick is taking pictures. Lizzie has showed up. Beth can tell something is troubling her, "What's wrong sweetie?"

"Oh nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I just want to enjoy the holiday. I never realized how special these moments are." Lizzie hugs her mother.

The families of Springfield begin to reflect on the past year and hope for the future. They are reminded of what the town stands for.

Spaulding Mansion: Gus starts a speech, "You know that this is a time when we all are happy to be blessed with such great things in our lives. And we need to remember that there are other families in the town and the world that aren't as fortunate as us. That right across town there is a family suffering the end of a tragic year. We need to remember the quote that has been passed down to the families of Springfield for generations,...."

Company: Buzz's speech, "There is a destiny that makes us brothers..."

Mallet House: Mallet is standing at the table, ".... None goes his way alone...."

Bauer House: Beth and Lizzie are watching Rick speak in front of the tree, "...All that we send into the lives of others....."

Cross Creek: The Lewis's are holding hands remembering Cassie, Jonathan, Tammy, and Sarah, Billy carries on the speech, "....Comes back into our own."

Happy Holidays!


Springfiel is ready for the new year

Josh and Reva share a close night

Marah is ready to leave town

Blake and Remy argue

Harley reconsiders her relationship with Dylan

Gus surprises Natalia

The year ends with unexpected sex!

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Very good job! I loved Ashlee and Lizzie and then Ashlee putting two and two together.

The speech at the end was a nice touch!

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