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2008 Previews



What to expect in 2008!

Episodes will air on Monday and Friday

Marah/Jeffrey/Reva/Josh/Olivia/Bill/Ava: Cassie's death has hit Reva hard and Jeffrey tries to help her through it but she is getting pulled towards Josh. KimZimmerRobertNewmanP06.jpg

Marah gets hope for staying in town. Josh is trying to be there for Olivia but he and Reva can't break their bond. Olivia has some problems to work out and Bill might be her only hope. DanielCosgroveCrystalChappell.jpg

Bill begins to see Ava's true colors. Ava finds a new partner in crime so to speak.

Matt/Julie: Matt and Julie's relationship doesn't go far, but soon she begins to interact with everyone in town and Matt will pay for her actions, he later finds help from a near stranger.


Dinah/Mallet: TognoniBogueP.jpg

The two plan on starting their family. However Dinah's past holds more secrets that could complicate things. Maureen and Dinah grow closer but not in the way they expected. Dinah's TBI could cause problems as she tries to handle her sister.

Vanessa/Billy: BillyVanessaP.jpg

These two will soon pop up as supporting players in an upcoming SL. But the two find happiness and peace in planning their wedding. But they deal with a lot of problems involving their families. Vanessa and Maureen's relationship doesn't go to well.


Dylan/Harley/Gus/Natalia/Alan: The couple will go through some serious problems. Dylan hasn't told Harley everything about his past and the couple might not last long. Gus and Harley are brought back together by a member of their past.GLGusHarley2004P.jpg

Gus and Natalia's relationship has a lot of problems when she realizes that he isn't Nick August anymore. Natalia and Alan are tempted by forbidden love.

Susan/Guillespie: They try and raise as much hell in the town as possible. But the two prove that they do care for each other even though they would never admit it. Guillespie's motives are revealed and have dramatic effects. Susan tries to help people but her methods aren't welcomed.


Marina/Cyrus: These two try and start a happy, normal life. But many things from Cyrus's past could cause problems. Also Marina will be overwhelmed with ex boyfriends. dt_gl_update_20071109.jpg

Mel/Frank: The relationship is fun, but these two are incredibly ashamed of their wild relationship. Anyone who finds out jumps at the chance to blackmail the upstanding citizens. YvonnaWrightP2006.jpg

Mindy/Rick/Beth: Mindy causes a lot of problems for the couple. Beth and Rick quickly want her out of town. Mindy will find somethings that could change their lives forever.


Blake/Remy: These two kick off the new year in style! The stalker gains much control over their lives. ElizabethKeiferP2006.jpg

Lizzie/Coop/Ashlee: Ashlee tries very hard to get close to Lizzie but the results could hurt everyone involved. Coop tries to be Lizzie's hero which could hurt his relationship with Ashlee. Lizzie finds a good friendship with Colin. MarcyRylanP07.jpg

Children of Springfield: Expect the kids to be SORASED. Kevin and Jason are seniors in High School with Maureen who is a junior. RJ, Zach, and Clarissa are 13. James and Jude are 12. Emma and Leah are 11.

Look for more shocking returns.

Expect to see more buisness involved. Families will be shaken. Relationships will be tested. New love, old love, marriage, divorce, birth, death, illness, murder, mystery, crime, adultery, redemtion, hope, and light!


Don't forget to check the updated spoiler block.


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