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Episode 84



April 18, 2006

Nick goes to Mike and Katie's and is relieved to find out from Mike that Mark is doing much better. Nick tells Mike that he's with Jennifer now and Mike is glad that Nick has finally found someone. After Nick leaves, Katie arrives and they both apologize for their behavior earlier. Maddie finds Luke at Emma's and confronts him about the fake call he showed to Heath. Luke lies and makes something up. Maddie believes him and apologizes for jumping the gun nso quickly withut asking him so quickly. Lily and Sierra arrive at Worldwide and Lucinda fills them in on what just happened. Sierra suggests they call in Dusty and Meg, but is baffled when Lily strictly forbids it. Barbara is relieved to find Jennifer at her door and tells her about Paul leaving town. Jennifer's a little upset that they couldn't ever talk things out but is sure Paul is probably very happy now. Barbara then fills Jennifer in on the bargain she made with James in order to free Paul. Jennifer rails her mother for being so stupid and leaves in a huff.


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