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Episode 83



April 17, 2006

Henry, brokenhearted, begs Katie to think about this before she makes her mind up. Katie tells Henry that she has made her mind up and her decision is final. She is no longer going to help him with KATY. Across town, Andy leaves to go to a meeting, leaving a shaken Emily under Susan's care. Susan assures her daughter that Hal will be fine. Just when Emily is about to leave, Bob tracks her down and says that Hal has been calling for her. Jennifer and Nick head to work at Threadz and learn from Gwen that Carly is having some major problems with Jack and probably won't be returning to work anytime soon. Nick insists to Jennifer that they contact her mother in hopes of lessening the work load, but Jennifer says she hasn't talked to her mother in months and frankly has no clue what she's doing now. Lisa tries to talk with Nadine (Roxie's maternal grandmother) who seems to be keeping her mouth shut very well. Lisa excuses herself for just a second and calls Tom, worried that Nadine might be holding something back.


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