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-Vivian walks into the Alamain Mansion, and goes into the foyer to see Forrest sitting on the chair. He says its about time, and she tells him to just shut up and he needs to quit his damn whining, and he asks:

Forrest: So where have you been? You’re always vanishing.

Vivian: That’s really none of your business, is it? If you must know, I was simply shopping a little.

Forrest: Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Because that will be your last trip with the Alamain money; I just shut off your credit cards, took your name off the checking account, and blocked you from withdrawing Alamain money from the bank, dear Aunt Vivian.

-Marlena stands and tells Kayla to tell her now, while Anna and Tony nervously watch as Shane, Kim, and Bo walk in. Kayla then says the good news is that both bullets have been removed and patched up and Roman’s stable, but there is the bad news. Kayla then says it looks to be what she said on the plane: Roman looks to be catatonic.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Hope is at her house with Pamela and Addie, and as she cradles both of them she flashes back to when she went into a rage and shut off Gina’s life support machine in Italy, and she slowly says she still hasn’t told Bo yet, but she’s not ready and with all this drama occurring at the moment she just can’t, and she wants to enjoy Christmas with her remaining children and family.

-Marlena’s face pails, and she says no…this whole predicament is ending and NOW this! Tears begin to fall from Kayla’s eyes as Bo asks if she’s sure, and Kayla responds:

Kayla: We will see in time but now he’s just lying there with eyes slightly open…motionless…

Bo: No…we just found out who he was a year ago and now THIS…if Stefano makes it out of this alright there will be hell to pay.

-Vivian looks at Forrest in shock and yells “WHAT?!” and he says its true, and Vivian snaps:

Vivian: What gives you the right to do this?!!

Forrest: I am the true Alamain heir, remember? Those billions of dollars are mine, this mansion is mine, and soon the company will be ALL mine.

Vivian: You’ll pay for this…you will rue the day you crossed Vivian Alamain!!!

Forrest says that they’ll see about that and he stands and goes upstairs, and Vivian groans and turns on the tv, and then sees the news reporting the situation with Roman and Stefano! Vivian’s eyes widen, and suddenly she says this is the way to get back on her feet!

-Marlena tells Kayla she wants to see her husband, and Kayla says he’s being taken down to his room now. Marlena begins to walk off, but suddenly the doctor that was operating on Stefano comes out and says news has come on Stefano’s condition. Marlena turns as Celeste asks if he survived, and the doctor slowly nods, but then reveals he is in a coma!

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