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Steve walks into Jean’s room. He sees Alyson there and asks if there has been any change. She says no. Not one thing. Steve says how sorry he is and then asks if he could talk to Alyson out in the hallway. Once in the hallway, Steve gets right to the point, telling her that Nicole wanted him to try and convince her to give up her baby. Alyson is livid, asking how did this woman get the nerve to act like this. Steve says he doesn’t know. All he knows is that he wanted to let Alyson know........before Nicole got out of hand and tried something sneaky again.

Alyson says that she barely knows Steve but thanks him for what he’s doing. She gets ready to walk back into her mother’s room when she stops and turns around. She asks Steve why he is doing this......and he pauses before telling her that he has his reasons and they’ll just leave it at that. Alyson smiles but then turns serious when she says that someone really needs to do something about Nicole. Steve agrees, saying it is long overdue.

They bid each other goodbye and Alyson walks back into her mother’s room, thinking of ways she can finally get Nicole out of her life...........for good.


Hope calls Carrie overseas in Israel. Hope tells Carrie she got her number from Caroline and then asks how she’s doing. Carrie says she and the baby are doing just fine. She is helping Mike with his clinic there. She also tells Hope about reading all of the stuff that has been going on in Salem. Hope says it’s all true. Carrie wants Hope to tell Roman and Marlena that she is really pulling for Sami. Hope will tell them both and then asks Carrie a question. She wonders if Carrie is coming home any time soon.

Carrie says that with all of the tragedy that is happening there, Europe is the safest place for her baby and herself. Hope agrees but says that things have calmed down somewhat. Shane is heading the I.S.A. in North America and she won’t have any problems. Besides, Hope says she should at least come home to see her family for the holidays. After a few moments, Carrie agrees, reluctantly. Hope says she and the baby will have a wonderful time and that they both can stay with her and Bo.

Carrie agrees and, after they both say their good-byes, Hope thinks to herself, planning to tell Carrie the truth when she arrives. She also hopes she’s doing the right thing as she grabs her purse and heads out the door.


Roman walks into Abe’s office. The old friends shake hands and Abe asks Roman where his head is at these days. Roman says protecting his family. Abe asks Roman is that what he was doing when he was standing on top of a building and shooting at Orpheus and Stefano’s men recently. Roman pauses and says that if Abe knows about that........maybe he should run him in. Abe says that was his first thought. Roman then smiles, saying......

Roman: Man. I tell you. Still a sucker for the law, aren’t you?
Abe: I’m no one’s sucker, Roman. Remember that when you speak to me.........buddy.
Roman: Yes sir, Commissioner. Wouldn’t want to step on your toes.
Abe: You did that when you helped turn this city into a war zone.
Roman: Oh........so all that is my fault?!
Abe: I didn’t say it was. But ever since Eric’s death and Sami’s disappearance, you act like the rules don’t matter.
Roman: They don’t. Following the rules is what got my son killed and my daughter taken hostage. The same daughter who is laying in a coma at Salem Hospital. So don’t read this [!@#$%^&*] to me like I’m supposed to snap out of it, alright?!
Abe: No. I won’t do that.

Abe walks over to where Roman is standing.........

Abe: Maybe I should just kick your ass right here.......and right now.
Roman: Oh. After all these years playing second fiddle..........you think you can finally take me on?
Abe: Take you on? Buddy boy......I spent those years covering your ass when you decided to run around Salem and the world chasing after Stefano. And........I don’t know how many times I’ve looked the other way for whatever unlawful [!@#$%^&*] you’ve pulled. So, don’t get crazy with me. I’m from the streets.
Roman: Well then........maybe we should finally see who is truly the better man.

Roman takes a swing at Abe, who ducks and lands a right cross to Roman’s jaw. It makes Roman stagger backwards but what Abe doesn’t count on is Roman taking two huge steps and bum rushing him, sending both men over the table and onto the floor. Roman stands Abe up, squares off.....and lands two very hard punches to Abe’s face. Abe staggers backwards as Roman moves in but when Roman throws another punch.......Abe blocks that and lands another vicious right cross on his jaw once again.

Officers from outside hear the fight and come rushing in, breaking the two men up. As they breathe heavy, a bloody Abe looks at an equally bloody Roman and tells him.....

Abe: When you remember that you’re a cop and are serious about putting Orpheus and Stefano behind bars.........come talk to me. Until then......get the hell out of my office.
Roman: That’ll be a long wait, old friend. You can take that offer........and stick it up your ass.

Roman jerks his arms away from the officers as he leaves and Abe cleans himself up, with one hope on his mind.....

That the fight they just had will knock some sense into his best friend.


Nicole is dressed in a black mink fur, black hat and dark glasses. She stands by the phones and, as she picks up one of the receivers, Orpheus’s men fan out through the airport. They start taking positions near key areas and, when she is given the signal, Nicole has Anna paged. Anna, who is sitting next to Doug waiting for their flight, hears her name over the public address system and tells Doug she will be right back.

As Anna walks toward the desk area, she is bumped into by a man who says excuse me. Anna smiles as the man walks away but doesn’t realize that she has just been hit with a hypodermic needle. Anna then slowly starts to get dizzy and Nicole watches from a distance as she asks for help from someone. Doug does not turn around to see the man who stung Anna come back to her......and catch her as she faints in his arms. Anna is then led away by this man and two other men as Julie runs through security. She has bought a ticket to try and catch Doug......

But looks up just in time to see Anna being led away........by Orpheus’ men. Nicole smiles as she follows the men carrying Anna as Julie starts to realize that Anna is in some type of trouble and starts to run after her. Julie drops her ticket as she tries to get security to notice Anna being taken away but what Julie doesn’t see is another man slip behind her.......and point a gun into her back, telling her to be quiet before her husband has to bury his dead wife.

Julie is terrified and does as she’s told. But, as the man starts to walk away with Julie, she gets an idea. She sees the fire alarm near one of the exits and, as they walk past it,......she reaches out and pulls it, alerting security. All hell then breaks loose as another man behind the exit door opens it and grabs Julie. Security rush up and draw their weapons.......but Orpheus’ men have the drop on them and open fire in the airport, killing several security officers.

Tony rushes into the airport terminal and sees Doug, who is now standing near the airline desks. Anna and Julie are both gone and Doug says he doesn’t know what is going on. Tony says he came there to find Anna and barely got into the terminal. Doug tells him that security officers are dead and, from what he can gather,.......there has been a major incident at the airport. Tony and Doug then hear over the P.A. that the airport has been shut down......and that all flights have been grounded.

Both men then see airport S.W.A.T. personnel race by them.....and that is when Tony says that they better call Abe and get the police involved in this. Both men race off to the phones......

As the scene shifts to the...


Maggie walks in wearing and showing off her new engagement ring. Alice looks somber and when Maggie asks what is wrong, Alice tells her that Doug left for the airport.......he’s leaving Salem. Maggie can’t believe it and, after a few minutes, says that they have to get Doug back there before he makes a huge mistake. Alice agrees and Maggie calls Doug on her cell phone.

When he answers, Maggie asks how Doug is doing. He says he’s a little busy right now. Maggie says she is too and, as Alice tells her to stall, Maggie tells Doug that her and Victor got engaged tonight. Doug quickly congratulates her and Maggie asks if he will be coming to the wedding. After a moment, Doug finally starts to realize that Maggie is trying to stall him and tells her that there is a situation at the airport......and that he doesn’t have time to play games.

Tony then runs back up to him........and tells him that two women have been taken hostage. Doug slowly drops the phone but remembers that Maggie is on the other end. Maggie looks at Alice and hears Alice tell her that Julie is at the airport. Maggie then smiles, telling Doug that he needs to sit tight..........Julie is at the airport now. Doug drops the phone..........as he then realizes that the women that are being held hostage........could very well be Anna and Julie.

Tony picks up Doug’s phone and tells Maggie to turn on the television. When Maggie does, they see the breaking news on CNN that the airport has been shut down.......due to a hostage situation. Maggie gasps in horror as Alice goes quiet and both women pray that the two women that are being referred to.......are not Anna and Julie.

In a airport hanger, Julie and a now awakened Anna are brought into the huge bay. It houses a private 737 airliner that is privately owned......by the man who now is walking slowly towards them......

Anna: Orpheus. Should have known.
Orpheus: Yes. The lovely Mrs. DiMera. And the equally lovely Mrs. Williams. A pleasure to have you both.
Julie: (Spits at Orpheus) You bastard......how long do you think you can keep us?
Orpheus: As long as I want. That is........if you two don’t give me any trouble.

Orpheus smiles as he walks away and orders one of his men to make sure the jet liner is fully fueled and ready for take-off at a moment’s notice. As men run everywhere.........

Orpheus makes a phone call........to Bo. He is sitting at the station doing paper work and, when he answers his phone,......Orpheus tells him.....

Orpheus: Well........how are things, Detective?
Bo: Who is this?
Orpheus: Your friendly neighborhood assassin...........Orpheus. Thought you wouldn’t forget me so soon after our last meeting.
Bo: What the hell do you want?!
Orpheus: Temper, Detective........and I’ll tell you. Get your brother down here as soon as possible. You see.......I’m leaving Salem tonight and I just wanted to say a few words to Roman before I left.
Bo: I’m not putting my brother anywhere near you, !@#$%^&*].
Orpheus: I thought you would say that.........that’s why I want you to listen to a couple of guests that I have.

Orpheus walks over to a small table.....and let’s both Julie and Anna speak to Bo. Bo is shocked that he has both women and Bo then hits the panic button, covering the phone and telling one of his officers to get Abe and Shane to the airport as soon as possible.

Orpheus then gets back on the phone, telling Bo......

Orpheus: Now........you WILL do as I say......otherwise, both of these pretty women will get a chance to learn how to fly........

When I throw them out of a jetliner at 30,000 feet! Now, snap to it!!!

Orpheus hangs up the phone...........

And Bo goes into another office. He takes out a small black book out of his pocket and calls Victor. He fills him in on what’s happening. Victor says he knows. It’s all over the television. Bo ask how deep this is and Victor says it’s so deep that he just got off the phone with Stefano. Bo says he’s about to get everything together and head to the airport.......but tells Victor to find Roman and tell him to get there soon.....

Bo: Or both Anna and Julie are dead. We gotta stop him, Victor.........and I think Roman is the only one who can do it this time.

Victor and Bo hang up, with Victor telling Nico to get every available man down to the airport while he calls Hawk.


Lincoln helps Stefano dress and, when he is finished, they both leave the hospital and head to the airport. In the car, Stefano tells one of his trusted aides to get every man they have in Salem to the airport.........now.


Marlena walks in, having came by on her way back to the hospital. Her, Alice and Maggie sit and watch the crisis on television...........

As the scene shifts back to the airport. Orpheus picks up his phone......and makes one more phone call. The person on the other end answers and all Orpheus says is.......

Orpheus: Everything is in place. It’s time to end this.

He hangs up the phone.........and the scene freeze frames on a determined Orpheus’s face...as it slowly fades to black.




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Great episode. Loved the Orpheus scenes with Anna and Julie. Fantastic.

Wonderful dialogue and scenes with Roman and Abe. It shows the friendship between the two and how much thay have gone through. This is good writing and I love seeing male friendships.

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So many people are so mad at Nicole. I love how she is inter mixed with so many people.

I had to laugh when Carrie said that Israel was the safest place for them right ow.. With all those terrorist in the Middle East and Iran want to wipe it off the face of the earth, I wouldn't['t be so sure.

Now what is this truth Hope is talking about?

I also noticed that in this blog that you guys obviously don't have censors. And other, not moderating or admin team does. It is a little hard imagining some of these folks cussing. LOL I don't know. Maybe because I am not used to it.

Now I could not believe Abe and Roman. Was that fight serious or what? I can't believe it went down like that.

Another thing that crossed my mind is how in this day of terrorism how were all those guns able to make it into the airport. Lord I would have to call the FAA or something, but then again this is Salem were talking about and the police don't always have the greatest track record.

In any case it was STILL a GOOD episode.

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