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Nicole sits at the bar, drinking a martini. She thinks about what happened earlier with Caroline, Jean, and Alyson and says that she is sick of Caroline meddling. She is sick of all the Brady's acting as if they can do no wrong when they are hardly perfect. Nicole mentions how they judge her and ostracize her when they act horribly at times too. She looks at the pictures of Eric and Evan she has laying down by her drink on the bar and says, with tears in her eyes, that she has already lost them. She isn't going to lose anything else.

She looks at the picture of Eric and tells him she knows he would want Samuel with her and not some woman he had a fling with. He knows she would give him all that he needs. She promises him she will have to resort to measures he wouldn't like but she doesn't care. Nicole knows he would want his family to understand where she is coming from and to learn a lesson and finally accept her. Nicole is confident that will happen but says she has to do this her way, even if she knows Eric would not condone it. She then wipes the tears from her eyes and says she must act soon and she will begin with Caroline's children as she lives through them. Nicole promises they will see what hypocrites they are and will wish they never treated her as they did. Nicole asks for a refill and then tells herself that, at the very least, Caroline and the Brady's will be distracted enough not to worry about her going after Samuel. The bartender gives her the refill she requested and Nicole raises her glass for a toast, saying:

Nicole: To revenge and to getting everything that I want. Better late then never, I always say!

Nicole then downs the martini and smiles evilly.


Alice and Julie are visiting Lucas in his room. Alice encourages Lucas to have faith and assures him it will all work out. Frankie is working on his case and he has the support of the whole Horton family. Lucas thanks both her and Julie for coming. Julie says they were shocked when Maggie called them. They are just glad he is alright. Will then returns with some ice chips for his father. Lucas thanks him. Julie asks how he is holding up. Will says it's hard with mom not being around anymore but he knows she would want him to be strong and to take care of dad. Lucas and Will embrace.

Meanwhile, outside the room, Doug watches the scene going on inside. Julie tells Alice they better get going as it's getting late. Alice agrees. Lucas asks if they would please take Will home. Will wants to stay with Lucas but Lucas tells him that visiting hours are over and he doesn't want him staying overnight in the hospital. Will doesn't want to let on that he is afraid to be alone so he agrees to go home. Julie says they will happily take Will home. Alice, Julie, and Will embrace Lucas and say goodbye to him, reminding him they are there for anything he needs. Lucas thanks them.

On the way out, Julie tells Alice she is shocked that Doug didn't stop by. Word of what happened to Lucas was all over the news. Alice is sure he has a good reason. Julie thinks it's because he knew she would be there. Will then asks if that is Uncle Doug in the distance. Will points toward the elevators. Julie and Alice look and Julie can see it's Doug. She races after him as he boards an elevator. Julie tells Doug she has been looking for him. She doesn't know how to contact him or where he is and since thinks they should talk. She asks if he still plans on leaving Salem.

Doug is silent. Julie begs him to talk to her. Doug says he can't and he isn't sure he ever can again. He tells her he took a chance and came by to see Lucas but he saw her there with Alice and Will. He didn't want to interrupt. Julie tells him he should have came in. Doug tells her didn't want any trouble and asks if she will wish Lucas the best and to tell him he will be in touch. Julie thinks he should tell him himself. Doug tells Julie he has to go. Julie begs him to just give her a few minutes but the elevator doors close.

Julie returns to Alice and Will. Alice asks if she is ok. Julie looks at Will and fights back tears, not wanting to make his situation worse. She lies and says she is fine. Will and Julie then stand on both sides of Alice and help her walk off as Julie hides the fact she is wiping tears from her eyes.

Meanwhile, Joelle enters her mother, Elma's, room. Elma is on a respirator and is conscious but doesn't seem able to move. Just then, Joey enters and asks his mother how grandma is. Joelle asks where he came from. Joey tells her Mrs. Ellsworth dropped him off. He was so worried and wanted to know what was happening. He asked a nurse where to find her. Joelle smiles and hugs him, saying grandma will be ok very soon. She is just sick and not able to move. Joelle explains that the machine is helping her to breathe and is making her better. Joelle promises both Joey and Elma that she is taking care of everything and that they will finally have the break they have been waiting for soon. She promises them they will all have a better life...soon.


Maggie walks around the old, dusty, worn down Salem Club. She recalls the bustling environment it used to be as Max walks down the creaking stairs to enter the club, asking if it's safe to be there. Maggie smiles and nods, saying she just had some people here to inspect the building and survey it. They told her it would be alot of work to get the place up and running. Maggie then tells Max that everything is taken care of. She combined some money Mickey left her with some Victor gave her and they have the place now. She just needs to get the proper permits and such. She tells Victor is going to help her. Max tells her he will help finance the work that is needed to get the place back into shape. Maggie tells him that will be great and they can use some of her savings if there is a need.

Maggie tells Max she is hopeful they can get some people to work on this so they can have a February opening. Max thinks that is being optimistic. Maggie agrees but thinks it's possible. She admits having alot on her plate living with Victor now. She also explains that she and Victor have had their idea for a Memorial Wing in Sami and Eric's honor approved by the hospital. She urges him not to tell anyone as it's a surprise for his family and they will unveil it at a Gala Event next month. Max thanks her and says that is great. He figures Victor is doing it for his mom, though. Maggie admits she knows that is part of it but it's also a way for him to make peace with the Brady's and to help them get past all the tragedy of this year.

Maggie asks him how he is doing. Max says he is fine. He has a few buyers for the garage so he should have some money from that soon. He adds that it's weird with Abby not around. Maggie says she knows and admits being shocked she took off to be with friends right after her father came home. Max says he wondered about that too and the fact that she was leaving therapy for awhile. Max notes that Forrest is also MIA too. Maggie asks him what he is thinking and Max says nothing since they can't be together. Jack would never allow Abby to go with Forrest alone out of town, although Abby is of age.

Maggie tells Max she is sure Abby will be back soon and that there is nothing to worry about. If there was, they would know it. She tells him to follow her. She wants to show him how she wants to layout the club around the bar in the center. Max nods and follows her as they make their way around the club, surveying what they have to work with.


Lucas is almost asleep in his room when the sound of someone standing above him wakes him. He is shocked to see that it's Joelle and asks what she is doing. Lucas threatens to call security but Joelle says she comes in peace, at least this time. She just wanted to check on how he was doing. Lucas asks her how she thinks he is doing. He nearly died and then she sues him for sexual harassment. He asks why she is doing this. Joelle says she is just doing what she has to do and she is sorry it has to be this way. Lucas asks what that means.

Joelle says she has to get back to her mother. Lucas asks her again what she meant by what she said. Tears stream down Joelle's face. She wipes them and turn turns around and tells Lucas she wishes him luck and that she will see him in court. Joelle leaves as a mysterious figure watches her as she walks to the elevator. The mysterious figure then looks in on a frustrated Lucas and then quickly moves away from Lucas's room and exits via the staircase.


Abby exits the therapy room of the house. Dr. Dobbs comes out with her and tells her she did good and that they will pick up bright and early in the morning. Abby asks about her progress. Dr. Dobbs says her balance has improved and she is moving the legs so he is hopeful she will be walking, at least with the use of a crutches or a cane, soon. Abby thanks him for everything. Dr. Dobbs says it's what he does and bids her good night before walking off.

Abby sees Forrest on the phone in the kitchen and can't help but wonder about the picture of the woman she found on the plane and about seeing him looking at it earlier and becoming emotional. Abby figures the woman must be a past love or maybe even a current one. She wonders if he could be talking to her right now. Abby wheels closer to the kitchen and hears Forrest talking. She is unaware that he is talking to Miranda.

Forrest (on the phone to Miranda):
Things are progressing quite well. I just have to wait for the perfect moment to act.
Miranda: Have you even figured out a way to make her do it?
Forrest: I told you I would.
Miranda: That's reassuring. This is why I like mapping things out ahead. Forrest, I am warning you. You can't screw this up from your end because, if you do...
Forrest: I know. I know what happens. It will all work out. We will complete the mission. Don't worry. No one has any clue what is going on. Abby is even in the dark and I am always around her.

Abby hears this and is stunned.

Forrest: It's all going well now that we are out of Salem. There is no one around to interfere.

Forrest then turns and sees Abby right in front of him. Forrest interrupts Miranda and says he has to go. She asks if there is a problem. He lies and says there is nothing to worry about. He is just cooking something and needs both hands. Forrest then hangs up and asks Abby how long she has been standing there. Abby tells him long enough to know he is up to something and that all her friends and family were right. She asks Forrest what he wants with her. Forrest insists he just wants to help her and that he can explain.

Abby wheels away to her room and locks herself in. She tells him she is calling the police. Forrest panics and yells for Dr. Dobbs. He orders him to disable the phone line. Dr. Dobbs asks why and Forrest tells him to just do it. Just as Abby gets through to 911, the phone goes dead. Forrest tells her he is not going to harm her and there is no need to call the police. He tells her to just come out. Abby refuses, saying she doesn't believe a word he says and the fact that he just disabled the phones in the house tells her he is dangerous. Forrest promises her that he is not but hears no response from Abby. He yells out to her and asks if she is ok as she lays her head on her bed and begins to cry, wondering why she didn't listen to everyone's warnings about Forrest.


Jack arrives home and finds Billie sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. She tells him she has been expecting him.

Jack: I've been looking all over for you.
Billie: I doubt it.
Jack: What's wrong? You seemed upset earlier when you called me.
Billie: I'm fine, Jack. Don't worry.
Jack: No, your not. I can tell. Your just saying that because you are a woman and you want me to figure all this out. Ok. Ok, I'll bite. Let me think. I left the toilet seat up again. Wait, no, we don't live together. Uh...
Billie: Typical, Jack Deveraux. Making jokes at the most inopportune times.
Jack: Ok. Whatever I did, I will make it up to you. How about we go out on that date? We can do it right now. Let's cash in that rain check and do it like we planned.
Billie: I would like nothing more but alot has happened since this morning. Alex is your son.
Jack: Right. I know. It's great. Much better then I thought it was going to go. We're already bonding and I thought for sure there would be tension and some awkward moments and...

Billie puts her head down and turns away. Jack sees this and begins to realize what is going on.

Jack: I just think...wait, is that what this is about? Are you jealous?
Billie: Of you and Alex? No. I want you to bond with your son and have a relationship with him.
Jack: Then, what's the problem?
Billie: Are you really that...you know what, nevermind. Forget it. I think we should go on that date. I think it may help me feel better. At the very least, it will take my mind off things.
Jack: Ok...well, let me go get a jacket. It's supposed to be a little chilly tonight.
Billie: Ok. By the way, (smiling) what do you have in mind for this surprise date? (wrapping her arms around him)
Jack: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.
Billie: Hmm...hurry it up, Deveraux.

Jack races out of the room and into the coat closet near the kitchen. He looks through the closet and realizes he left the coat he is looking for outside. He goes out to get it and sees Alex in the backyard. Alex turns. Jack asks what he is doing there. Alex says he just wanted to look at a real backyard, something he didn't have growing up. His mom took him from one penthouse or townhouse to another. He never had the simply family home with a white picket fence. Alex explains to Jack it's the simpler things in life that seem the most important to him. He never could get in to the upper class lifestyle. Jack smiles. Alex looks at Jack and tells him he wants this life. He wants what Jack has. Jack looks at him, puts his arm around him, smiles, and tells him it's his.

Meanwhile, inside, Billie is touching up her makeup when the doorbell rings. Billie yells out to Jack that she will get it and is shocked when she opens the door to find Elizabeth. Billie asks what she is doing there. Elizabeth says that Alex and her are there to see Jack. Billie asks where Alex is. Elizabeth tells her he is out back. He wanted to look at the yard. Elizabeth explains that Alex has always been a sucker for the lesser things in life. The things commoners seem to love and adore. Elizabeth asks if Billie is going to invite her in. Billie rolls her eyes and motions for her to come in, whispering:

Billie: Do I have a choice?
Elizabeth: I beg your pardon.
Billie: You know what. I'm not even going to pretend to like you. Elizabeth, what are you doing here? Really?You and Alex were just with Jack for most of the day.
Elizabeth: We had more that must be discussed.
Billie: Now? Couldn't it wait until tomorrow? You just saw him. What could you possibly...
Elizabeth: Do I sense an attack of the green-eyed monster? That is the expression you Americans use, correct?
Billie: I had you pegged from the minute I met you.
Elizabeth: You mean when you were dying from a spider bite on a deserted island and my son and I saved that overly sized ass of yours?
Billie: Ouch. Well, let's be honest, shall we? You only did that because Jack was there. It was your way of showing him you were still that sweet, innocent girl he fell in love with years ago but you have clearly changed, haven't you?
Elizabeth: We all change, Billie. Years of leading the lonely life I have...I've been transformed by them. I'm no longer the same naive, rich girl I once was. I understand life's hardships and struggles. I know that nothing comes easy. You have to fight for it in life.
Billie: And that is what you intend to do. You intend to use every trick in the book to reclaim Jack.
Elizabeth: Well, you said you weren't going to lie or pretend so I will follow your example. Your right, I do intend on reclaiming the man I love. You need to learn, my dear, that first loves are hard to get out of one's systems and, almost always, first loves find their way back to one another.
Billie: What mushy romance novel did you read that bullshit out of?
Elizabeth: Call it what you want. I believe it. However, I also believe in making things happen. One can't wait for things to be handed to them so I intend on using what I have to snare Jack and bring him back to my loving, waiting arms, where he belongs.
Billie: Including using your own son.
Elizabeth: Whatever means possible. Whatever I have at my disposal, I will use. I will do whatever I must. I'm in this for the long haul.
Billie: Well, so am I. You may have had him first but he doesn't want you. He wants his son. He wants to bond with him. Jack will see through this eventually. He isn't stupid, although that can be debated sometimes. I will not let you use the son you two share as a way to latch on to Jack and never him go. I will fight you at every turn.
Elizabeth: It appears a war has begun then. I guess you and me are now officially enemies.
Billie: I thought of you as an enemy the minute I saw you.
Elizabeth: So be it. May the best woman win. (begins to snicker) Funny.
Billie: What?
Elizabeth: I think we both know I already rank well ahead of you in the "best woman" department. I guess it was a poor choice of words on my part. It is a shame you can't use the talents you inherited from your mother to help you hold on to Jack.
Billie: You...
Elizabeth: Too bad those whorish talents won't be of use to you (laughs).
Billie: Bitch!

Billie hauls off and slaps Elizabeth.

Billie: You have alot of nerve judging me when you are using your own son to further your own agenda. You make me sick. I can't see any man having use for a piece of trash like you.
Elizabeth: Look who's talking.

Billie slaps Elizabeth again. Elizabeth announces she has had enough and tells Billie she is going to show her what she is really up against. Elizabeth then lunges for Billie, tackling her to the floor. Both women go at it as they fight, scratch, and claw on the floor of the living room as the scene freeze frames on them struggling with each other and then fades to black.




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Always love a good cat fight. I can tell Elizabeth is not American what is she and you mentioned she was a love from years ago, is this true on the real Days or something you two did?

I LOVE NICOLE AND I REALLY love this vendetta against the saint Brady's Can't wait to see where this one goes.

Now me being new to the blog I have a few questions if yens don't mind? Who is Miranda and do we know Forrest's agenda? Is Abby in re hab?

I also wonder who this mysterious person is stalking Lucas at the hospital

Good episode guys

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Always love a good cat fight. I can tell Elizabeth is not American what is she and you mentioned she was a love from years ago, is this true on the real Days or something you two did?

I LOVE NICOLE AND I REALLY love this vendetta against the saint Brady's Can't wait to see where this one goes.

Now me being new to the blog I have a few questions if yens don't mind? Who is Miranda and do we know Forrest's agenda? Is Abby in re hab?

I also wonder who this mysterious person is stalking Lucas at the hospital

Good episode guys

Elizabeth is European. She is being written as being from England. She was Jack's high school sweetheart but we really haven't gotten into the details yet. Nothing like this was ever mentioned on Days but not much was known about Jack's past prior to his coming to Salem anyway other then him wanting to follow in Harper's, his believed father at the time, footsteps.

Miranda is an ISA agent. She is a former partner of Shane and she was recently revealed as Kate's sister. She knows quite a bit about Kate's past and we haven't gotten into the details yet there. Forrest's agenda has been hinted at but is not completely known. All that is known is he is working with Miranda on a "mission' and Miranda is afraid the mission will be compromised because Abby bears some resemblance to this Sylvia woman he has a picture of in his wallet. As for Abby, Forrest got a doctor, Dr. Dobbs, to put her in his experimental treatment for paralysis program. She is making great progress but Forrest also used Dr. Dobbs to help get Abby out of Salem for some unknown reason.

Hope that helps.

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