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10/10/07: SNATCHED






Caroline walks over to Alyson and tells her that the family will find a way for her to stay in Salem with Sam. She shouldn’t be worried about Nicole. Jean tells her that she believes Caroline. No need for her to leave town. Alyson says that if anything happened to her child........and then she gets upset and runs off. Jean excuses herself while she chases after her and Caroline turns her back for a moment to watch. Nicole stalks in the distance and, when she sees that Caroline is paying no attention, she runs over quickly......

And snatches Sam up in an instant.

As Nicole runs off with Sam, Caroline turns and sees the boy gone. She panics and calls out for him. Alyson and Jean run over, asking where Sam is. Caroline says she turned her back for a second and now he’s gone. Jean runs over to get security as Alyson and Caroline start running through the mall, looking for Sam. After a few moments, Nicole is spotted by Caroline a short distance away. Security runs up to her and stops her from leaving.

Alyson and Jean then stomp up to the scene, demanding that the police get involved. And Caroline tells Nicole that she will press full charges on her for trying to kidnap her grandson. But, in a startling turn of events, Alyson says she will not press charges. Caroline and Jean turn and look at her with utter shock, with Jean saying.........

Jean: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR [!@#$%^&*] MIND?!

Alyson demands that everyone hear her out as she walks up to Nicole. She tells her in no uncertain terms that if she EVER lays one fingernail on her son again.........it will take a battalion of surgeons to remove her foot from Nicole’s ass. Nicole agrees to the terms, all the while thinking to herself that it isn’t over yet. When Jean asks if Alyson will stay in Salem now that Nicole knows what’s what, she agrees. Caroline then walks up to Nicole and tells her that she better listen to what was told to her.......or else. She tells Nicole she has no problem slapping the taste out of her mouth if need be and then walks off.

Nicole watches as all three women leave with Sam, thinking to herself that it is time to teach the Brady's a lesson they won’t forget. She then turns and leaves in a huff.



Bo walks in looking at some papers. Victor and Roman walk in from outside and Victor tells him how proud he is of him. Bo looks up long enough to say that Victor has taught him a lot over the past year or so and he’s decided to apply it. Roman agrees, saying that if he wouldn’t have spent so damn long upholding the damn law.........his children might still be alive. Victor tells both men to come and have a seat as he explains to them both.........

Victor: The sign of a true man is one who learns form his mistakes and protects his family. You think I don’t have regrets?
Bo: Yeah, I know. But............Isabella wasn't killed by some !@#$%^&*] like Stefano or Orpheus.
Roman: Bo’s right, Vic. Just like when I was accused of the Strangler murders.........I was on the run from the law. Mainly because of Stefano. It didn’t protect me then........and it damned sure didn’t protect Sami or Eric or Greta........or anyone else whose been hurt or killed during this.
Victor: Which is why I have decided to strike like a cobra right at the throat of the bastards.
Bo: And what does that mean?
Victor: Stefano is so worried about Orpheus (Victor pours himself a brandy) that he can’t see straight. Now is the time to hit.........hard and fast.
Roman: And I guess blowing up his house wasn’t enough.
Victor: Not by a long shot, Roman.

At that moment, Bo gets a phone call and excuses himself. After he leaves the study, Victor turns to Roman and proposes an idea..........

Victor: Roman, I was wondering.........could you use one of those famous disguises of yours and get close to Stefano?
Roman: Right in the snake pit, huh?
Victor: Exactly.
Roman: Yes. Yes, I believe I can.
Victor: Good.

As Victor and Roman talk, Bo tells Steve, whose on the phone, that they are making plans against Stefano. He should be a part of that. Steve waits for a moment before declining, saying that he has other things on his plate right now. Bo is quiet for a moment, wondering why Steve would turn this gig down, but he then tells Steve he understands. Steve says it won’t last much longer and then he’s all Bo’s. Bo gets another call on his cell and tells Steve he has to let him go but they’ll talk later.

After Bo clicks over, Steve hangs up, telling Tony and Hope that everything is cool. Bo doesn’t suspect a thing. Hope tells Tony that it is no problem helping him with the DiMera files and also searching the net for clues to Liz's whereabouts. Hope explains she is using her police contacts too. Tony tells them thanks, saying that this is very dangerous work. Steve says they gave him their promise to help. Just then, Tony hears Stefano coming and races out of the secret room, telling the couple to continue working as he closes the door.

Tony walks into the master study of Stefano's penthouse as Stefano asks him where he was off to just now. Tony covers, saying that he was just looking around the new place. Stefano smiles, saying he knows when he’s being lied to. Tony says that Stefano always did know him, especially when he had Tony and Andre duel over Anna all those years ago. Stefano says that is ancient history. He did what he felt he had to do, just like now. Tony asks what does that mean. Stefano says.........

Stefano: You will see, my son.

Stefano walks over to his wet bar and pours himself and Tony a drink. He asks Tony to celebrate with him as he takes out his cell phone. At that moment, Lincoln walks into the room, smiling. He says that the mission was accomplished and it was a complete success. Stefano asks if anyone was hurt and Lincoln says no. Everyone is fine.

When Tony asks what’s going on, Stefano looks at him and smiles, saying once again.........

Stefano: You will see, my son.

The scene then shifts quickly back to the Kiriakis Mansion, as Bo comes running in, shocked. Victor and Roman both look at him as Victor asks what happened. After he catches his breath, Bo finally works up the nerve to say........

Bo: You won’t believe this.
Victor: Believe what, dammit?!
Bo: I...........I just got a call from one of our men. Your takers, Victor............your oil tankers. Four of them...........went down, Victor. And a fifth is spilling oil into the gulf.

Victor stares at Bo with utter shock as Roman says.......

Roman: Do they know what happened?!
Bo: Not yet. The investigation has started. We’re flying the crews in, they’ll make out reports. We’ll know much more later.

Victor takes a step towards Bo, asking him in a quiet tone......

Victor: Bo.........how much did we lose?

Bo hands him the portfolio of the estimated cost. Victor opens it and staggers backwards. He then turns and looks off into space as he says..........

Dear God.............Two hundred and sixty-one million dollars.........gone. Like that. And (he turns to face Bo and Roman) another two hundred and fifty million to clean up the spill?
Bo: Yes. Yes, Victor.
Victor: Who............WHO WAS THE BASTARD WHO DID THIS TO ME?!?!

At that moment, Victor’s home phone rings. He activates the speaker, as a very familiar voice says........

Stefano: Well............how’s my favorite oil man doing tonight?

Victor looks at Roman and Bo and then turns back to the phone, saying........

Victor: Good move. Damn good move, my friend.
Stefano: The first of many, Victor. You see..........it’s time to..........even the odds, so to speak. You started this, Victor, and I intend to end it. Guess I’ll have to fill up my car with some other brand of oil since yours is floating in the gulf of Mexico. Pleasant dreams, my friend.

Stefano laughs as Victor picks up the phone..........and smashes it on his desk.

The scene then quickly shifts back to Stefano’s penthouse, as he once again turns his attention to Tony. He tells him that is what happens to men who cross him. So, Tony better not forget that, son or no son. He has once again proven who is master of this family........and anyone who crosses him will be dealt with. He then bids Tony a good evening as Stefano and Lincoln walk towards the dining room.

Tony returns to the secret room and tells Steve and Hope that they need to find the information they need........and fast. Stefano has just took the stakes to the next level and they better find some answers or something to end this feud.......

Before they all pay........with their lives. Steve and Hope look at each other and then at Tony.........

As the scene freeze frames on his face and slowly fades to black.




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WOOOHOOO Stefano's BACK and better then ever! LOVE what he did! About time! :D

Love Alyson and Jean being back. Love Jean's line in the middle there in italics, LOL. I really want to see Alyson and Nicole go at each other's throats, and Jean can back Alyson up, LOL.

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Now that Roman set me straight about the whole Salem Slasher thing, I could enjoy the episode. Lol, I had the Salem Slasher confused w/ the Salem Stalker.

Loved Stefano being back on top. Good work guys.

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