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The Funeral Pt 2Episode46




The Funeral, part 2

Episode: 46

Written By: ML Cooks with Monique Bitches and Matt Preston

untitSabynsfrontdoor.jpgmatt_cedeno_04.jpg0000033540_20060927013226.jpgChris pulls into Lauren's driveway. Looking at how the front door is open, he can already sense something is wrong. He gets out his car and walks inside her house.

"Lauren" He says calling out to her. He looks into the kitchen and sees Lauren laying up against the wall with blood dripping from her forehead, He kneels down and engulfs her in his arms.

"Lauren, Baby, wake up" He says rubbing her back trying to get her to wake up. He pulls out his cell phone and calls 911. After telling them the situation and the directions to the house, he hangs up the phone and tries to get Lauren to wake up. He shakes her a little.

"Lauren, please wake up. I'm sorry I'm here for you. " When he gets no response, he picks her up in his arms and carries her out her house and places her in his car, taking Lauren to the E.R. himself.

Greater Yonders Funeral Home295122396_ded131d657.jpg

The funeral director, along with Kevin and Karim and some other guests, opens up Ashley's casket, to retrieve Sabryn.


"No need to open that. Let that Bitch Die." Kevin and the Director help Sabryn out of the casket.


"This is not over Bitch." She spits out as she walks past her. The Director fixes up Ashley again

untitledvv.jpgKarim looks at Alexis

"Wow what just happened?"


"Justice being served."


"Remind me to never piss you off."


"Ahh, baby don't feel like that. I would never hurt you." She smiles at him and does the same at to her.

Meanwhile, In the hall leading up to the bathroom

fdhd-1.jpgDondre, letting Sharan gosanaabig.jpg

"Ria, Don't know nothing stupid."


"I'm going to tell you now Dre, stay out of this or you might get your ass whooped too. This Bitch has the nerve to be all up in my business but yet, here she is, being a sneaky hoochy mama. I'm bout to superman this hoe"


"Ria, that's not what this is. Dre, kissed me, I didn't kiss him."


"Ria she's right, It's my bad. Sharan didn't do nothing."


"Yea yea… It's never Sharan's fault. Sharan is so perfect, Sharan is this Sharan is that. Give me a break. It's time to knock Sharan out. Forget what LL Cool J says, Ria said knock Sharan's ass out." Ria goes after Sharan, but Dondre grabs her, escorting her outside.

Ria, Trying to get out of Dondre's grip

"Get your damn hands off me,. I'm going to beat this hoe's ass. I'm going to wipe that fake ass Bitch down." She hollers punching Dondre in the back.


"I'm going to get you Sharan. Kevin!! Kevin!!!" Dondre already has Ria outside. Kevin runs towards the commotion and sees Sharan


"Sharan what is going on?"

Sharan, feeling guilty for letting Dondre kiss her and Ria caught them can't bear to look at him and she runs into the bathroom Kevin wonders what just happened

Outside, in the Flower Garden of the Funeral Home Bryan and Natalia are talking.


"So what is this all about. How can you help me?"


"I know how big your dick is" She says with a smile on her face.

Bryan shakes his head and closes his eyes, finally getting his answers as to what happened last night.

"It was you?"


"Yes it was. And it was so damn good. I don't see how Sabryn handles all that Dick you got as small as she is."


"Shut the hell up. How? Why did this happen?"


"We were at your club together. You were upset about Ashley and I was upset by good friend Dahlia almost on her death bed. We were drinking heavily, and the next thing I knew we had a passionate kiss, and it let to some great sex on the pool table."


"So why are telling me this? Where does this help part come in at?"


"It's not hard to figure out Bryan. I'll keep quiet about our hot escapade if you give me a few dollars?"


"This is extortion!"


"More like happiness. If I tell Sabryn, we had sex, hell she might have a stroke. And we hate each other too. It would be over for sure between you two. I did hear you two just got back together."

Bryan, knowing she is right and not wanting to risk messing things up with Sabryn, gives in

"How many dollars are you talking about?"


"Five hundred thousands dollars."


"You are out of your mind. I don't have that kind of money"


"SO what are you saying Sabryn isn't worth it?"


"I am saying I am not going to let you black mail me. Hell next time it might be a million dollars. I'm sorry, but that type of party won't be happening."


"I'm sorry Sabryn has to find out ,.Then again I'm not sorry. I don't like her so I don't have nothing to lose is she finds out" She says as she pulls out the DVD.


"You can't be serious, You took the DVD from my security system."


"Ding, Ding, You win the grand prize. So what will it be Bryan? Do I show Sabryn this porn of me riding that dick royally, or are you going to run me my money?"

Ty and Jenn approach Mike and Jodieprison-break-okeefe121.jpg


"Hello you two. You look lovely together."


"State your objective then get out of our faces."


"No need to be hostile Mike. I come in peace"


"You are a real pain in my ass."


"Mike relax. Ty is trying to reach out to you."


"Jenn, don't talk to me." Jodie smirks at Jenn and Jenn rolls her eyes at Jodie.


"Well I'm not here to cause a ruckus, so I'll get to the point. Jodie, From our dinner the other night, you told me you needed a job, and I have one for you."


"I don't think so." Ty looks at Jenn confused


"I don't think so either. We want nothing from you."

Jenn, looking at Ty

"Why are you looking at me like that? I don't want you working with this slut. You know how I feel about her. Why would you even ask her?" Jodie is smiling even more at Jenn, knowing how much she gets under her skin.


"If you'll excuse us"


"No excuse needed. Just don't come back." Ty and Jenn walks off Mike wanting to stick it to Jenn a bit for hurting him

"Life isn't so great after all is it Jenn?" Jenn turns around looks at Mike and shakes her head at him and rolling her eyes.


Finally the funeral actually begins

Bryan and Sabryn stand outside of the church but before opening the door, Sabryn pulls Bryan back.


What is it? What's wrong?


I can't do this. I can't go in there.


We have to. As much as I hate to say it, we have to show some sort of remorse.

Bryan and Sabryn sit way in the back. The rows were filled with almost all of the Pasadena residents who knew Ashley. Jodie sat next to Mike who wasn't too far from Dondre and Sharan. Karim sat by himself and looked across the way at Kevin, giving him the coldest eyes that he could give. The aisles were split with good versus evil. On the other end Ty put his arms all over Jenn trying to make Mike and Jodie jealous, knowing that they weren't happy to see him. Natalia and Ria sat next to each other. Ria tries getting Karim's attention but he wasn't having it.

Alexis gets up from the edge of the aisle and makes her way to the podium.


Thank you so much for coming. I know that I'm new to the town but to see all the support for me and my family, it's very touching.

Alexis looks at the large photo of Ashley behind her.


I'd like to think that my sister was troubled but at the same time…she was a person who followed her heart. Nobody could ever tell her the word no.


Believe me, I tried. It's just hard to lose someone. Just to have someone be there one moment and the next, they're not. Life can be so cruel-

(fighting back tears)

I'm trying so hard to be strong here…


I'm going to miss you so much sis.

Sabryn stands up to exit. Bryan forcefully grabs her arm to have her sit back down.

Sabryn: (hollering)

NO! Bryan get off me, I'm leaving!

Sabryn turns around to see the church patrons looking at her. Natalia was shaking her head back and forth.


I was just leaving.

Alexis: (acknowledging her)

You have tons of gull to come here.

Alexis steps down from the podium and begins to walk towards her.


I had many phone conversations with my sister. She told me how much you two hated each other. How you used fight over your little sex toy which you've using since day one.


What happened was an accident. We all know that.


I'm not going to stand here and be berated! Your sister-


Go on. Say it. I dare you!


Your sister deserved everything she got.

Alexis lunges for Sabryn until being pulled back by Kevin. Bryan pulls Sabryn back trying to calm her down.

Alexis: (screaming)


Just as she says that Police Chief Abe Williams and two of his officers walk in.


"Pops, What's going on?"


"I am here to arrest Sabryn Genet and Bryan Dattilo for the murder Of Ashley Jones."


"No wait, you can't. I'm pregnant" Bryan looks at Sabryn in pure shock.


"You're what?"


"That's the news I had to tell you. I'm having your child." Bryan holds her, not only did he get Sabryn back but she is having his baby.


"Break it up. Abe do your job and arrest these cold hearted murders." Abe places Sabryn in cuffs and one of his other officers places Bryan in cuffs to.


"I didn't kill her. It was an accident!"


"You have the right to remain silent, anything you and or do can be used against you in a court of law " He says as he escorts Sabryn and Bryan to his cruiser The funeral guests looks on in shock. Alexis smiles at her victory over Sabryn and Bryan.


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There is so much going on and this was such a fun episode to help write. I really liked the ending because it's about time Alexis does something to get back at Sabryn. Where's Dahlia been? Is she in a coma or is she dead? Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the Season Finale because I'm sure it's going to be breathtaking.

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