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Domestic Violence!Episode44



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Westwood Park, Lauren's HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Lauren is awaken by a loud knock at her door. Getting out of bed, she puts a robe on and answers her door. To her surprise, It's Daniel. He immediately engulfs her in a hug.


"Daniel, what are you doing here? Your supposed to be in that hospital."


"Please Lauren, don't send me back there. She's after me."


"Who? What is going on?"


"She's going to get us. We have to go into hiding Lauren. It's the only way we can escape her."


"Damn it Daniel tell me who?"


"I can't. She'll kill you." Daniel sits on the floor and begin to pick at his skin.

"It feels like bug are biting my skin, do you see these bugs on me? Lauren get them off me. Please!"

Lauren looks at Daniel in confusion, she begins to realize Daniel is high once again.

"Don't tell me your high. It's meth again isn't it?


"Lauren, let me borrow 40 dollars"


"I'm sorry I can't do that. I'm going to call the police." She walks into her kitchen to get the phone. Daniel leaps up and grabs her.

"No! I can't let you do that. Didn't you hear me? If I go back she's going to get me.I can't do it. I can't go back there"


"Get your hands off me Daniel, you're hurting me."


"Just let me get 50 dollars and I'll be on my way."


"I said NO! Now get off of me!!" She tries to struggle out his grip, then he suddenly slaps her. Lauren is in shock and rubs her face" I can't believe you hit me. Get Out!"


"Give me some money!"


"Hell no!" She tries to push him toward the front door. He gets angry and pushes her back.


"Daniel, just please leave now."


"Not until I get some money now you're making me mad. Hand it over and quit being such a Bitch about it."

Lauren tries to dial 911 He grabs the phone and bashes Lauren in the head with it. Lauren passes out. Daniel goes to her bedroom and grabs all the cash out of Lauren's wallet and leaves her house as if nothing has happened


Episode: 44

Written by: ML Cooks with MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Sierra Madre,250px-SierraMadreVillaHotel-1884.jpg


les4.jpgSantino parks Ty's limo in front of Mona's Mountain Resort. Santino opens Ty's door, and Ty steps out with a briefcase.


"I want you to find out where Jodie is. I have plans for her."


"Yes boss. I'll be back in 30 minutes to pick you up."

Ty enters Mona's house. Mona is sitting in her living room turned science lab.

"It's been a while."


"Yea Yea. Did you bring my drugs?"


"Here we go again." He sets the briefcase on a lab table and he opens it. Mona picks up a bud of marijuana and looks at and smells it.


"Looks and smells like this is some fire."


"I only have the best. It's better than the last pound I gave you."


"I have to admit, that last pound was some kill." Mona lays 12 ben franks on the lab table and he collects it. Mona pulls out her wrap and rolls up a blunt.


"I don't know if you heard me the other day but I asked have you heard from Daniel?"


"Oh I heard you." Lighting up her mary stick "And I gave you an answer."


"I didn't hear it."


"Right I hung up on yo ass. That's your answer. I know nothing about Daniel. Stop asking me about him. I want to talk about Abe."


"I have already sent Abe his first letter. I know he's shitting in his pants right now."


"He need to be. I can't wait until that Bastard pays for what he has done to me. It's because of him why I hate you and all the rest on the men that walks this planet."


"You don't have to hate me. I did nothing to you. We are on the same team."


"Please" Coughing and choking "All men are dumb horny self serving arrogant pigs. You included. Now I am tired of this ring-a-maroe. Speed this thing up with Abe. I am ready to take Sharan. Hell you getting you some pu$$y, I want some too."


"I'm working on it. This plot is so delicate, I can't afford to rush and make a mistake. Please be patient a little while longer. You'll have Sharan delivered to you on a silver platter in a matter of weeks if not days. I want Abe to get his too believe me. He's got his men watching my every move. So the sooner I get him off the force, or at least occupy him enough that he'll forget all about me and his investigation into my goings on"


"This some good weed. Your services are no longer required. Leave now."


"You are cold. I'll be in touch." He leaves and get in his limo. Daniel who is in the back of Mona's resort seeing Ty leave, realizes this is his cue to knock on Mona's door.

She opens and sees him picking his skin

"Danny boy, what a lovely surprise. You should have called before you came by. I would have tidied up."


"This is not a social call. I came to….you know."


"What you here for a drug session, come right on in. You've come to the right place. I got what you need. I just got done making a fresh batch for you." He enters as he begins to drool and pace the floor. Mona hands him some rocks of ice and be begins to break it down and smokes it, while Mona lights her mary stick back up. She smiles, as her plan to get Daniel hooked on meth has worked.

Pasadena Police Station30dc8cf7.jpg


"I think someone is following me chief."


"OK calm down Sharan. What kind of car is it?"


"It looks like the same one that rammed off Kevin's car door the night of TC's Hotel gala."


"Interesting. There sure has been some strange goings on here in Pasadena lately."


"And there's one more thing that I didn't mention that night when you came by to take the report."


"What's that?"


"I received a dozen of pink roses. They were not from Kevin."


"Sharan, I hate to ask but I'm a cop so I have too. What about Dondre, may he have sent the roses?"


"Oh."( a little embarrassed)" I didn't know you knew about that."


"Kevin told me."


"Well no Chief, he said he did not send them."


"Where are the roses now?"


"I am about to throw them away."


"Don't. I 'll have an officer follow you home and he'll grab the flowers. I want to see if we can get any prints."


"Thanks Chief Williams."


"I want you to call me if anything else strange happen."


"Will do." She turns around and leaves his office. Abe sits back at his desk and begins to think "Something is not right. What if that note and these incidents with Sharan is connected."

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg


Alexis wipes tears from her face as she looks at her dead sister in the morgue.ashsmall.jpg

"Don't worry Ashley. I will avenge your death. I'm going to find out who did this to you and make them pay." She wipes her tears away and leaves the morgue.


Sabryn walks into the The JumpOff and is shocked to see Bryan sleep on a pool table with his pants half way down. She walks over to him and pushes him to wake him up. He jumps up



"No she's dead. You reek of liquor. Why are your pants down?"

Bryan, looking down to see he's exposed, honestly doesn't know why his pants are down.


"Bryan what is going on?"


"I was so drunk. I must of beat my meat and passed out on the pool table. Do you have any aspirin my head is killing me."

Sabryn pauses, not knowing what to make of the scene.

"I guess let's get you cleaned up." She walks out the club. Bryan still confused and wondering himself why his pants were down, takes his hand and rubs his dick and then he smells his hand.

"Smells like pu$$y. Ahh Damn, what did I do?" Bryan thinks of his security system and goes into to his office to see if the security footage will reveal this mystery. He plays back the time frame he was there and realizes there's a huge 5 minute gap. He takes the CD out the TV and looks at it.

"This isn't the Last CD I put in here. Please don't tell me I had sex with a woman and she took the DVD. This can't be happening. Just when Sabryn and I are getting back together." He slowly walks out the club, wondering who he had sex with.

Back in Westwood Park, Natalia's House


Natalia gets a knock on her door. She is shocked to see its Suga when she opens her door. She instantly gets nervous, knowing she doesn't have her money.


"You got my money?"

Natalia, playing it off, stalling for time, and buttering Suga up,

"Suga, what a pleasant surprise. You should have called first, I would made enough popcorn for the both us. Please come in." Suga enters the house.


"Cut the bull. I need my money so I can leave the country. The police are swirling everywhere."


"I'm about to go get your money right now. Here, eat this popcorn and watch this new Halloween I got on bootleg. I'll be back in a jiffy."


"I don't want no games. You will end up like your good friend Dahlia if you b.s. wit me. I'll put that knife right through your heart."


"Suga, no need to be gory,save that for the movie, give me 30 minutes and I will be back with half a million for you in small bills ." Natalia grabs her keys and gets in her car.

"Get ready to find out who you had sex with Bryan." She chuckles as she drives off.


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I'm taking an early guess and say that Ria is Mona because the way Mona was talking sounded like the things Ria would say. Plus she was talking about Sharan and who hates her more than Ria. I don't know why Monia would play with Daniel's life. Ty seriously needs to know who to pick his battles with. The drug drop of scene was very intriguing because it only adds to the drama...sort of The Sopranos/mafia like.

In speaking of Daniel he truly is messed up. Hitting Lauren was very unexpected and sort of shocking. Poor girl. Now I'm baffled to see if Daniel and Lauren belong together because this "supercouple" or "couple" in general is definitely being pushed back further and further. Loved being a reader/viewer who knew what was going on when the characters have no clue (Mona's affect on Daniel). It was pure soap opera.

Now I'm thinking that Ashley is alive and is purposely playing tricks on Bryan to get revenge. Scorned loved crazed vixens are insane like that. I'm sure Sabryn wanted to get an eyefull of Bryan which was another OMG moment/scene.

Natalia is in big trouble because we've scene Suga's violent tendencies. Surely enough some action will be taken against her for what she's done. Nice episode.

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