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Love Potion No.69Episode27



In Sierra Madre,pasadenahills.jpg

Mona's mountain resort

redjacket.jpgTy, trying to regain his notorious cool, and the situation

"Look, there is no need to take it there."


"I agree."


"I don't take to kindly to threats"


"Your point?"

Ty, laughing

"Maybe we can come to an arrangement."


"Maybe is not in my vocabulary."

Ty, taking a deep sigh, knowing he lost this battle, but at the same time, gaining from the battle,

"I need something very important from you first"


"I am not surprised. You prove to me why I hate all men. What the hell is it Sly Ty?"


"MMM, Sly Ty, I like that..... I owe someone a favor. Can you come up with some sort of concoction for love."


"Oh, now you want to show interest in my technologies. When it serves you. I don't give a damn. Bitch, you better have my money!"

Ty, bites his lip and grunts

"You are testing me. A comment like that is usually followed by a pimp slap?"


"You're a funny man Sly Ty. I see you like to gamble. You must not know about me."She says, as she chuckles, not backing down from Ty.




"Yea, with your life." You are reading



Written by: ML Cooks

Coordinating Producer:MON!QUEB!TCHE$


saoudGAOT0D09032005120307.jpgSabryn pulls up to Natalia's house in Westwood Park. She bangs on her door.

natty4.jpgNatalia opens it

"What the hell's the matter with you banging on my door like you the police? Do you know what time it is?"

Sabryn smiles and shakes her head. She opens Natalia's screen door and enters her house, pushing Natalia aside. Natalia looks at her like she is crazy.

"Sabryn, you're out your mind. Not only are you a Bitch, but to be disrespectful, I mean come on, I never expected that from you. Miss high and mighty, Miss sadity... I didn't invite you in my house. Your attitude and ignorance is from the hours of 9 to 5. At the fashion outlet"


"Disrespect. Please." Sabryn pulls out a stick of gum.jpg and offers it to Natalia

"You're breath is the first and utmost disrespect to all human kind."


"If my breath is so bad, then get the hell out of my home."

Sabryn, pulling out a protective 3046347454.jpg, puts it on her face.

"Trust me, I won't be here long. I want to know what this theft is all about at my downtown store. I saw on the news you were kissing Mark. What the hell is going on?"


"It was a misunderstanding."


"Is that what you call it? My store is on the news because of some stupid non sense. My name gets bad publicity because you cant control your hormones."


"Correction. It's my store, I am the manager and I own 49% of that building. Not only is it my more store, the reason why it's profits are unmatched is because my store carry my designs."


"Yea, but all that happened yesterday."




"You're fired. I don't employ sleazy tramps, nor do I want a knock off, or a slut representing S.G. Good luck getting a job in this industry, I've already black listed you." Sabryn takes her face mask off and throws in Natalia's face, as she begins walk out her house.

Natalia, in shock

" I can't believe this. You won't get away with this. I'll get you Sabryn." Natalia picks up a glass flower vase and throws it at Sabryn but the vase misses as Sabryn is already out the door and it shatters against the door frame.

"She can't do this to me. I have to pay Suga. No job, no money....No Mark.... I'm going to get Sabryn for this!"

Sierra Madre,


"Look, we need to be allies. Not enemies. Our plan is working. I will get my end together, and I will find out who shot Daniel myself. I know my boy didn't kill himself."


"I don't care about that. I want to talk about the only man I like, Mr Ben Frank."


"Meet me at my mansion in an hour, with a love potion. We have a new ally on our team. You'll meet her tonight. After that, you have your money, tonight."


"Good. I still hate you, but not as much, 5 million dollars does a lot ya know. Money talks and please remember that. Thanks for the great weed and I will see you in an hour."

Ty gets up and leaves without saying a word. Mona closes her door, and goes into her living room, which has been transformed into a bootlegged chemistry lab and makes some sort of love concoction.

Ty gets in his limo and the limo pulls off.


"How did it go?"


"I really don't know. I don't know if I can trust her. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed."


"Is she crazy?"


"Yes she is. But I can't blame her. She has been through a lot. She just wants revenge."


"Against who?"


"You don't need to know that. In due time though, everything will make sense and payoff. And to make it happen, Abe is next, take me to my Hotel." Ty pulls out his cell phone and calls the Police Chief Abe Williams.

Back inside Mona's Mountain resort.

As she is finishing up her love potion,love.png she has a flash back in her mind, of creeping up to Daniel's car, stalking him, she notices he is crying heavily and drinking and is waving a gun, she then appears out of nowhere, reaches in his car very quickly, grabbing his hand, then placing it on the gun, with such speed, Daniel is unable to make sense of what is going on and she then shoots him, to make it look like a suicide.

"I can't let Ty find out I shot Daniel. It could ruin everything. The only way to do that is to take Danny boy out. He's the only one at this point that can ruin it for me. So he has to die. And I'm going to enjoy doing it..... I love killing men"


Huntington Memorial Hospital

0804_10.jpgDaniel still hooked up to machines, in a deep coma, that is until he opens his eyes......



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Uh oh Sabryn made a big mistake firing Natalia. Knowing her mantality, the claws are going to come out and things are going to get dirty.

I really am hoping Mona and Ty become enemies. The only way I could see the two being friends if they\'re working to destroy something or someone.

The title btw, was funny. I was expecting it to be a sexual charged episode but it was still good.

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Mona and Ty are enemies and allies, a very delicate situation that's for sure. Daniel at this point is the lose cannon.

And you should already know that Natti isn't going to take being fired by Sabryn very lightly. You won't believe what she does.

P.S. can you keep secret? When my story editor read the episodes for next week, they were SHOCKED!! So Please stay tuned, the best is yet to come

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