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Another Somerset Episode!



Here is another episode of Somerset!

Episode 32

Announcer: This is Somerset

We see a shot of Ellen's house

We see Ellen and India standing in Ellen's living room

Ellen: Well, Well, Well, I never thought I would be in this situation again!

India: Well, you are

Ellen: I knew you would marry again India, but Robert, Robert Delaney, India?!

India: Don't Start Ellen!

Ellen: Your damn right I am going to start India, you marry that, that, Manwhore

India: Ellen! Don't ever say that again, Manwhore!

Ellen: He is India! And you married him again?

India: I am not listening to this!

Ellen: Yes, You will listen, and i am going to plow this into your hard head!

We see a shot of Mary and Kane's beach house

We see Jill walk to the door and knock, Mary answers the door

Mary: Hello Mother!

Jill walks in and Mary closes the door, Kane is sitting on the couch

Mary: Now mother, we need to talk

Jill: About what?

Mary: You and Kane

Jill: What about it?

Kane: I read about the job openings at Delaney Brands

Jill: Oh!

Mary: Ya oh! You knew Kane needed a job, Why didn't you tell him about the job openings?

Kane: We know why!

Mary: Ya, you thought I would leave Kane if he had no job

Jill: Stop this Mary!

Mary: No! That's the reason you did not tell him isn't it?

Jill: Yes alright! Yes it is!

We see a shot of Zoe Pushing Tom

Zoe: No, Your thats not true, Julian is not dead, he is not

Tom: He is Zoe, Julian is dead, he was murdered!

Zoe: No!

A nurse and doctor run in the room, the doctor grabs Zoe and the nurse gives her a needle. Zoe falls to the ground!

Doctor: You need to leave!

Tom: Ok

Tom leaves the room, the nurse shuts the door

Tom: Wow!

Tom Laughs


We see a shot Ellen's house

Ellen: You know what Robert is like India, Manwhore!

India: Stop saying that, you know how that sounds coming out of your mouth, werid!

Ellen: I am justing stating the truth, do you know how many women he has been with?

India: Yes Ellen !

Ellen: There was you and god knows how many before you, Then there was Jessica the lounge singer, then there was Lenore Moore, then he had a child with that woman i can't remember her name, a child he did not rise or even see for god knows how many years!

India: Stop this India!

Ellen: Then there was Iris Cory and we all know what happened to her, then that Olivia woman and those three other wives after that, now you again!

India: Yes me, and only me from now on!

Ellen: If you think that India your more dumber then i thought

India: I am leaving

Ellen: Yes, go ahead, but don't come crying to me when that man cheats on you!

Ellen walks into the kitchen

We see a shot of Mary's house

Jill: Yes, that's why i did not tell him alright Mary!

Kane: I knew it! How dare you Jill!

Mary: Yes mother!

Jill: I don't want my daughter with you that's why!

Kane: Listen Jill, for the last time, i am nothing like my father or family!

Jill: All the Kurtz's are the same, I don't care what anyone says!

Kane: God, you have a hard head!

Mary: Mother can i see you in the kitchen?

Jill: Fine!

Jill and Mary walk into the kitchen

Mary: I want this to end!

Jill: Fine

Mary: I want you to give Kane a job!

Jill: What?! No! No!

We see a shot of Tom standing outside Zoe's door, the nurse and doctor come out

Tom: I want to see her again

Doctor: I don't think that's wise

Tom: I need to see her

Nurse: We gave her something strong, she may not even understand you!

Tom: I don't care

Doctor: Fine, 5 minutes!

Tom: Thank you

Tom goes in the room

Zoe is sitting in a chair with her eyes open not moving

Tom: Zoe! I am sorry you had to hear the news from me!

Zoe does not answer

Tom: Julian was murdered Zoe, and his murder is on the hands of Victoria Paisley!

Zoe moves her head and looks at Tom


Announcer: And now the conclusion of Somerset

We see a shot Mary

Mary: You need to give Kane a job mother

Jill: No Mary, I won't!

Mary: Yes Mother, after what you did!

Jill: No!

Mary: He needs a job to support both me and your granddaughter

Jill: I can support both of you Mary!

Mary: No Mother, Now please, please give Kane a job?

Jill: I don't know

Mary: Please!

Jill: Fine!

Mary: Thank You! Kane!

Mary and Jill walk out of the Kitchen, Kane is standing there holding Angela

Kane: Yes?

Mary: My mother has something to tell you!

Mary walks over and takes Angela

Mary: Mother?

Jill: Fine! Kane if you want a job at Delaney brands you have it!

Kane: Thank you Jill!

Jill: Its fine!

Mary: Thanks Mom!

Jill just looks at Mary

We see a shot Ellen in her kitchen

Ellen: India is dumb, marrying Robert again, that's the stupidest thing that woman has ever done!

We see a shot of India standing outside of Ellen's house

India: Ellen your wrong, i love Robert, and that is never going to change. I don't need you Ellen! I don't need you!

We see a shot of Tom

Tom: It is all Victoria Paisley's fault Julian is dead Zoe!

Zoe just watches Tom

Tom: You need to get Victoria Paisley Zoe, and i can help you do it

Zoe still watches Tom

Tom: I am going to break you out of her OK?

Zoe does not talk

Tom: Do you understand me?

Zoe does not answer

Tom: Blink twice if you understand me?

Zoe blinks twice

Tom: Good, I will get you out tonight!

Zoe blinks twice again

Tom Laughs

Announcer: This is Somerset

Credits Role

Announcer: Join us again for the continuing story of Somerset

Cast List

1.Georgann Johnson As Ellen Bishop Grant

2.Marie Wallace As India Bishop Delaney

3.Nicolas Coster As Robert Delaney

4.Michael Lipton As Dr. Stan Kurtz

5.Gloria Hoye As Dr. Terry Kurtz

6.Lois Smith As Zoe Matson Cannell

7.Linda Gray As Jill Grant Farmer Timmins

8.Barry Jenner As Tony Cooper

9.Fawne Harriman As Ginger Kurtz Cooper

10.Veleka Gray As Victoria Paisley

11.Jennifer Bransford As Mary Timmins Kurtz

12.Julian Stone As Kane Kurtz

13.Judith O' Dea As Molly Ryan Scott

14.Amanda Wyass As Sarah Scott

15.Matt Mulhern As David Foster

16.Sigourney Weaver As Avis Ryan

17.Tim Thomerson As Bill Scott

18.George Coe As Leo Kurtz

19.Krista Tesreau As April Davis

20.Robert Kelker-Kelly As Tiny

Guest Star

1.Ted Danson As Tom Conway

Locations in Somerset


Check out more at my Somerset Blog



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