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Episode 25!!!!



Episode 25

Announcer: This is Somerset

We see a shot of Somerset Hospital

Molly: What is wrong with Sarah?

Doctor: Nothing, she is fine

Bill: Oh thank god

David: Yes!

Molly: How bad are her injuries?

Doctor: Oh she was fine,when we she got to the hospital, we got the bullet

Bill: That's great

Doctor: But she went into shock at the Diner, and almost died

Molly: Oh god

Doctor: But this man saved her life

The doctor points at David

Molly smiles

We see a shot of Victoria in Dallas

She is on the phone

Victoria: Yes One ticket, Yes. Thank you, Bye

Victoria hangs up

April comes to the door and knocks, Victoria answers the door

April: Hello

Victoria: Hello April, come in

April walks into the apartment

April: Are you getting ready?

Victoria: Yes, I am leaving tomorrow

April: So Soon?

Victoria: Yes

April: Oh, well I think you will be OK

Victoria: April?

April: Yes?

Victoria: Why don't you come to Somerset with me?

April: What?

Victoria: Yes, Please come with me?

We see a shot of India and Robert in there hotel in Springfield

India: So Somerset Tomorrow?

Robert: Yes, you know it has been years for me, almost 20 or more

India: Same here

Robert: Well it will be good to see it again

India: Yes, I hope Ellen is happy to see you

Robert: She probably will not be

India: Yes, I can just Imagine her reaction

India hears a scream on the T.V

India: Exactly

We see a shot of a office

We see the Hand/Deep Voice at the desk

Deep Voice: Now, I have everyone exactly where i want them

The Hand/Deep Voice takes out A Photo album, The first picture is Julian Cannell

Deep Voice: You should of left well enough alone Julian. Opening the Mr. Big case again was your fatal mistake!

The next Picture is Leo Kurtz

Deep Voice: Leo, Well we finally got you!

The Deep Voice laughs

Deep Voice: And we loved every minute of it!

The next picture is a group Picture with Stan, Terry, Ginger and Tony

Deep Voice: Ah, The rest Of the Kurtz bunch, If you thought the shooting was bad, just wait!

The Next Picture is Victoria

Deep Voice: Oh Vicky, You will get yours soon

The Deep Voice laughs


We see the Deep Voice/ Hand sitting at the desk, Tiny walks in

Tiny: Hello Boss

Deep Voice: What?

Tiny: Did Joe call yet?

Deep Voice: Yes, and the job is done

Tiny: Good

Deep Voice: Have you been down to the basement to check on our guest

Tiny: Not since last night

Deep Voice: Well get to it

Tiny: What is that?

Tiny points at the photo album

Deep Voice: Nothing

Tiny: Fine, I will go check on our guest

Deep Voice: Fine! Wait!

Tiny: What?

Deep Voice: I will go with you, I think it is time he saw who I was

We see a shot of Somerset Hospital

Doctor: You can go see her anytime, she is in room 112

Molly: Thank you doctor

The doctor walks away

Bill: So you saved Sarah?

David: I just gave her CPR

Bill: Well you saved her, thank you!

Bill shakes David's hand

Molly: Yes, Thank You

Molly hugs David

Bill: Let's go see our baby

Molly: Yes

Molly and Bill walk away

We see a shot of India and Robert in Springfield

India: Well, I think it is time for dinner

Robert: Yes

The phone rings

Robert: I will get it

It is Jill

Robert: Hello

Jill: Hello, Who is this

Robert: Robert

Jill: Delaney?

Robert: Yes

Jill: What are you doing in India's room?

Robert: Who is this?

Jill: This is Jill Grant

Robert: Jill!

India: Jill?

Jill: What are you doing in Aunt India's room, Robert?

India grabs the phone

India: Hello Jill!

Jill: Aunt India, What is going on?

India: What? You mean Robert?

Jill: Yes, That's what I mean

India: Well, we are married again Jill

Jill: What?

India: Yes, Don't tell your mother?

We see a shot of Victoria

Victoria: Well?

April: Well?

Victoria: Why Don't you come with me, I will really need your support?

April: Of Course I will Come honey

Victoria: Thank You

April and Victoria hug

April: I will have to call my boss

Victoria: Yes, Thank you again

April: Of Course. I am here for you Victoria

April and Victoria Hug


Announcer: And now the conclusion of Somerset

We see a shot of Somerset Hospital

We see Molly and Bill walk into a room, Sarah is laying in the bed

Molly: Sarah?

Sarah opens her eyes

Sarah: Hello Mom, Dad

Bill: Hello Baby

Sarah: Oh I feel tired

Molly: Yes

Sarah: Boring day

Bill and Molly Laugh

Bill: I'll say

We see David at the door, Sarah sees him

Sarah: David

David walks into the room

David: Hello Sarah Ryan

Sarah smiles

We see a shot of India and Robert

India: Don't tell your mother, Jill Please?

Jill: Oh God India, She is going to have a heart attack

India: I know, That is why i am going to tell her tomorrow

Jill: You better! Oh god, I don't want to be in the room when she finds out

We see a shot of Victoria and April

April is on the phone

April: Thank you, bye

April hangs up the phone

Victoria: So?

April: I can go

Victoria: Good! Now I must check the weather

April: Fine, I will call the airport

April picks up the phone. Victoria walks to the T.V and turns it on, The news is on

Announcer: Again, A cop was shot in front of the Dallas Police Department, The officers name is Jake Edwards

Victoria: Oh my god! Not Again!

We see a door in a basement

We see Tiny open the door

Tiny: Come in Boss

We see a man in the corner. It is Leo Kurtz

Leo: Who is there

The Hand/Deep Voice walks in

Voice: Me

Leo: Oh my god

The camera pulls up to the face, It is Tom Conway

Tom: Hello Leo

Leo: You

Tom: Yes me

Tom Laughs

Tom: Surprise

Announcer: This is Somerset

Credits Role

Announcer: Join us again for the continuing story of Somerset

Cast List

1.Georgann Johnson As Ellen Bishop Grant

2.Marie Wallace As India Bishop Delaney

3.Nicolas Coster As Robert Delaney

4.Michael Lipton As Dr. Stan Kurtz

5.Gloria Hoye As Dr. Terry Kurtz

6.Linda Gray As Jill Grant Farmer Timmins

7.Barry Jenner As Tony Cooper

8.Fawne Harriman As Ginger Kurtz Cooper

9.Veleka Gray As Victoria Paisley

10.Jennifer Bransford As Mary Timmins Kurtz

11.Julian Stone As Kane Kurtz

12.Judith O' Dea As Molly Ryan Scott

13.Amanda Wyass As Sarah Scott

14.Matt Mulhern As David Foster

15.Sigourney Weaver As Avis Ryan

16.Tim Thomerson As Bill Scott

17.George Coe As Leo Kurtz

18.Krista Tesreau As April Davis

19.Robert Kelker-Kelly As Tiny

20.Charles Grant As Joe

21.Ethan Erickson As Jake Edwards

Guest Star

1.Ted Danson As Tom Conway

Locations in Somerset


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