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Episode 39!



Here is another Episode of Somerset :D

Episode 39

Announcer: This is Somerset

We see a shot of The Somerset Inn

We see Victoria getting ready for her date

Victoria: It will be good to see Tom again

Victoria puts on her necklace, then she picks up a picture of Julian

Victoria: We will find your killer Julian I promise!

We see a shot of Zoe sitting at a computer

Zoe: I wonder how you use these things

Zoe types on the keyboard then the computer makes a beeping sound

Zoe: They say you can find out anything on these things, I wonder if I can find out some things about Victoria Paisley

Zoe types some more

Zoe: Internet? Maybe this is what i need

Zoe clicks on the mouse

Zoe: Ok lets get started

We see a shot of The gas station

We see Kane and Leo

Leo: Your name is Kane Kurtz?

Kane: Yes, who are you?

Leo: Me?

Kane: Yes

Leo: Well

Kane: Are you a reporter?

Leo: Reporter? Oh yes

Kane: Oh

Leo: Can I ask you a few questions?

Kane: I don't know, I am in hurry

Leo: This will only take a few minutes

Kane: Ok

Leo: Let's sit down

Leo and Kane sit down at a bench in the gas station

Leo: So you are related to Stan Kurtz?

Kane: Yes

Leo: How is Mr Kurtz?

Kane: He is doing fine now, really well

Leo: Now?

Kane: Yes he was shot in the big shootout

Leo: What?

Kane: Yes

Leo: Do they know who was in charge of this Shootout?

Kane: They don't know but I think it was the mob

Leo: Tom!

Kane: Who?

Leo: Nothing, how is the rest of your family?

Kane: Fine, What do you want to talk to me about anyway?

Leo: Oh just you and your family

Kane: Why? Are you even a reporter?

Leo just looks at Kane


We see a shot of Zoe

Zoe: Here we go

Zoe types some more

Zoe: There is something about Julian's death

Zoe reads the screen

Zoe: Grieving Girlfriend? More like lying bitch, I bet she did kill Julian

Zoe gets mad and smashes the keyboard on the desk

Zoe: And if she did, I will get her just like I did the others!

We see a shot of Victoria

Victoria: Oh Julian, I miss you

Victoria sets Julian's picture back down on the desk

Victoria: You will be at peace soon my love I promise that

Victoria stands and walks over to a chair and gets her jacket

Victoria: Now I must go meet Tom

Victoria leaves her room

We see a shot of Leo

Leo: Yes, I am a reporter

Kane: Then why do you want to talk to me?

Leo: I want to talk to you about your family, The Kurtz family are very infamous in Somerset

Kane: I would not know anything about that I have only known I was a Kurtz for a few years

Leo: Yes, I know that. How old are you son?

Kane: I am 45

Leo: Really

Leo does not speak

Kane: Are you Ok?

Leo: Oh yes, who is your mother son?

Kane: My mother

Leo: Yes

Kane: Her name is Angela, I named my daughter after her

Leo: You have a daughter

Kane: Yes, she is 1 and a half

Leo: How nice

We see Terry walk into the gas station

Leo: So you said Stan is alright

Kane: Yes, he is in the hospital, but should be OK

Kane sees Terry

Kane: Oh there is Stan's wife my aunt Terry

Leo gasps


Announcer: And now the conclusion of Somerset

We see a shot of Zoe sitting at Tom's desk

Zoe: I will avenge your death Julian, I promise you that my love

Zoe starts to look around in Tom's desk. She finds a gun

Zoe: Ah I may need this

Zoe puts the gun in her pocket, then she sees a file that says revenge

Zoe: I wonder what this is

She then sees a the photo album

Zoe: A photo album

Zoe opens it she sees a picture of Julian

Zoe: Julian!

Zoe turns the page sees a picture that has Kurtz written under it

Zoe: The Kurtz's, The mob family?

Zoe turns the page and sees a picture of Victoria, under it is written Victoria Paisley

Zoe: Oh My, so this is her!

Zoe takes out the picture and rips it in half

Zoe: I will get you!

Zoe throws the Pieces of the picture in the garbage, then she grabs the file

Zoe: Now maybe this will tell me what Tom is up to

Zoe opens the file and begins to read

We see a shot of The Somerset Inn

We see Victoria sitting at the table

Victoria: Where are you?

We see Tom walk in

Victoria: Oh there he is

Victoria stands up

Victoria: Hello Tom

Tom: Hello

Victoria and Tom hug

Tom smiles at Victoria

We see a shot of the gas station

Kane: I will be right back

Kane walks over to Terry

Kane: Hello

Terry: Hello Kane, I was just on my way to see Stan

Kane: I see. I was just talking to a reporter

Terry: Really?

Kane: Yes over there

Terry and Kane look over at the bench and there is no one there

Kane: He was just there

Terry: Maybe he was in a hurry

Kane: I wonder where he went?

We see Leo standing outside

Leo: That was close, I can't let anyone see me yet

Leo looks around

Leo: Maybe I should. No! Not yet, I can't trust anyone yet, I can only trust Stan! And that's Who I must go see!

Leo walks away

Announcer: This Is Somerset

Announcer: Next on Somerset

We see a shot of Zoe

Zoe: He is part of the Mob?

Zoe looks at a page

Zoe: Aloriz?

We see a shot of Stan and Terry

Terry: Everything will be OK Stan

We see Leo standing outside of Stan's hospital room

Leo: Stan!

We see Molly on the Phone

Molly: No Avis

We see Avis

Avis: Yes, I will be back in Somerset tomorrow

Credits Role

Announcer: Join us again for the continuing story of Somerset

Cast List

1.Georgann Johnson As Ellen Bishop Grant

2.Marie Wallace As India Bishop Delaney

3.Nicolas Coster As Robert Delaney

4.Michael Lipton As Dr. Stan Kurtz

5.Gloria Hoye As Dr. Terry Kurtz

6.Lois Smith As Zoe Matson Cannell

7.Linda Gray As Jill Grant Farmer Timmins

8.Barry Jenner As Tony Cooper

9.Fawne Harriman As Ginger Kurtz Cooper

10.Veleka Gray As Victoria Paisley

11.Jennifer Bransford As Mary Timmins Kurtz

12.Julian Stone As Kane Kurtz

13.Judith O' Dea As Molly Ryan Scott

14.Matthew Ashford As Detective Daniel Hunter

15.Amanda Wyass As Sarah Scott

16.Matt Mulhern As David Foster

17.Sigourney Weaver As Avis Ryan

18.Tim Thomerson As Bill Scott

19.George Coe As Leo Kurtz

20.Krista Tesreau As April Davis

21.Robert Kelker-Kelly As Tiny

Guest Star

1.Ted Danson As Tom Conway

Locations in Somerset



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