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Reporting live, for WMLC!Episode24



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Mike's Puberrything_else_BOLOGNA_biscuits-1.jpg

gallery_8_sm.jpgMike(With Jodie still sitting on his lap)

"Yes, I am glad that you are here. I haven't felt this good in a long time."

Jodie(looking into his deep brown eyes)

"I can make you feel better?"


"Can you?"

2097215670.jpgJodie begins to kiss Mike. She slides her tongue in his mouth as the kiss gets even more deep and passionate. That is, until, Jennifer walks in, slamming the door, to announce her presence. Jodie and Mike both look at her in complete surprise, and to witness the drama that's about to go down is none other than Ty C. Hutchins himself, pulling up in his limo. You are now reading



Written by: ML Cooks

Creative Consult: Monique Bitches

Inside of Tyler's LimoPICT0006.jpg,

ty.jpgTy(talking to his driver)

"Do you see what I see?"


"Yes I do."


"Jenn is mine. It's already written. Thanks Mike for making it too easy." Ty pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

"It would be advantageous if you could come to Midtown, Mike's Pub with your crew and get some hot action that's about to take place......Call me when it's done." Ty hangs up his phone


"What's about to happen boss? You really giving' it to this cop."


"I got to take him out. He's an obstacle. I am just going to nail the lid shut on his coffin. Just stay tuned and see how it unfolds."He says with a smirk on his face.

On Lavender Hill,(Millionaires Row)

Sabryn's MansionPasadena.jpg

Sabryn, fresh out the shower, wraps a thick shower robe around her, and she then grabs a towel and wraps up her hair in it, as she hurries to her front door . She opens it.


"Gilbert you won't believe what happened." Gilbert walks in the foyer admiring Sabryn's beautiful Medieval Paintings on her wall.


"You said something about some Bitches and Bastards." They both laugh as they walk into the living room. They sit in front of the extra large window, to take in a perfect view being on top of a hill over looking Pasadena.


"I saw in the news, you were injured or something. Are you OK?"


"To make a long story short- Bryan was cheating on me."


"Ooo..Damn. That sucks."


"It only gets better. Not only did he cheat, he has the nerve to cheat on me with some low class skank. And that ignorant Bitch, had the balls to show her hideous face in my office. "




"You guessed it. We got into a fight. She knocked me out.I'll give her that."


"Whatever.. You should have been fighting Bryan."

Sabryn sheds a tear


"Are you going to be OK?"


"Yes. I am fine Gilly. This is the only the first battle. Ashley may have won by a slim margin, and I do mean VERY slim, but next time, I'm going to squash that wild roach."


"Sabryn, you make it sound like you are going to get in a boxing ring with her."


"No, no Gilly. I don't have to use my fist to get her. There are other ways. More sophisticated ways, since that is the kind of woman I am."


"I know your not going to let Bryan off the hook."


"Gilly please, watching him beg me to take him back will be a joy to watch."


"A Joy?,... I don't know,.... you know how deeply you love Bryan. You have told me numerous times on many days. "

Sabryn (shedding more tears)

"It just hurts. He cheated on me. Wasn't I good enough? What did I do wrong?" Gilbert holds Sabryn like a good friend should as she sobs, crying out all her pain.

Chrismatt2-1.jpg and Lauren 1549806706.jpgare stunned when they walk into Mike's Pub, and see Jodie straddling over Mike, and a camera crew recording the drama that is about to happen. To give all of Pasadena a ring side seat is Ashley Jones, who just so happens to be a reporter for the local tv station WMLC.


"What is this?"


"You must be Jennifer." She says as she gets off of Mike


"You think? Who the hell is this Mike?"


"Jennifer, I am sorry"


"So all this time, while I was in this greasy ass pub, you been cheating on me?" Jennifer slaps Mike.


"No! I am new to Pasa-" Jenn cuts her off, putting her hand in Jodie's face.


"Don't speak to me. I don't want to hear nothing you have to say."

Mike (rubbing his cheek)

"She's new to Pasadena. Jodie just got here. I have not been cheating on you."


"Then what the hell do you call it? It all makes sense now. You had me working in this pub so you can go out and get some action on the side. I told you over and over again, I miss you I need you. But instead you cheat on me"


"Jenn, I 'm sorry. I had too many beers. I know it's not an excuse, but I did not and have not cheated on you. I love you."


"Love? What does love have to do with it? If you love me then why were you kissing Jodie? Don't you know when you've had too much to drink? You should have told me you didn't want to be with me."

Jodie (interjecting)

"Please let me explain."

Jenn (looking at her with an attitude)

"I thought I asked you not to speak to me."

Jodie (taking her chances anyway)

"But it's all my fault. I came onto Mike. I kissed him."Jenn slaps Jodie across the face.


"I didn't see Mike stopping you." She looks back at Mike. "And you had your hands all over this tramp. You was holding her. Drunk my ass. You don't seem to drunken right now." Jenn looks at the table and sees bits of fries on Mike's plate and a half eaten burger on Jodie's plate.

"It looks like you two had a lovely evening. I really hope it was worth it Mike."


"What do you mean?"


" Isn't it obvious? It's over. You were so worried about me and Ty but in reality you were the one who was having an affair. They always did say the accuser is usually the guilty party. You kept picking arguments with me over Ty, while all along, you were leaving me lonely night after night to have a cheap thrill with your on the side hoe. I didn't know you cold be so cold. And you say you love me. I don't know what kind of love you're offering but you can keep it. Rot in hell you Bastard! You deserve everything you get." She says as she begins to walk out the Pub.


"Jenn please don't leave!... I was not cheating! ....Let's talk about this!"He says going after her.


"Don't come near me! You're a pig!" She says as she leaves the Pub.


"Damn!...I don't believe this."


"Mike, I am so sorry"

ashelyjones2.jpgAshley (With her microphone in hand and as the camera now on her)

"Well Pasadena there you have it. Is this what our hard earned taxes are paying for? A lying and cheating police officer?"

Mike (Finally noticing that this whole episode has been taped)

"Get the hell out of here!" He says as he puts his hand in the camera to block the view and he shoves Ashley and her camera man out his Pub.

Lauren and Chris continue to watch in astonishment.

Mike sits down and shakes his head from side to side.

"I've lost everything. My life is ruined" Mike looks out the window and sees Ty's limo.

"And it's all because of him."

Tyler sits back and bask in his victory over Mike.


"Mike got played."


"I warned him not to mess with me. It works out. I got Mike out the way, now it's time to crush Police Chief Abe Williams. He's the only obstacle left....."


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That Ashley is one conniving biatch! For some reason I'm not a big Jenn & Mike fan, I'd like to see him with Jodie. She seems to be more understanding to him other then Jenn who whines and moans to him. Nice episode!

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I wasn't big on Mike and Jenn either. Hence they broke up. I am really surprised you like Jodie and Mike for some reason. I'll have to keep that in mind. As you already know. I got some big and I might even add weird events concerning Ash/Sabryn/Bryan.

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