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July 3, 2007-SAMI AND ALAN FACE OFF!!!




-On the cruise ship, Sami continues to chase after Alan. Alan hides in the captain's quarters, wondering how he is going to lose Sami, who is gaining on him. Nicole, who has followed the both of them, is nearly seen by Sami. She ducks out of sight. Meanwhile, back in the ballroom, Lucas is worried about Sami and thinks they need to go after her. Austin wonders how they can do that when all these armed men are standing around above them. Carrie says they need to find a way. Evan and Will are missing and now so is Sami and Alan. They can't wait anymore. Eric overhears and agrees. Roman jumps in and says that they can't go off on their own. A desperate Carrie says they are wasting time.

Orpheus walks over, smiling, and then adds to the debate:

Orpheus: Go on. All of you. None of you can leave this ship. We are out in the middle of nowhere. The waters are too deep and there is a storm on the way.

Hope: A storm?

Orpheus: Yes. I couldn't have planned it better myself. If my plans don't kill you, the storm and it's the dangerous conditions it creates will. This storm has forced all boats and ships back to port while we are heading right on into the heart of it. Hope you all packed your floaties.

Caroline: You monster!

Orpheus (smiling): Thank you, Mrs. Brady.

Roman says they are wasting time and they have to get going. Bo asks if they need his help. Hope, Shane, and Abe also offer to help. Roman says they need to stay back to protect everyone else in the ballroom. Austin turns and notices that Carrie is gone. He races off with Lucas, Kate, Eric, and Roman in tow.

Orpheus: Well, that cleared the room. Time to have some fun with the rest of you!

The scene then shifts back to Alan, who slowly sneaks out of the captain's quarters. He makes his way on to the deck and sees Sami behind him searching. He goes up to the third level of the ship. A hand then touches his shoulder, stunning him. It's Nicole, who asks Alan what the hell is going on. Alan says he is trying to avoid Sami and needs her help. He asks her to pull out the gun he gave her earlier and to cover him. Nicole wants to know where Evan is. Alan says he will tell her once Sami gets off his ass. Alan insists they have to move...now!! Alan walks away quickly as Nicole pulls out her gun and follows.

Sami turns and sees Alan and Nicole running above her. She is shocked when Carrie grabs her arm, asking her what is going on. Sami says she is chasing down Alan, who appears to have Nicole with him now. Sami adds that she needs to keep going...this must end tonight. Carrie follows, saying:

Carrie: That monster has my son!!! Wait for me!!

-Back in the ballroom, Orpheus seems to be distracted by talking to one of his armed guards on his radio. Caroline goes up to Victor and says:

Caroline: Unbelievable. A year ago, we were all on some damn island being held together like this and now it's a ship.

Victor: I know. Don't worry, Caroline. We'll get off this ship and we will make it through this storm.

Caroline: I know. I have faith. You know, I never thought that we would be talking like this after all that has happened. I just want you to know that...

Victor: It's the past, Caroline. We all make mistakes. I think what happened was what was meant to happen. I will always love you. We just never could get it right. The timing...Shawn...

Caroline: I know. It just seemed like we were causing ourselves more pain and those we love more pain. It's for the best.

Victor: I know that you don't like my violent lifestyle and the way I dragged Bo and...

Caroline: Bo made his own decisions. It was an ISA operation. I don't like you going back to your shady dealings and all the guns and...you know...I don't want to talk about it. I want you in my life. We share a son. I think it's best if we don't mention your business or anything related to it. Let's just be friends and avoid issues we know will cause tension.

Victor: Good idea. It pleases me to have you in my life in any capacity. A part of my heart will always belong to you, Caroline. Bo will always be a reminder of the great love we shared, in addition to the memories.

Caroline: Yes...well, you have Maggie now. You love her. I can see that. I was wrong to act how I did before and to...

Victor: I understand. Again, we all make mistakes. I do care about her very much.

Caroline: You love her. I see the way you look at her. The look in your eyes...it's just like...

Victor: How I look at you?

Caroline: Only...stronger.

Victor: Yeah but so much has happened and now she has legal trouble...

Caroline: You can help her. You have the power to. She loves you. She made a mistake and I know she feels guilty for it. You two have become so close and...life is too short. Don't waste a day...a minute. Go to her. Work things out and be good to each other. Be happy...I know seeing that will make me happy.

Victor: Thank you for that You are truly one of a kind, Caroline. Your right. Maggie and I do need to talk.

Orpheus then comes over and says that isn't happening. He orders one of the guards to take Victor back to his own personal prison. He deserves to die alone so he can think of all the reasons why he should burn in hell. Caroline begs Orpheus not to do this as Maggie looks on, in tears. Caroline looks at her. Maggie and Caroline lock eyes. Caroline whispers to her to go to Victor. A crying Maggie turns to see the guard pulling Victor away. Maggie races after them, crying and screaming for them to let Victor go. Victor turns back and looks at Maggie lovingly. He whispers "I love you" as he is pulled out of the ballroom and the door closes behind him and the guard. Caroline races over to comfort Maggie, who breaks down in her arms. Julie watches this scene and turns towards Doug, who turns away from her as tears well up in her eyes.

Philip, having just watched his father be dragged away, regrets getting his father and himself involved in this. He assumes they took him back down to the boiler room and he contemplates going down there and rescuing him. Greta overhears this and wonders his Philip got Victor and himself involved in what is going on. Greta then wonders if she should sneak off and find Victor. There is no telling what could happen and it may be time to tell him that he is her father...before it's too late and she never does. Frankie comes over and asks if she is ok. She nods and they return to Jack, Billie, Abby, Chelsea, and Forest.

Kayla and Katherine continue to help tend to Ernesto with Cal. Steve asks Kayla if he can help in any way. Kayla shakes her head and says he needs a hospital. He is losing too much blood. Katherine says that even a first aid kit would help a little but there isn't any around the ballroom.

Orpheus: Go ahead, Mr. and Mrs. Winters. Ernie is a dying man. Go find the kit and try to save him. It's futile, anyway. Although, you may get the answers you wish out of him. That would be a comfort before you all perish so go right ahead. It's not like you can leave the ship.

Kayla tells Cal and Katherine to take Ernesto and go and not to question it. Cal tells Kayla and Steve to come. Kayla thinks that Steve and herself need to stay back. Orpheus said he was letting only him and Katherine go. Besides, she is needed there if anyone else is hurt. Cal understands and he and Katherine help Ernesto to his feet and race out of the ballroom as Orpheus motions to the guards to let them go. Kayla tells Steve she hopes Ernesto survives, at least long enough to help Cal get the answers he needs.

Meanwhile, Celeste is trembling and Lexie asks if she is ok. Celeste says she feels death in the air as Lexie, Abe, Bo, Hope, Caroline, Shane, Steve, Kayla, Forest, Abby, Chelsea, James, Tony, Anna, and Stefano overhear while Orpheus laughs and yells out that death is indeed in the air...and closer then they all think. Orpheus them looks outside and sees lightning in the distance. The wind is picking up and so are the waves. Thunder can now be heard and it's starting to sprinkle as Orpheus watches in glee at what he is seeing. He then hears Marlena yell out:

Marlena: You know...it's usually when you think things are perfect that things usually go wrong. You may think you are all powerful but your not. Far from it. That will be proven...tonight.

Orpheus looks on, laughing, as the remaining guests in the ballroom continue to watch.

Back on deck, Alan and Nicole have made it all the way up to the fourth level of the ship-the lookout landing. They are both stunned when Sami and Carrie appear behind them. Alan pulls his gun on Sami as a out of sorts Nicole aims at both Sami and Carrie. Sami aims her gun at Alan and tells him this ends...tonight!!!

Meanwhile, on the second level deck, Austin is searching for Sami and Carrie and sees them up above. Austin races to the stairs and quickly moves up them. Lucas sees the women as well and follows Austin. Kate, Roman, and Eric see Lucas and Austin race off. Roman tells Kate to go back and get Kayla. They may need a doctor and he also doesn't want Kate getting hurt. Kate refuses to leave but Roman insists and begs her to cooperate. Kate reluctantly agrees and races off. Eric tells Roman they need to follow Lucas and Austin. Roman grabs him and tells him no. He has another idea but he needs Eric to follow his instructions.

The scene shifts back to Sami and Alan, both with guns pointed at each other. Alan tells Nicole to move to the side and to keep that gun on Sami and Carrie. Nicole obliges.

Sami: It's over, Alan. After all the suffering you...

Alan: Suffering?! You don't know the meaning. You and your sister over there (looks at Carrie). She knows I had a tough life...my father...

Carrie: I know, Alan. That still doesn't give you the right to do all this. I gave you another chance. I believed in you and trusted you. You treated me so wonderful. You saved me...I can't believe that was all an act.

Sami: It sure was...and I told you...

Carrie: I know, Sami. Your evil, Alan. You, Nicole, Orpheus...you all cost me time with my son.

Nicole: Honey, you gave him up. We just took advantage.

Carrie: You know...

Sami: Don't bother. We'll deal with her. Alan, you raped my son. That is something he may never get over and now you have him and Evan. Where are they?

Alan: How do you know I have them? Maybe young Will got lost or jumped overboard? Maybe Evan is with him?

Sami: Cut the bull.

Sami and Alan stand looking at each other as the tension rises.

Alan: You don't know what I went through...after you shot me...my life was a mess. I started drinking...no one wanted to date me...I got into this fight after a few beers and I ended up in jail for assault. The guy got messed up pretty bad...all that aggression and anger I had was built up...I was in prison for 2 years before being released. I tried to get over it...move on...but I couldn't. What my father...and what you two did to me...my father is gone but you two were still here. You both needed to pay. I needed to make it appear like I changed and I knew Sami would never buy it but...Carrie...always the good one...the gullible one. You bought it...that got me in., in addition to me becoming William's best friend. With Orpheus's help, I got the ball rolling on my plans...now, tonight, I will complete my revenge. I will say I felt...glorified after getting some from your son.

Sami (holding back tears): You bastard!!! I will shoot you right here...and, this time, I will aim for the head or the heart.

Alan: What a relief!

Austin and Lucas then arrive. Lucas asks Sami to give him the gun. Sami tells him to back off. This is her chance to make him pay and she isn't giving it up. Austin begs Sami to calm down. He is the only one who knows where Will and Evan is. Sami points out Nicole probably knows. Nicole shakes her head. Alan tells Nicole to keep her focus and to hold her gun on Austin, Lucas, Sami, and Carrie. Meanwhile, Eric and Roman are climbing up the safety ladder. They make their way up and find themselves right under the lookout landing. Roman tells Eric they will jump over. He grabs Alan and Eric grabs Nicole. Eric agrees.

The storm is intensifying. The waves, thunder and lightning, wind, and rain have increased. Visibility is low. Sami and Alan have guns on each other.

Sami: For years, I lived with what you did to me. I never got over it. I moved on but I will never forget. Now...you hurt my son, just like you hurt me, and he may suffer with those memories for the rest of his life...because of you!!! I will make you suffer for all this...even if its the last thing I do!!!

Carrie, Austin, and Lucas try to calm Sami down as Nicole hears a noise and turns around just in time...to see Eric and Roman jump over the banister. They ambush Alan. Eric leaves Alan to Roman and lunges for Nicole. She jumps back. Eric sees Alan getting the upper hand on Roman. He goes over to help, as do Austin and Lucas. Nicole looks on, gun pointed at the men on the ground, struggling with Alan, who has dropped his gun. Sami and Carrie see Alan recover his gun as Austin, Lucas, Eric, and Roman struggle with him. Alan then yells out to Nicole to remember who knows where Evan is and orders her to help him...and to SHOOT!!!

Alan begins to pick himself off the deck as the struggle continues. Nicole aims but has trouble pulling the trigger. Alan manages to pick up his gun. Sami sees it and aims her gun. Lightning strikes the front of the ship, starting a fire and rocking the whole ship. Nicole is sent falling forward, along with everyone else. She then accidentally pulls the trigger while Roman yells out for Sami to shoot...leading to her firing as well!!! A third gunshot soon follows leading to Carrie and Sami screaming as the smoke from the lightning strike and fire, along with the rain and wind, make it hard to see what has happened.

Sami and Carrie recover and then race over and see Alan, Austin, Lucas, Roman, and Eric laying on each other in a pool of blood. Both women scream and then turn to see Nicole, who is shock, with her gun pointed right at the men lying on the ship's deck as the screen fades to black.


Greta: I know what I have to do.

Sami (crying) to Carrie: This can't be happening. It's a nightmare...it has to be.

Caroline to Maggie: Do you want to spend what could be the last moments of your life wondering what could've been? Go find Victor. Before it's too late.

Marlena to Orpheus: Gotcha!


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