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July 2, 2007




-Orpheus: My, my, Roman. You should be used to seeing people come back from the dead in this town.

Orpheus chuckles at Roman as Roman and the rest of the guests are stunned by seeing this man’s face once again, after 20 long years. Bo can’t believe it, as Victor steps forward and asks Orpheus....

Victor: What in God’s Name did ANY of us do to you to cause so much grief?!

Orpheus: Ask your former son-in-law, Victor! Taking my wife’s life destroyed me. So......I made it a point of destroying his life, as well.

Roman: So you didn’t think that blowing up my house and kidnapping Marlena wasn’t enough?!

Orpheus: Apparently not, Roman. If it was, I wouldn’t have had as much fun ruining the lives of everyone that you hold dear.

Stefano: (Stepping Forward) You are one.......disgusting human being.

Orpheus: Look who’s talking. That’s real rich coming from someone who has kidnapped or murdered friends and relatives of almost everyone standing in this ballroom. And.......(Holding up a picture of Roman’s former face) who was it who changed this man’s face and turned him into one of his Pawns?! You or me?

Stefano: Whatever I did.........I regret. I have spent 30 years of my life trying to bring Roman to his knees......and for what?

Orpheus: Now, I guess you’re going to tell me you’ve found religion.

Stefano: The only kind you can find in my world......and I will spend the rest of my days (Walking towards Orpheus) making you pay for everything you’ve done to me and my family.

Orpheus: Stefano......you don’t have one clue, do you? I have spent the last 20 years amassing a monetary fortune that now rivals you, Victor and Ernesto. Business holdings, stocks, bonds, and some more.....nefarious activities have allowed me to assemble a consortium of partners from around the world.

The guests look at Orpheus silently as Marlena, who has just been standing to the side watching with her gun in hand, quietly sneaks off to the side of the stage and out of the ballroom.

Orpheus: And I also have secured the services of a highly trained mercenary staff that will remain loyal to me and only me. Now, question.......how can you, or Ernesto, or even Victor match up against that?

Victor: Young man, you truly are delusional. If you honestly think that we are not prepared for anything that takes place........you are dead wrong.

Steve: Dead being the operative word, !@#$%^&*].

Orpheus: Well........so be it. If that is how you choose to meet your fates......who am I to disappoint?

Orpheus walks away from the group as Hope looks over at Bo, who turns to look back at her. Cal tends to an unconscious Ernesto as Kayla comes over and helps Katherine tend to him. As Kayla bends down and begins to give medical attention to Ernesto, Katherine asks Cal what the hell is going on and who this man is. Cal explains that he is someone from Roman’s past. What’s strange, he adds, is that he remembers him too, even though he knows he never met the man before tonight. Katherine knows that it must be more of the brainwashing he went through to become Roman Brady. Cal agrees and all three then happen to turn and look at Orpheus, who is walking towards them.

Orpheus stops and looks at the three of them, then throws a file at Cal. It lands on top of Ernesto and Cal snatches it off him before standing up to face Orpheus. Orpheus warns him to watch his temper. If he decides to become a hero, not only will everyone die, but he will never find out what is in that file. Orpheus then smiles, turns, and walks away. Katherine stands and goes over to Cal as Kayla continues her work on Ernesto. Cal opens the file and starts reading. With Katherine reading along with him, he starts to realize, very quickly, that this is everything pertaining to his past from birth up until his wedding to Katherine, including his tours in Vietnam, his rank as Captain, his work with Stefano, the doctors who performed the surgery on his face, the men who brainwashed him.........it’s all there.

It also includes files on his family. Before he can get into that, though, Steve walks over and asks how Ernesto is doing. Cal closes the file and says that he is hanging on. Steve then asks Cal if Ernesto meant for any of this to happen. Cal says that he didn’t, but, look where everyone is. Once again, Cal reminds, most of their family and friends are stuck together, held by some madman bent on their destruction. Steve remarks that maybe he should have moved to Cleveland instead of Salem. Nutcases running around, cruise ships in the river...he just doesn’t know what he got himself into marrying into the Brady family. All three chuckle at the thought of what is going on and Steve then tells Katherine and Cal that if they get out of there, if there is anything he can do, to let him know.

As Steve shakes Cal’s hand and walks away, Cal and Katherine look down at Kayla. Kayla looks up with a worried look on her face and then stands to tell them both that they better get him to a hospital soon......or else he won’t make it. And then, Cal says, he will lose what he feels is the only link to his past. Katherine hugs him from behind as Cal stares at the other guests and then looks down at the file on his life.

As the scene shifts, Bo walks over to Hope and asks how she’s doing. Hope says that she is used to stuff like this. What she wants to know is how did Orpheus survive all these years? Roman had shot and killed him on the island where he held Marlena. Bo knows this and doesn’t have a clue. He looks around, trying to find a way out, and wonders how all of them are going to get out of there with Orpheus’s guards standing on the second floor, pointing weapons at them. Hope looks at Bo, places her hand on his chest, and then tells him how proud she is of him. Bo smiles and leans in, gently kissing Hope. He tells her.......anything for his Fancy Face. He just hopes that they all can survive this. This is a very dangerous game.........

One Orpheus intends on winning. Hope stares at Orpheus, who is looking at her as well, smiling, and then she places her head on Bo’s chest as he comforts her.

Doug looks at Bo comfort Hope and just shakes his head. When Julie walks over to him and asks him why he is doing that, Doug just says that he has spent his life doing only two things.....loving and protecting her. And how does she treat him? By lying to him about the fire that nearly killed him. He tells her that he thought she was through acting like a spoiled brat. Julie looks at Doug and tears start to stream down her cheeks as Doug tells her that the tears mean nothing to him. When Julie tries to explain, Doug turns and walks away but not before telling Julie that as far as he is concerned......

She is dead to him. Julie breaks down completely as Maggie runs over to comfort her.

Sami is worried about Will. Lucas tells her to calm down. They will find him. Sami sees Alan sneak off stage and exit the ballroom. She decides that she can't wait. Her son needs her and Alan could very well lead her to him. She tries to think of a way out of the ballroom with all the guards around. She then has a brainstorm. She begins to cough violently and then faints in Roman's arms. He places her on the ballroom floor to look at her. She then reaches up and says she is sorry. She grabs his gun and holds him and the rest of the ballroom guests at gunpoint.

The armed men above aim at her but she aims at Orpheus, threatening to kill him if he doesn't let her go. He smiles and, ultimately, does and she races off to look for Alan. Nicole sees her racing off and, realizing Alan went that way earlier, follows to see what is going on. Meanwhile, one of Orpheus's armed guards radios down to him and asks if someone should go after Sami.

Orpheus: Just let the woman go. It's most likely her last night alive, either way. Same goes for all of them. They can't go anywhere...except straight to hell!!!

The screen then freezes on Orpheus's face and then fades to black.


Celeste to Lexie: I can feel death in the air tonight.

Marlena to Orpheus: You may think you are all powerful but your not. Far from it.

Lucas to Austin: We have to find Sami before it's too late.

Sami to Alan (both holding each other at gunpoint as Nicole watches): This ends...tonight!!!


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