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-The storm has picked up. It is raining heavily and the stormy waters surrounding the cruise ship are making their presence known. Thunder and lightning have become a recurring theme and visibility is poor, at best. The fire in front of the ship has been put out by the torrential rains. The scene pans down to the upper deck of the ship, which is the lookout landing. Carrie and Sami pull Lucas and Austin off of Roman and Eric. Carrie tells Sami that neither of them has been shot. Both men regain consciousness, as does Roman. Lucas tells Sami and Carrie that they all bumped heads during the scuffle when the ship jerked forward from the lightning strike. Sami says that she fired her gun and Nicole fired hers, as well. Carrie adds that Sami's bullet didn't hit anyone because they fell back when she fired and also says there was also a third shot. Roman says that he and Alan struggled for Alan's gun as he was trying to get himself up and it went off. Alan was hit.

Sami is revealed that it was Alan who got shot and not anyone else. She then looks at Eric and says he must have bumped his head really hard. She then notices blood pouring out of his chest and screams. Roman takes a look and realizes Eric has been shot. Carrie turns and realizes Nicole hit Eric when she fired. Nicole, still in shock, shakes her head in disbelief.

Nicole (shaking with tears in her eyes): I...I...Alan told me to shoot. Roman was...on top of him...I was aiming for him so Alan could get free. I...never...not Eric...

Roman says that Kate went to get help as he figured a doctor may be needed. Roman calls out to Eric to wake up and talk to him. Eric doesn't respond. A crying Sami says this can't be happening. It has to be a nightmare. Lucas comforts her. Sami breaks free of his embrace and begs Eric to wake up. She is then stunned when she is grabbed by the neck from behind by...ALAN!!

Alan has his gun pointed at Sami's head. Roman orders him to let her go. Alan, showing a devilish smirk, says:

Alan: The bitch destroyed my life. It's time for her to pay up...followed by sweet Carrie over there.

Sami: Wrong...Alan. It's time for you to pay up...for all that you have done.

Sami punches Alan in the gut and breaks free, She turns, points her gun, and aims it at Alan.

Sami: It's over, Alan.

Alan: Not...yet!!

Alan lunges for Sami. Sami pulls the trigger and the bullet hits Alan right in the left side of his chest. He falls back and flips over the banister, into the stormy waters below. Sami looks over the banister and says:

Sami: May you rot in hell you bastard! (takes a deep breath) It's over. Finally...Alan's gone...

Carrie: Yeah but he was the only one who knew were Will and Evan were. Now what will we do.

The scene the shifts back to the ballroom. Orpheus asks Marlena what she is talking about as those in the ballroom watch. Marlena smiles and says he will see soon enough. She walks away to a corner as a curious Orpheus watches and notices her whispering something to James. Orpheus's attention is divided between his guests in the ballroom and Marlena and James. He opts to keep an eye on Marlena and James while checking on those in the ballroom. Caroline walks over to Maggie, who is distraught over her secret coming out earlier and over Victor being taken away.

Caroline: It's not too late, you know. He loves you, Maggie. You love him.

Maggie: I didn't trust him. I didn't believe in him. I said some awful things...

Caroline: I talked to him. He has forgiven you. He loves you, Maggie. The way he looks at you...

Maggie: Is like he looks at you?

Caroline: I am not your competition. Victor and I can never be. Too many people will get hurt. We have tried so many times...we share a son and the love will always be there but...I am his past. You, my dear, are his future. Go to him. Life is too short and there is no telling if we will make it off this ship with Orpheus on board and this storm. Tell him how you feel. Be happy. I apologize for the awful things I said before...we all have trouble letting go and so much was happening.

Maggie: It's ok. It's in the past. I appreciate you saying this but...say we get off the ship, what will happen? I'm going to jail.

Caroline: Victor will be by your side. He will help and support you. Just go to him. Everyone can see the love you two share. You two need each other...the love is evident when you two look at each other and talk about each other. Go find him...Orpheus is letting people wander. Go...before it's too late. Time is so precious...I of all people know. You don't want regrets.

Maggie: I do love him...we do really need to talk and...ok...fine! I will go find him. What if he is being guarded?

Caroline: You'll find a way. We Horton's and Brady's always do. Just be careful and find someone to help once you do find him.

Maggie: Good idea. Thanks. It means alot.

Caroline: Just be good to each other and love each other. You two deserve every happiness.

Maggie: So do you.

Caroline: Don't worry about me. As long as those I love are happy...I'm happy.

Maggie (smiling): Ok. I'm off. Wish me luck.

Caroline: Good luck.

Maggie races out of the ballroom as Orpheus smiles, commenting on how the room is emptying out. Julie wonders where Maggie is going and asks Hope, who gives her the cold shoulder while Doug walks away from her as well. Kate then races in and says Roman told her to come and Kayla. They may need a doctor and Kate adds that she heard gunshots. Kayla says she will come. She tells Steve to stay behind. Caroline realizes Roman, Carrie, Eric, and Sami are out there and says she is coming too. Belle says she is going to. It's her family out there and she regrets not going before when they left. Greta is worried about Eric so Frankie agrees to take her outside, leaving Jack, Billie, Abby, Chelsea, and Forest behind. Bo won't let Caroline go but she insists. Frankie says he will take care of her and Greta.

Hope tells Bo they should go too but Bo says they should stay back to protect the rest of those in the ballroom from Orpheus. There are enough people out there. Shane reiterates that plan, as does Abe. Lexie offers her services. Stefano reminds Lexie of her vow to never help those that betrayed her again. Lexie reminds Stefano that he betrayed her too. She turned her back on everyone else and went back to the Dimera's only to have her father lie to her. She walks away and leaves with Kayla, Frankie, Greta, Kate, and Caroline as Abe and Celeste both smile. Cassie comforts Stefano, telling him it will be ok. He still has her. Stefano walks away silently, leaving Cassie with Tony and Anna. Tony tells Cassie to leave Stefano alone as it's not a good time.

Abe tells Celeste he is proud of Lexie. Celeste says she is too but she is so afraid of what is coming. Death is drawing near and there is no telling how many victims it will claim. Bo, Hope, Doug, Julie, Max, Jack, Billie, Steve, and Shane overhear this and look on, worried.

The scene shifts back outside on deck. Roman is trying to stop the bleeding but can't. Lucas whispers to Roman that this isn't good. Roman nods and says he agrees but hopes they are both wrong. Kayla, Lexie, Frankie, Greta, Kate, Belle, and Caroline arrive and are shocked to see Eric has been shot. Carrie fills them all in on what happened. Kate looks over at Nicole and advises someone take the gun from her. Lucas takes the gun from Nicole's hands. She is still in shock and repeatedly says "She never meant for it to happen." Lexie and Kayla examine Eric and determine the bullet hit a major artery. Sami asks what that means.

Kayla: We're out on stormy waters...so far away from a hospital. We're not even going to be able to get him to one! I...I'm sorry. (begins to cry) The chances...there not...

Carrie: No...

Greta: Not Eric...he just got another chance to live...it's not right.

Frankie: I know you two were close.

Greta (crying): Our relationship ended ugly but I still cared...we were still friends. After all we did to save him before, how can...

Frankie embraces Greta and tells her he is there for her. She thanks him.

Sami: No...not Eric. There has to be something...a first aid kit...putting pressure on the wound...(shaking and crying)

Lucas grabs her and tells her it will be ok. Sami screams:


Lucas holds her back. Eric's eyes then slowly flutter open. Everyone is overjoyed. Lexie asks how he is feeling.

Eric: It doesn't hurt...really. Hey...could you and Aunt Kayla stop working on me? We need to accept what is happening and just...get this show on the road.

Roman: Don't say that son.

Eric: Your a cop, dad. You deal in facts. The fact...is that this is it for me. I can feel it...I heard Lexie and Aunt Kayla. I had two brushes with death before. This was...my third shot. Third time's the charm.

Greta (crying): Don't say that!

Eric: Come here, Greta.

Greta walks over.

Eric: I want to thank you for being such a loyal friend. I know our relationship...didn't go so well. I appreciate all you did when I was sick and...you were a true friend. I'm sorry I hurt you and...

Greta (in tears): It's ok. I care about you. Always have and always will.

Eric: Me too. Some guy will be very lucky to have you. He's out there, Princess. You just need to find him. All...I want...is for you not to cry for me. None of you. Be happy. Greta (pulls Greta in close to him and is whispering)...tell Victor. Life is too short. You searched for years to find your father. Go to him...tell him. Do it for me...and for you.

Greta: Eric...

Eric (smiles): I will be watching you, Princess.

Greta smiles. Everyone then hears a noise. They are stunned to see Will come up the stairs, holding Evan. Carrie and Austin race over and scoop Evan up in their arms while Sami, Lucas, and Kate reunite with Will. Austin greets Evan and tells him it;s nice to meet him. Carrie smiles as her and Austin lock eyes. Carrie tells Austin that is the best look he has given her in 24 hours. Austin tells her to think nothing of it. He loves her but there were so many lies. He needs time...to think and figure things out. Carrie nods as Lucas comes over and greets Evan. Will then tells everyone how he was locked on the bottom level in a room with Evan. Evan was crying and Will says he was screaming for help when grandma Marlena freed them, saying that "children should not pay for the sins of their elders." Everyone is confused. Sami fills Will in on what has happened and embraces him, telling him Alan is gone and he can't hurt them anymore.

The attention then goes back to Eric, who tells Caroline, Belle, Frankie, Kayla, Roman, Carrie (who is holding Evan), Will, and Sami to come closer to him. Eric tells Will that he needs to take care of his mom. She is going to need him. He tells Lucas and Austin to take care of his sisters and warns them not to hurt them. Eric tells Frankie and Kayla that he regrets not spending more time with Max and them but tells them to take care of the family and to look out for themselves. Eric tells Caroline that he will miss walking in to the pub and getting some chowder or smelling whatever aroma was coming from the kitchen. A crying Caroline tells Eric the family won't be the same without that gorgeous smile of his. Eric tells Caroline he will say hi to grandpa for her. Greta and Caroline comfort each other.

Eric (turning to Carrie): You hold on to that baby of yours. Make up for that lost time...life is too short.

Carrie (crying): I know. I'm going to miss you. You have no idea how much.

Eric: I love...you.

Carrie kneels down and embraces Eric, with Evan in hand, and then backs away. Eric motions to Belle.

Eric: We never really spent...much time together. I regret that.

Belle (crying): Me too. You were gone for so long and now you come back finally and...

Eric: It's ok. Just know your bro is...looking down on you. You be happy and take care of Claire.

Belle (crying): I will tell her what a great guy her Uncle Eric was.

Eric: You do that. I love...you.

Belle (embracing Eric in tears): Love you too.

Belle leaves Eric, who then motions to Roman.

Eric (turning to Roman): Dad...I don't want you to feel guilty. I want you to be the man you always have been. The man I am so proud to call my father.

Roman (fighting back tears): Son...that bullet...it was...meant...

Eric: Stop it! Just...don't give up on mom. I wish I could say goodbye to her but...just don't give up. You watch over the family, as always.

Roman (in tears): I love you, son.

Father and son embrace as a crying and shaking Nicole watches, still in shock. Eric orders Lucas to bring Nicole to him. He does so and Eric pulls Nicole in close. Eric tells Nicole that he's sorry for everything that happened. It seems like the third time wasn't the charm for them. He tells her what happened was an accident and that he wants her to find happiness, despite everything. He adds that he still believes there is good in her. He saw it when he first fell for her and he saw it a year ago. He tells her she can find it again and she can still lead a happy, full life. He tells her that she got lost and that she can find the way back. It may take time but she can. He then kisses her on the cheek and tells her goodbye and that he will be watching. Lucas then pulls her away as her body goes limp. She tells Eric she is so sorry and breaks down in tears. She breaks free from Lucas's arms and turns and walks away.

Eric then tells Sami to kneel down next to him. She does so.

Eric: Hey, sis. You know...it's funny. Twins come into this world together but they hardly ever, if at all, leave this world the same way.

Sami (crying): I can't take this. It's like a part of me is...

Eric: Your made of the strong stuff. You will be fine. You need to be strong for dad, Will, and the family. Do that for me.

Sami: I finally straighten myself out and your not even going to be around to see me get married and finally settle down.

Eric: I have seen enough of your weddings, sis (laughs).

Sami (laughing): This is no time for jokes. You have always been the one thing...I could count on. You always understood me when no one else did. God...why...this can't happen.

Eric (eyes beginning to close): Sami...it's alright. I will be watching and I will always be with you...right by your side. Just...b...e...happy. Be...happy...fo...r...me. I...love...you sis. I love...you all.

Eric's eyes then close as Sami lets out a blood curdling scream. Lucas comforts her as Austin comforts a devastated Carrie. Roman turns away, wiping his tears and fighting back more. Caroline embraces him. Frankie comforts Greta, who tells him to go be with his family. She is going back to the ballroom as she can't watch this. Frankie nods and tells her to be careful. Greta walks away and, remembering Eric's words, says she knows what she has to do. She needs to find Victor and tell him the truth.

-Back in the ballroom, Philip worries about Victor and wonders if he should go after him. He sees Orpheus watching him and panics. The scene then shifts to Cal and Katherine, who are tending to Ernesto in a cabin room. Katherine tells Cal that Ernesto doesn't have much time. The bleeding just isn't stopping. Cal begs a now unconscious Ernesto wake up and tell him what he knows about his past. Ernesto's eyes open, slightly. He tries to say something but struggles. Cal tells him he can do it and that this is important. He begs Ernesto to give him the answers he needs.

-Back on deck, a distraught Roman picks up his son's body and says he isn't leaving it there. He leads everyone down the stairs and they all head for the ballroom. Sami stops. Lucas and Will ask what's wrong. Sami breaks down in tears as Lucas and Will embrace her. Nicole is an emotional wreck and she spots Carrie holding Evan. She says that she may have lost Eric...but she isn't losing Evan. Nicole walks right up to Carrie and tells her to give her son back to her. Austin tells Nicole to back off as Evan is not hers. Sami, Lucas, and Will look on. Lucas tells Sami that this is pretty bad but he fears the worst is yet to come.

-In the ballroom, Roman puts Eric's body down in the corner. Everyone in the ballroom is stunned. Bo and Hope comfort Roman over his loss. Orpheus looks at the body and acknowledges the first casualty. Roman lunges for him but Orpheus pulls out his gun and tells him to back off.

-In the boiler room, Victor is chained to a wall and sweating. The door then opens. It's Greta. Victor asks what she is doing. Greta explains that she heard two guards talking about a prisoner in the boiler room so she raced over and jumped a guard, knocking him out with a fire extinguisher. She stole the guard's keys and they need to hurry. She tries to unlock the chains but is interrupted by another guard, who asks what she thinks she is doing.

-Back in the ballroom, Marlena waits in a corner with James and says it's time. She thanks him for his help in getting by the guards. James says that Orpheus betrayed him so it's time to return the favor. He asks Marlena what she is really up to. Marlena says nothing much...just blowing the ship sky high. James is shocked and says he thought she was simply foiling Orpheus's plan. Marlena laughs and says she was just fitting it to her standards. She reminds James she wants everyone on the ship dead, as well. She just wanted to do it. James says she can't do this. Marlena pistol whips James, knocking him unconscious as she says that she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Marlena reminds everyone in the ballroom it's the 4th of July and that it's time for the fireworks. Orpheus demands to know what she has been up to. Marlena smiles and tells Orpheus to pull out his detonator. He does so. Marlena tells him to push the red button. Orpheus explains that the ship will blow. Marlena laughs and says it won't. Orpheus is confused and presses it. Nothing happens. Marlena yells out, "Gotcha!!"

-Back in the boiler room, Greta finds herself in chains on the wall across from Victor. Victor says she should've never came and asks why she did. Greta says she had to. Victor asks why that is. Greta is silent.

-Back in the ballroom, Orpheus asks what Marlena did. Marlena explains that she heard that the emergency detonator he gave to his head guard was defective so she switched the defective detonator with the real one. She pulls out a detonator and says that she has the real one and has re-arranged the explosives on the bottom level so that the ship will take a little more time sinking rather then just blowing up and sinking. She wants everyone to suffer as the water filters in and sends them to their death. Roman interjects and tells Marlena she doesn't want to do this. Marlena reminds Roman that her name is "Samantha" and she does want to do this. Orpheus says that he has armed guards above. She will never get the chance to pull this off. Marlena smiles and says she took all that into account. She then pulls out several grenades and throws them. It's tear gas!!!

Everyone ducks for cover. Roman goes after Marlena. Marlena covers her face with a mask as Orpheus lunges for her. The detonator and both their guns go flying. Marlena and Orpheus struggle. Roman races to reach the detonator. Orpheus breaks free and lunges for the detonator as Roman and Marlena watch. Roman screams, "NO!!" as Orpheus falls right on top of the detonator, pushing down the red button and setting off the explosives on the bottom level.

Loud explosions can be heard as the whole ship rocks. Everyone screams. Doug, Julie, Frankie, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Abe, Celeste, Kate, Lexie, Stefano, Cassie, Philip, Tony, and Anna all fall back and are tossed around the room. Abby's wheelchair is tossed around with her in it as Forest lunges to save her while Jack, Billie, Max, and Chelsea watch. Roman gets thrown against the wall, as is Marlena. Orpheus rolls and slams against a wall, as does James. In the boiler room, Greta and Victor wonder what is going on. Meanwhile, Maggie is nearing the boiler room and gets thrown by the explosion. She is knocked unconscious just as water bursts through one of the holes caused by the explosion. Cal and Katherine hear the explosions in the cabin room and are thrown around the room. Ernesto rolls off the bed and on to the floor. Cal falls and hits his head, knocking himself unconscious.

On deck, Sami and Will are thrown backward and fall down the staircase as Lucas lunges after them and falls down the staircase himself. Nicole falls back and hits the wall behind her, knocking herself unconscious. Austin takes Carrie, who is holding Evan, in his arms, and tries to shield them. He grabs on to a railing and tells them both to hang on. The three of them do not see that a communication pole, which was struck by lightning earlier causing it too loosen and crack, is tipping over from the impact of the explosion. The pole then completely snaps and falls right toward Austin, Carrie, and Evan. Carrie turns and screams as the scene goes black.



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I can't believe you killed Eric.

I'm stunned

It was a hard decision, especially after nearly killing him off in December.

The story potential was too great and we do need to cut the cast so this is just the beginning.

One thing we wanted to do is make sure that when we killed him, we did it right. I only hope we did in the readers' eyes.

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