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Oops I forgot to post this on Friday. Well here's that installment.


“But Lexie… you can’t. You can’t do this,” Sami said reaching out for the diary while Lexie held it just out of her grasp. “I know you hate me. But I never knew the hatred you had for E.J. And Tony?”


“This isn’t about my hatred for them,” Lexie said. “It’s about my love for my father. These past several months I’ve really gotten to know him. For the first time in our lives, I spent time with him and got to know him as my father. Not just as the great Stefano DiMera, but my dad, who was kept away from me when I was growing up when I could have used a father, even if he had all these flaws and eccentricities.”

“Flaws and eccentricities? Pffft.” Sami scoffed while Lexie ignored her.

“Sami, if he kept this a secret all these years, I’m sure he had a very good reason and I’m going to do everything I can to help him recover so that if he wants to reveal that secret, he will get that chance,” Lexie said.


Sami was speechless. A single tear ran down her cheek as she contemplated her plan’s total failure.

“Sorry Sami,” Lexie said. “You’ll have to look for help elsewhere.”

Just then E.J. entered the room.


“Lexie, Rolf said he needs Samantha upstairs to get things ready for the procedure so I’m going to take her back to the attic,” E.J. said stoically.

Lexie nodded and walked toward Stefano’s bed pulling the curtain around them.


“E.J., you’re not going to let them do this are you?” Sami said pounding his chest.

“I’m sorry, Samantha,” he said dragging her into the hallway. “Truly sorry.”

Defeated and resigned to her fate, Sami didn’t even bother struggling as E.J. linked arms with her to escort her out of the room. She didn’t cry either. There were no tears left.

But as they walked past his old room toward the fireplace passageway suddenly E.J.’s demeanor changed.


“Don’t worry, Samantha. There is no way in hell I’m letting Rolf get his hands on our baby,” he whispered.


Tony sat at his desk at Mythic Communications waiting for the call back from Dr. Rolf about his father’s condition and wondered if he was doing the right thing.


He contemplated why he was so loyal to his father even when his family had a hand in costing him the love of every woman he ever cared about… Kristen, Renee… well then he realized that wasn’t quite right. He had messed up his relationship with Anna for the most part all on his own.

He pulled a picture frame out of his desk of the two of them in happier times, but when he heard someone coming in his office he quickly shoved it back into the desk drawer.


“Kate, my dear,” Tony said flirtatiously, getting out of his desk chair and walking over to Kate to kiss her hand. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“Your charm is wasted on me, Tony,” Kate said brushing him off. “Not today. Not when I’m sick of holding this company together all by myself and I need you to pay a little bit more attention to Mythic Communications and a little less to whatever strange tasks you’re required to perform as a DiMera.”

“Well, I’m sorry you feel I haven’t been attentive enough as your partner, Kate,” Tony said with a knowing smile hinting at all the ways he had been her partner. “But I thought you and Lucas were quite capable of running things day to day. Lucas is helping you run things, isn’t he? Because if he’s not then he can be easily replaced by…”

Kate sighed.


“Yes, Lucas is helping me just fine,” Kate lied. “It’s just… just… well I miss spending time with you. You’ve been so distant lately.”

Tony knew it was true. Even as he carried on an affair with Kate, his heart still belonged to Anna. But Anna only wanted to be with Roman, or so he thought. Tony tried to put thoughts of his ex-wife out of his mind and snapped back from his daydreaming.

“Well, I know a way that we could be close again,” Tony whispered, pulling Kate in for a long, slow, passionate kiss.


With one seasoned pro swipe of her arm, Kate slid all of the contents of Tony’s desk onto the floor. He picked her up and put her on the desk while she began to remove her suit blazer when they were rudely interrupted by someone who failed to see the importance of knocking.


“Mom, I need to speak to you…” Lucas said before stopping when he looked up to see his mother and Tony DiMera about to have sex. “Oh God, can’t you guys keep in your pants until after work?”


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