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Episode 92





(EXT: Baja, Mexico)

---Eden, Julia, Kirk, and Santana arrive at the station, where Angel is waiting for them in the lobby. He tells them that Vic & Paul just got there and are being briefed by the FBI. Eden asks him where Marta is and he explains that she's in back, giving another statement to the police. Eden apologizes for her behavior toward his daughter, but Angel is understanding, saying he cannot imagine what he would be like if he'd lost Carla in this way.

"What are you doing here Santana?" Angel wonders.

"It was Eden's idea. They're hoping that maybe I'll remember someone or something from the pier that could be important. Cruz and I grew up together, Angel. I care about him very much and want whoever did this to him to pay just as much as everybody else does."

"Nobody's implying that you don't, Santana," Julia says, noting her odd demeanor.

Vic then emerges from the back room and Eden runs right up to him.

"Well? What's going on? Are they talking?" she frantically asks him.

"Slow down, I haven't even gone in with them yet. The FBI have been unable to shake them thusfar and now, they're being represented by a well-regarded California attorney."

"Paid for, most likely, by the person that killed my husband. Great," Eden says, disappointed.

"While that may be true, Mr. Lyman, their attorney, is binded by California State Law to do whatever is in the best interest of their client. If we present an offer where it's in their best interest to confess and give us information, then Mr. Lyman has no choice but to advise them to talk. Julia- I need you in there with me. If we're going to make any kind of significant offer, they're going to want you to be present and signing off on it," Vic instructs

"What about me? I'd like to be there as well," Eden interrupts.

"That's not possible- the FBI wouldn't allow it and frankly, Eden, neither would I. You're not trained and you're highly emotional- the last thing you want is to say or do anything that puts this investigation in jeopardy. Trust us, we're gonna get em Eden. We will, but we're going to do it by the book."

"Vic's right," Julia affirms, "I know you want to be there and believe me, I understand it. I would be the same way in your position. But the fact remains that procedures need to be followed in order to ensure that we get this guy and put him behind bars."

"Santana, come with me. The investigators are ready to take your statement as well. Marta should be out momentarily."

Julia looks at Eden and assures her they'll do whatever they can to find out who killed Cruz. She takes her hands and promises her that she won't let Cruz's death go unpunished. Eden nods and releases her to go back. Kirk comes up to Eden and attempts to comfort her, but she shakes him off.

"Don't put your hands on me, don't even come near me. Nobody's exonerated you yet and even if they do, I wouldn't want your hands on me or near me ever again. You want to clear your name, fine- but our relationship, or rather, the hatred that I feel for you, that's never going to change."

She walks away from him and stares into the window, watching Vic, Julia, and Santana continue to walk back. Angel gives Kirk an inquisitive look.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Gina sees a confused and seemingly upset Elizabeth leaving CC's office. Elizabeth attempts to make a beeline for her office, but Gina cuts her off in the hallway.

"Something troubling you, Elizabeth?"

"Gina, I'm extremely busy, which you should be too, considering all the build-up given to the Gina Jeans summer line," Elizabeth says.

"I've been extremely focused on it actually, which is why I have a spare few minutes to chat with you. Did everything go well in there with CC?"

"Everything's fine, Gina, we were just going over numbers for the company, quarterly reports, you know, all that business jargin that you have no grasp of. Now, if you'll excuse me..." she says, trying to push her way past her.

Gina once again cuts off her pathway.

"What do you WANT?"

"You look so upset, I find it hard to believe that a meeting about reports and business "Jargin" would have you so worked up. Look at you, you're trembling. Would you like some water? KATHLEEN! GET Ms. Wayne a glass of water!"

"I DON'T NEED ANY WATER, what I need is for you to let me go back to work."

"Do you still think about him Elizabeth?"

"Excuse me?"

"CC, do you still think about him softly from time to time? How his lips used to feel? How safe you felt in his arms? I know what it's like, after all, I married him 3 times. But I've learned to hate the man. But you, on the other hand, every time the two of you are in a room together, you look at him like Rhett Butler just walked in."

"CC and I are long over. I'm married to Keith now, or had you forgotten?"

"I haven't forgotten, but maybe you have, the way you drool over CC like a teenager. Then you come out of his office looking like you're about to crack. What happened? He reject you again, like he did years ago when he married your sister?"

Elizabeth can take no more and slaps Gina across the face. Gina smiles.

"Looks like I hit a sore spot."

"Go to hell Gina. Just take your insinuations and your jealousy and go to hell. What's the matter Gina? None of your exes want you? They've used you up and moved on to better things? Maybe it's you who's rattled, who's upset. Keith loves me, married me, and CC obviously still carries a torch for me as well. Meanwhile, he can't stand to be in the same room as you."

"But Keith can. He's more than happy to be in a room- ALONE- with me."

"But he married me, didn't he Gina? And who will you be going home to tonight? You're miserable, lonely, unwedded daughter, your illegitimate laboratory-created son, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's."

Gina can take no more and begins choking at Elizabeth and the two women get physical. Elizabeth shoves Gina off of her, sending her flying into the wall. Elizabeth claps her hands together and begins heading to her office, but Gina gets up and runs back at her, twirling her around and slapping her again. Elizabeth takes Gina's hair and begins wrestling her to the ground. Kathleen attempts to break them up, but to no avail. She calls for security and two large guards appear, as Elizabeth & Gina roll around on the floor. The guards finally pull the two women apart as they yell at each other.

"He's never going back to you Gina! I'm Mrs. Keith Timmons and it's going to stay that way."

"YOU FOOL. You're going to pay Eliza-B!tch. I promise you that. I'm going to BRING you DOWN and I'll be laughing at you when you're at the bottom, not fit to shine shoes."

(EXT: Baja, Mexico)

---Marta comes out of the investigators' office, having given her final statement. She asks Eden, who's in there alone, where Angel is and she explains that he's outside. Marta apologizes for her outburst before, saying that she's just frustrated that these guys who kidnapped her could get away free.

"We have something in common then, because that's exactly how I feel about Cruz's murderer."

----Outside, Angel walks up to Kirk and warns him that he's keeping his eye on him.

"You>? Please, why would you need to keep your eye on me?"

"Eden was Cruz's wife, Kirk, and I know for damn sure he wouldn't want you lurking around her. I've gone along with this because I don't want his safety in jeopardy and because I trust Santana. But I don't trust you Cranston. Not for a second- and I think it's mighty suspicious that you know Cruz is alive, considering Eden suspects you're the one trying to kill him."

"For the record, I'm not trying to do anything to Cruz, Angel. If I were the one who tried to kill him, don't ya think I would have gone and finished the job by now?"

"Maybe, maybe. I'm not sure what your angle is, Kirk. But I know you got one- and don't think for a second that Eden's family or her friends or even I will sit by and watch you take advantage of her all over again. Consider yourself warned."

THE END...................for TODAY

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