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Episode #185 - Friday, June 8th, 2007:

  • Stefano relishes in the fact that his blackmail scheme worked and that Steve still has his chip and still able to be controlled.
  • Georgia and Jeremy continue to bond at the Habitat site. Jeremy opens up to her about his deadbeat dad and crazy mother. Georgia doesn’t understand how Mike is a deadbeat father. Jeremy explains that Mike was only ever a father to him when he had Carrie in his life.
  • Kristen awakens to see Tony at her side.
  • Eric continues to push Greta away. He says they can never be together. He feels too guilty over the death of his baby.
  • Peter takes solace in the Dimera Mansion. Although alone, he takes much comfort in the walls, pictures, art, and antiques. He breathes it all in.
  • Mike Horton learns the Chief of Staff is retiring…and he could possibly be in the running once again.
  • Shawn begins to realize Chloe has a big secret.
  • Stefano’s goons follow Bo.
  • Peter flashes back on the all of the memories these Dimera walls have seen.
  • Shawn tells Chloe he is through with dishonesty in relationships and that he has seen firsthand what it can do to a relationship so she better fess up!
  • Stefano is delighted all of his plans for Salem are falling into place! He reassures Duncan that Duncan can successfully take the place of Bo.
  • Duncan studies stolen home videos of Bo to nail down his mannerisms.
  • Peter drinks himself into a stupor. He recalls his love for Sami and how she is pushing him away.
  • Chloe makes up a lie about resolving some unfinished business about her divorce from Brady.
  • Kayla, Marlena, John, and the others welcome Steve out of surgery! Little do they know he is still the same Steve he was when he went into surgery…
  • Georgia opens up to Jeremy about Hope and how she refuses to forgive Georgia for the accident. Georgia says she is unsure how much more she can take.
  • Austin is tormented by memories of Miguel.
  • Sarah tells Miguel he shot Kristen and killed her baby! Miguel shows no remorse and says next time he will be sure to kill Frankie.
  • Frankie and Melissa bond, and it seems their relationship might be headed back on track,
  • Stefano’s goons knock Bo unconscious…and take him away!
  • Jeremy urges Georgia to get revenge on Hope and not sit there and take her crap.
  • Jeremy and Georgia run into Carrie. Jeremy opens up to Carrie about his parents and Jan. Jeremy says he misses Carrie and always thought of her as a second mother to him. Carrie tells Jeremy she’ll always be there for him if he needs her.
  • Stefano receives a phone call telling him it is done. He then calls Duncan, who is standing outside the Brady house…staring at Hope, J.T., and Zach!
  • Duncan walks into the house as “Bo.” He is nervous and shaky. Hope greets “Bo” with a kiss and asks him how he is day was. She asks if there is anything new with Maggie’s case. Duncan is pleased the plan seems to have worked and that he has successfully taken the place of Bo Brady!
  • Stefano arrives at the Dimera Mansion and locks eyes with Peter. Peter has tears in his eyes. Stefano walks briskly to Peter and takes him in his arms. Peter breaks down. Stefano gives Peter something to help him sleep. Peter takes refuge upstairs.
  • Stefano is pleased that he has Duncan/Bo and Steve in place as his pawns. He says he is just waiting for his other pawns to be in place before he can strike on the Brady’s and the Horton’s!
  • Bo wakes up in a dirty prison...where he is chained to the walls like an animal!

And in one week.........

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I can see some facial features that Walsh and Reckell share, but their voices are totally different. They have different body types. One is tall, one is short.

I just don't see Bo's soulmate, Hope, buying "Duncan" as "Bo". It just seems VERY unrealistic. :huh:

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I just don't see Bo's soulmate, Hope, buying "Duncan" as "Bo". It just seems VERY unrealistic. :huh:

Welcome to DAYS. :lol:

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