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Episode 88





(EXT: London, England- The DiMonde Estate)

---Edmund is bothered by the lingering stare that Marcello and Sophia are engaged in. He breaks it up by introducing himself to Marcello, but Marcello says no introductions are necessary. He's well aware of Edmund's work in the neurological field, being a psychiatrist himself. Maria remarks that she wasn't aware of Marcello's history with psychiatry.

"It was many moons ago, my love- in another lifetime, if you will. You see, Dr. Lavery, I haven't practiced in years, but still read up on it. My fascination with it is still there, always will be. And it comes in quite handy in entrepreneurship, as I'm sure you know very well, having your own practice and laboratory."

"Yes, of course. Loretta, dear, I don't think we should keep our driver waiting much longer. Again, pleased to meet you Mr. Armonti."

"The pleasure was all mine. I do hope we run into one another again sometime. I'd love to pick your brain."


Edmund and Sophia begin making their way to the doorway when she realizes she left her bag on the table with Lady DiMonde. She turns to go and get it, but Edmund grabs her by the arm.

"Forget it. I'll send for it in the morning. It's in good hands with Lady DiMonde. Come, I can't wait to get you home and be alone with you."

"But I...really....wanted.....oh, I guess it isn't important. Nothing that can't wait until the morning."

He turns to her and places her mask back on her face, doing the same with his own. Sophia's face is a bit bewildered, as she's obviously wondering why her husband is acting so strangely. They reach the front of the estate and see a lineup of cars parked. Edmund offers to go and look for their driver and have him bring the car up for her. He tells her implicitly to wait there. She begins removing her mask, but he stops her.

"Oh no. The evening isn't over until we arrive home- besides, it's a romantic, no?" Edmund smiles at her as he plants a kiss on her, then excitedly takes off looking for the car.

----Meanwhile, behind her, Lionel and Augusta are walking out of the estate as well, about to descend on their own car, when Augusta sees Marcello motioning for her. She quickly removes her earring and tells Lionel she must have lost it inside. Lionel argues that she won't find it, but she insists that the earrings were quite expensive and she isn't leaving without them. She tells him to find the car and she'll have found it & be out in no time. She kisses him on the cheek and hurries back inside.

He begins walking down the driveway when he comes upon a woman in a beautiful white and silver costume. The woman turns around and it's a masked Sophia.

"My, what a lovely, lovely costume," Lionel says.

"Thank You. It was a gift from Lady DiMonde," Sophia responds.

"I'd heard the woman had impeccable taste, though I never believed it for myself. Until now."

A shy Sophia slightly giggles, and turns away, slightly embarrassed by the stranger's flirtation.

"Lionel Lockridge."

"Loretta. Loretta Lavery."

---Inside, Marcello finishes telling Augusta what he plans to do about Sophia. Marcello looks outside and sees Sophia standing outside, waiting for her car. He mentions that she's talking with a man. Augusta's eyes bug out as she runs to the windows next to the door.


Augusta begins running in her heels toward them.

"Won't you remove your mask? Your voice is familiar and I wonder if I may know you somehow." Lionel asks.

"I don't see how that's possible. I didn't recognize your name."

"Nor I yours, but satisfy my curiosity, would ya?"

Sophia holds out her hand, showing the ring on her finger. "Sorry, but my husband asked me to keep it on until we arrive home."

"You must be a knockout, for him to want to keep you covered up like that."

Edmund pulls up in the car, as Augusta comes running down the stairs, calling Lionel's name. Lionel turns around and sees her and begins walking toward her, as Edmund gets out of the car to open the door for Sophia. He asks her who the man was that she was talking to.

"It was nobody. Some Lionel, just waiting for his car as well." She looks at Edmund, who's staring at Lionel. "Really, Edmund, he was harmless. Maybe a little too much to drink, but perfectly harmless. Now I thought you said something about wanting to get me home...."

He smiles as she gets into the car, but turns at looks at Lionel one more time. There he sees him talking with Augusta. Augusta looks up from her conversation and sees a masked Edmund staring back at her. The camera zooms in on his cold eyes.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

----Keith is shown, half falling asleep in Gina's office as he listens to CC & Elizabeth continue to go over everything related to the audit. Suddenly, he hears Elizabeth mention not being able to do any more damage tonight. He perks up quickly and grabs the phone to dial Gina, falling from the desk chair.

"What Do YOU Want?" Gina asks.

"What do I want, what do you mean what do I want? Are you in the electrical room? Are you by the fuse switches like I ASKED YOU TO BE?"

Gina pulls the phone away from her ear. "Yes, YES I'm THERE KEITH. There's no need to YELL AT ME. I don't have to help you at all you know. In fact, maybe I won't" she says, beginning to hang up.

"No-n-n-n-no, no WAIT, WAIT!"

She puts the phone back to her ear.

"Are you there?" Keith asks.

"YEAH, I'm HERE Keith, though I'm not sure why."

"Because you know dollar signs when you see em baby and my eyes are filled with em tonight. Alright, now just stay on the line and wait for my go."

"I still don't understand what you this is going to accomplish. Ooooh, the lights are out. That doesn't mean they're jumping into bed together."

"Oh the lights are the least of it muffin, believe me. Now wait for my go."

CC and Elizabeth walk toward the elevator and wait. There's an uncomfortable, awkward silence between the two until the doors finally open. When they walk in, the camera zooms in on a very small camera in the elevator, then shows CC & Elizabeth in black & white. The camera zooms out of that and shows Keith watching them on his laptop from the office. The elevator begins going down and Keith shouts into the phone "NOW"

Gina turns the switches and the lights in the building go out, and CC & Elizabeth's elevator stops. Elizabeth looks around and CC begins banging. Elizabeth asks what happened and he says it's probably just a quick power outage and they'll be moving in no time. They turn to black & white again and the focus again goes to Keith in the office.

"No time is right, CC. No time tonight!" Keith laughs, as he pours a bag of popcorn into a bowl and watches the screen.

(EXT: London, England)


---Edmund and Sophia arrive home and are greeted by Christine.

"Oh the two of you look like you had such a time. So how was it? Did you meet Lady DiMonde? Maria? What was the fiance like?"

"It was all spectacular Christine, and I can't wait to tell you about it. Tomorrow. Did you make the arrangements that I asked for Dr. Lavery & I upon our return?"

"I sure did, Mrs. L. Everything's waiting upstairs for you."

"Wonderful. Now darling, you stay here, until I'm ready for you. Christine, fix him a nightcap, would you?"

Christine takes Edmund to the lounge to fix him a drink. Meanwhile, the camera is shown peering through a window as Sophia walks up the stairs. Marcello is then shown outside, watching her. When he cannot see anymore, he begins walking back toward his car but is stunned when he hears a voice from the doorway.

"Mr Armonti?"


"May I ask what you're doing here, skulking about? I should call the police, have you arrested for trespassing."

"My apologies, Dr. Lavery, I meant no harm. It's just....this........" Marcello pulls out Sophia's handbag. "I thought your wife might need it."

Edmund walks toward him and snatches the bag. "She may, though there was no reason to bring it tonight. Couldn't it have waited until morning? Why the hurry?"

"Lady DiMonde was quite fond of Loretta and insisted I return it to her tonight. She being my soon-to-be mother-in-law, I didn't want to cause her any distress."

"Distress? I highly doubt someone would actually be distressed over another woman's handbag."

"You don't know Lady DiMonde. What may seem trivial to you and me would be considered first priority with her, especially when it concerns the possessions of her guests. I didn't mean to be any type of imposition. I trust you'll return it to her."

"Of course, Mr. Armonti. She's my wife."

"Of course. Well I'll be going then. Good night, Dr. Lavery."

Edmund turns around and walks away, without responding. He looks down at the handbag and his face becomes menacing and angered.

Marcello gets into his car and the driver pulls out. "Don't worry, Sophia. I'll be back. I'll be back for you."

THE END..........................FOR TODAY


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I will Miss Vicky! I really appreciate & look forward to your comments every day Viktoria! I miss hearing from everyone on here, as most don't sign in anymore. (Hint Hint!)

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Hi Greg,

I love your story, I can't wait to read the next part of it! Hope Marcello can help Sophia and she'll find her way back home to CC and their children!

Take care,


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I am so glad you are writing again! I love it! Loved the flirtation between Lionel and Sophia. Off to read the next episode!

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