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Episode 87





(EXT: London, England- The DiMonde Estate)

----Augusta and Lionel are shown among many masked party guests, he dressed as Casanova, she in a boustier reminiscent of 1700s French women. Augusta quickly begins sifting through the people, pulling a reluctant Lionel along with her. Finally, he stops her, asking why she's in such a rush.

"Easy for you to say, you're dressed as one of the great male romantics of his time. I, on the other hand, look like I just walked out of a House of Burlesque," Augusta scolds.

"I think you look extraordinary. In fact, when I saw the costume in the store, I thought it would suit you perfectly. And show off your....... assets."

"It shows off my assets all right- BOTH of them. So far, I've been propositioned, hit on, offered money- extra if I wear the dress, and my derriere has been pinched by eleven- count them- eleven men old enough to have known Einstein personally. I just would like to find Marcello and his bride, congratulate them, and be on our way."

She's startled when she turns around and sees Marcello standing in front of her. He greets her with a kiss on each cheek and says hello to Lionel as well. He introduces them both to Maria DiMonde, his bride-to be. Both are charmed to meet her. Marcello then mentions a piece that Augusta had some interest in acquiring years before, asking Lionel if it's all right if he borrow Augusta for a moment.

"Take all the time you need Marcello. And try convincing her to stay a while- she's been threatening to leave since we got here."

"I'll do my best."

Marcello leads Augusta to a study, away from the rest of the party, and asks if she's spotted Sophia there. She says she has not but that it hasn't helped that there are so many people there. Marcello wonders if perhaps Augusta's mind could have been playing tricks on her or if the woman she saw may have just had a striking resemblance to Sophia and nothing more.

"Marcello, I've known and loathed the woman for a good portion of my life. Without a doubt, it was Sophia I saw, not some look-alike."

"Which begs the question, since you admittedly hate my step-mother, why the interest in helping her? Or are your motivations for coming to me more sinister than they look on the surface? Why not go to CC, if Sophia is truly alive?"

"Look, without going into detail, that's not possible. As I told you, she's not herself- she didn't even recognize me. She's been seemingly brainwashed all over again, possibly by a madman. You could be her best, maybe her only chance at coming out of this even slightly remnant of her former vile self."

"So why not tell your husband? Again, if your intentions are good..."

"For Heaven's sake Marcello, you and I both know that the worst medicine for Sophia in this state would be Lionel- shall we doom ourselves to repeat history? Who would you have dead this time, Ted, Kelly, maybe even yourself?"

They are interrupted when Lionel enters, saying a staff member told him where to find the two of them. He asks Augusta if everything is alright and she tells him she was just negotiating with Marcello when they began to reminisce about the past.

"Now why would you want to go and do a thing like that?" Lionel deadpans.

---Meanwhile, back in the party, Edmund and Sophia are shown dancing among the other guests. A nervous Edmund suggests that they should be going soon, but Sophia is hesitant.

"We haven't even met the guests of honor yet and I'm having such a nice time. Aren't you?" Sophia smiles.

"Yes, Loretta, of course, I just don't think all this activity is good for you just yet. You're still recovering you know."

"I feel fine darling, better than I ever have. There's no need for you to be so worrisome," she says, again playfully smiling at him.

Edmund smiles back at his wife's jab. "Alright. If it's activity you want, then, my love, it's activity you shall have!"

He begins swinging her and twirling her around the floor, much to her delight. She matches him step for step, as they continue to ferociously dance across the room, their eyes locked on one another. They get the attention of bystanders throughout the party, including Maria, who points them out to Marcello as he takes her arm once again. Marcello gives Augusta a look from across the room, redirecting her attention toward the couple. Her eyes bug out when she recognizes the costumes of the pair. She looks back at Marcello and affirms that it is indeed Edmund and Sophia.

"Wow! Aren't they fantastic dancers?" Lionel comments. "Look how she allows him to lead her.....If you'd ever allowed me to lead like that..."

"We'd be stepping on on each other's toes and flat on our backs in no time."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

----Kelly is absolutely appalled by her father's comments on the state of her life. She tells him that for the first time in a very long time, she's happy. She's found a man and a love in Ashton that she never thought possible, since losing Joe and Robert. She asks him why he can't just be happy for her.

"He's manipulating you kitten, can't you see that? That man, standing next to you, is a predator, just like his father, and you were his prey. Everything he's made you believe about him is untrue and solely for the purpose of gaining your trust Kelly. And he doesn't deserve it. Not one bit of it," CC laments.

"You keep saying the same thing about Ashton and about his father, but you haven't yet told me why you think any of that. You say Edmund is a monster and Ashton is just like him, if not worse, yet you don't seem to want to elaborate when I inquire about it. Why is that daddy? Is it because you're afraid I'll find out that Edmund is a monster? Or that he's not a monster at all and the only real monster is YOU?" Kelly says, tears in her eyes.

She grabs Ashton and begins leading him out of the room. She stops and looks at her father. "I just want you to know daddy, while I am in London, and when I do meet Dr. Lavery, I'm going to find out just what the connection is between the two of you. I've given you ample opportunity to be honest with me and each time, you've let me down. And I'm going to find out why."

She and Ashton pass by Elizabeth in the hallway, as she's making her way to CC's office. She attempts to say hello, but Kelly just ignores her. Ashton acknowledges her and continues leaving with his wife. She then descends on a broken CC, sitting in his chair at his desk. She immediately goes to him and asks him what's wrong. He just looks at her for a moment, without saying anything. He then breaks his silence.

"What is it about you women when it comes to love? You can't see the forest for the trees."

"We're too trusting of the men we love, CC. We hold them to expectations that they, in reality, could never live up to in the first place. I take it this is about Kelly."

"Yes it's about Kelly- he's manipulating her, that bastard, and she refuses to see it. She can't see it. Hell, you could probably relate, since Timmons is doing the exact same thing to you."

Elizabeth looks at CC, realizing he's probably right. She suggests that they get to the books, as they have much ground to cover with the audit.

---In Gina's office, Keith & Gina continue listening in on the device he planted in CC's office.

"CC's onto you Keith, and from her reaction, it sounds like Miss Elizabeth might be catching on as well."

"Which is what makes tonight so perfect."

"For what?"

"No questions, just take your cell phone and go down to the basement where the main power lines are. Sit there and wait for my call and follow my directions explicitly."

"What is this? Why Keith, I want to know WHY?"

"For our future, babe. For enough green to make you go color blind. Would you just trust me? Look at my eyes. Those are trustworthy eyes."

"More like snake eyes," she snarks

"Will you just go?"

"Alright, alright, I'm going. But I'm telling you, Keith Timmons, whatever you're doing, it better be good. And it better be OVER. QUICK. Because I'm not going to be patient forever. And I think you can remember what I'm like when I'm impatient."

"Will you just go already? We're wasting time. Go. Go. Go." he says, shooing her on her way. She turns around and gives him a disgusted look, but begins making her way downstairs.

(INT: The DiMonde Estate)

---The guests all clap as Edmund and Sophia complete their dance, still donning their masks. They are quickly approached by a staff member, who tells them that Lady DiMonde and the guests of honor have requested to meet them. Sophia excitedly follows him, while Edmund is a bit reluctant. They are brought before Lady DiMonde, who requests they remove their masks. She's surprised to see that Edmund was the one who was shredding the dance floor.

"My, my, my, Dr. Edmund Lavery- you were the last gentleman I expected to be behind that mask. You must introduce me to your lady friend. I'm quite curious as to who has made you so light on your feet."

"Lady DiMonde, this is my wife, Mrs. Loretta Lavery."

"How do you do?" Sophia says.

"Charmed to meet you dear. Come, let me introduce you both to my daughter and future son-in-law."

She brings them both over to meet Maria and Marcello. Marcello's eyes immediately fixate on Sophia as the camera shows her in slow motion, walking toward him. He remains staring at her, and as if it were background noise, Lady DiMonde can be heard introducing them both to Maria & Marcello. Finally Sophia comes to Marcello.

"How do you do? Loretta Lavery" she says, extending her hand.

"Marcello. Dr. Marcello Armonti. Pleased to meet you," he says, hoping to elicit some kind of reaction out of her.

She continues to smile and look back at him, as he's slow to let go of her hand. Edmund notices Marcello's peculiar reaction to Sophia and stares at them both, as they continue staring at one another.

THE END.....................for THIS EPISODE


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Another great episode! I am so happy that its back. Hopefully McCreepy will be caught soon, I am wanting a reunion with CC and Sophia!

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