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The MCF is in an alley outside the Titan building and is monitoring the happenings at the parties in the Penthouse Grille via his or her mini-monitor. He or she is watching Philip eavesdrop on Belle and Victor and says:

MCF (via voice changer): Poor Philip...I think you are now where I need you to begin my plans for you. Fantastic...now to check on...

The MCF switches the monitor to Carrie, who is on the terrace with Kate.

MCF: I knew she would put it together. Clever Carrie. Good...now I just need to make sure Kate follows my orders and keeps her silent. Ah...look at Nicole. Eavesdropping...so scared. Little do they all know I am pulling the strings and all of their lives are in my hands...

The MCF's cell then vibrates and he or she answers it.

MCF: Ah...Ernesto. How is it going?

Ernesto: Fine. The girls are resting comfortable with Forrest and the Count and Anna are rather quiet tonight. Any word on when the rest of our guests will arrive from Milan?

MCF: I talked to Steve earlier and they are all there searching. I will spring my orders on him tomarrow...then he can lead the men in and bring our little adventuring friends back to Salem. Only...they won't be returning to this great town...they will be joining our lovely friends on the cruise of a lifetime.

Ernesto: You sure not putting them in a cell is ok?

MCF: It's fine. Just as long as they are contained. We don't have anymore cells on there anyway so just make do. The day we have been waiting for is soon arriving and we will be having more guests so it's no big deal. Nothing to worry about, Ernesto. We've come this far and we're carrying this thing true.

Ernesto: Damn right!! I won't fail again!

MCF: Nor will I. It's time we take our stand. This is it for our enemies. We've waited years to see this...all of our plans are coming to fruition, my friend. Our friends in Salem won't know what hit them!!

The MCF and Ernesto both laugh on the phone as the camera pans on the MCF and the scene slowly fades to black and then into...



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You know, I thought knew who the MCF was, I really did. I was positive. Now, with the introduction of Forrest (excellent casting btw) I not only have one suspects, I have three! And I am probably wrong! You two are doing a masterful job at keeping us on our toes and damnit, if I die tomorrow, I will be so sad that I didn't know who the MCF is. You must clue us in. Even the clues I have received can fit to the three suspects I have in mind!

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