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May 7, 2007




-At the Penthouse Grille, Roman picks himself off and goes after Bo for hitting him. A fight ensues and Lucas, Jack, Austin, and Frankie break it up. Bo tells Roman he will never think of him as family again. Roman is stung.

Meanwhile, Victor and Belle talk about Philip. Victor tells Belle she is the only one who can save Philip from himself. Belle reminds Victor she has given Philip plenty of chances and he has only gotten worse. Now he is drinking and is a danger to Claire. She can't have him around her. Victor agrees and begs Belle to reconsider and let Philip still visit with her. Victor begs her to look past all the tension between him and her father and him, Philip, and her and to just think about Claire. Philip is her father and he needs to see her. Belle contemplates Philip's words as, outside, a drunken Philip stumbles his way through a hall and comes across Victor and Belle talking and listens in.

In another part of the restaurant, Julie comes over to Maggie, who is deep in thought in a corner, and asks if she is ok. Maggie turns around in tears and tells Julie she thinks they should admit the truth...right here, right now.

On the terrace, Carrie is in tears and shock after learning Evan is hers as Kate watches. Kate, who is still on the phone with the MCF, asks him or her what she should do. The MCF tells her she already knows what to do. She just needs to make Carrie keep her mouth shut. The MCF says that he or she needs to go and tells Kate good luck. Kate hangs up just as Carrie turns around and sees her entering onto the terrace. Kate sees Carrie overjoyed and in tears and asks what happened. Carrie tells her she has found her son...and it's Nicole's baby, Evan.

Kate tells Carrie she thought she had said her baby died. Carrie says that is a lie and that she will explain later but she had a DNA test done and Evan is hers. She tells Kate she wants to go get him. Kate grabs her arm and tells Carrie that there is something she should know first. Carrie asks what that is and Kate tells Carrie that revealing what she learned could destroy many lives. Carrie is puzzled.

-Back inside, Eric comes up to Nicole and notices she is in her own little world. He sarcastically asks her if she has something on her mind...perhaps guilt? She tells Eric to buzz off. He asks her when she intends to meet with him about their marriage issues. Nicole blasts him and says that she will do it when she is ready and walks off. Eric remains determined to learn what is going on with her.

Meanwhile, a fed up Bo and Roman look into each other's eyes. Both are hurting inside. Roman, due to Bo's words, and Bo, due to everything he has been through. Bo says he is outta there and that he can't take anymore of the party. Bo goes over to Will and tells him he is sorry that he has to go but he can't take it anymore. Bo leaves as Roman walks off on his own. Lucas sees Bo talk to Will as he leaves and asks Will what that was about.

The scene then shifts back to Belle, who tells Victor that Philip abused her and hurt her so much. Now he is a raging drunk and she won't change her mind. She encourages Victor to disown him. He is nothing but a disgrace. Victor says he's thought of it, especially recently with how he has behaved. However, Philip is still his son. That is always true no matter how much of a failure and and embarassment he has been of late. Philip hears all this and seethes. Belle tells Victor she has to go. Victor begs Belle to re-consider but Belle says that isn't likely and leaves as Victor follows her. Philip them emerges and kicks a flower pot, breaking it. His eyes well with tears as he then recieves a phone call. It's the MCF!! He or she gives Philip the same offer as before, saying they saw and heard what Victor and Belle discussed and they know Philip did too. Philip says:

Philip: What do you want? Is this a joke? Why are you even calling me? How do you know so much?

Back at the bar, Frankie can see that Max is drowning his sorrows over Abby and tells Jack he is going to take him home and they can talk in the morning as Shane and Nico are going to watch the surveilance for the night. Jack says ok as Frankie helps a hobbling Max exit the restaurant.

Will tells Lucas that Bo just mumbled that he was frustrated with things to him. That is it. Lucas buys it and says that it seems the party is over. Austin comes over and thanks Lucas for throwing it. He says he is going to find Carrie so he can see her before midnight. Lucas and Will go to find Sami.

Caroline, Hope, and Kayla are talking when they see Roman walking. Caroline can see something is wrong and asks Roman. Roman fills them in on the fight and says that Bo probably went home. Roman tells Caroline he is going to the station to handle some things. He needs to cool down anyway. He bids everyone goodnight as Caroline wonders whe the strife in her family will stop. Kayla agrees and walsk away with Caroline. Hope then sees Kim crying. She asks if she is alright. Kim says she's fine. Hope then lashes out, saying she is sick of being in the dark. It's obvious there is a big secret in the Brady family and she deserves to know. Kim begs Hope to leave it alone and then wheels away, fighting back tears, as Hope looks on, still determined to get to the bottom of what's going on.

Back on the terrace, Carrie asks Kate what she means. Kate says that the paternity of her baby could destroy her family. Her family would be torn and taking sides and Lucas and Austin would hate each other. Not to mention the effect this will have on Carrie's family. Carrie says she isn't afraid of that. She should've never lied in the first place and adds that she needs to trust in those around her. They can all work through this. Kate grabs Carrie and begs her not to say anything. Carrie asks what's wrong. Kate says there is more going on here then even Carrie knows. Carrie asks what she means. Kate says she didn't want to have to tell her and hate's to...but someone bigger is involved in all this. Carrie asks who. kate admits it's...the MCF.

Back inside, Jack asks Billie if she is ready. She says she is. She hopes to get back to Victor's and get an update on the MCF situation. Greta says she is right behind them.

Julie tells Maggie they can't tells a soul. Doug overhears and asks what they can't tell. Julie says it's just something they heard about someone in their old bridge club and that is what they were talking about. Julie says she promised she wouldn't tell anyone and is swearing Maggie to secrecy. Doug says that Alice is ready to go and that he will take her to the care. Julie says they will be along in a moment. Julie begs Maggie to just let it all go. Marlena is taking the blame and it's over. They will both get over it, sooner or later. They just need to keep their mind off it. Maggie doesn't think she can.

Victor overhears and tells Maggie she must. Victor asks Julie if he can have a word with Maggie. Julie says Doug and Alice are waiting. Victor then says he needs to speak to her. He will see to it Maggie gets home fine. This is important. Julie asks Maggie if she wants to. Maggie looks at Victor and says what the hell. It may be interesting or hilarious. Julie warns Victor not to hurt Maggie and leaves. Victor then smiles and says to Maggie:

Victor: Long time, no see.

Maggie: Cut the bull. What do you want, Victor?

Lucas and Will meet up with Sami. Lucas tells Sami he has to tell her something and takes her aside. He fills her in on seeing Bo and Will talk alot tonight. Lucas says Will claimed Bo was venting to him but it seems like more. Sami thinks that it's no big deal and that Will is likely telling the truth about it. Sami then asks what reason would her uncle have to be hanging around with Will. Their family but they have never been close. Sami thinks it's nothing but them hanging around becuase they were bored at the party or something. Lucas thinks she may be right.

Austin then asks them if any of them have seen Carrie. Sami and Lucas say no and ask Will, who also shakes his head. Austin wonders where she is and then remembers he hasn't checked the terrace. He heads for there. Eric sees him and says he will help him find her.

Nicole is walking hear the terrace and sees Carrie and Kate talking. She wonders what is going on as it looks intense. Meanwhile, Carrie asks why and how the MCF is involved. Kate explains how he or she called her on the day Carrie held Evan at Salem Place, telling her she would learn a big secret there. Kate explains how she put the pieces together and learned that Carrie was Evan's mother. Carrie is stunned and interupts kate by saying:

Carrie: You knew? You knew Evan was my son?!

Kate: Carrie...

Carrie: How could you?! I thought you and I were friends...

Kate: Carrie...please...

Carrie (in tears): God...how long have you known?

Kate: Over a month.

Carrie: Oh my....so...does anyone else know?

Kate: Yeah...someone else that has been helping to cover it up.

Carrie then sees Nicole watching from inside.

Carrie: That bitch!!

Carrie bolts past Kate and opens the terrace door. She grabs Nicole and slaps her, sending her flying to the ground.

Carrie: You knew!! You heartless little whore. You will pay!! You understand?! You have my son and I am going to have him back....and see you lose...EVERYTHING!!

The camera then shifts from Kate's look of shock to Nicole's look of terror and then back to Carrie's look of rage and the scene then fades out on an enraged Carrie's face.


Victor to Maggie: I still love you. How about you?

Hope to Caroline: Please...give me the answers I need.

Philip to MCF: I will do whatever it takes...to have the power I want and need.

Belle to Sami: What is going on?

Sami to Belle: I have no clue.

Austin to Carrie (with Eric, Lucas, Sami, Belle, Kate, and Nicole): Carrie...what the hell is going on?

Carrie to Austin: There is something you should know.

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