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Alexis learns Sam is Alive - PCE: Episode 27

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Endgame- Episode 27
ICU: Jason, Alexis, Nikolas, Lucky & Sam
Tuesday, May 07, 2007

Outside the den area of Wyndemere, Jason has just met up with Alexis. "I'm glad you made it." Jason thanks Alexis for coming as he asked. He knows she'll be just as excited and angry as he is right now. "I assure you it'll be well worth it."

Alexis takes a deep breath, not knowing exactly what she's about to get herself into. "This had better be worth it. I don't like being summoned. Why am I here anyways. You don't have don't have any business dealing with Nikolas or Lucky."

"Just…calm down. You're about to find out in a minute." Jason takes a deep breath and reaches for the double doors.

"Well….what are you waiting for," she impatiently asks.

"This!" Jason flings open the doors surprising all inside.

"What the hell," Nikolas asks angrily. "Jason? Get the hell out of here! What are you doing here?"

"You know exactly why I'm here, and soon so will Alexis."

"Nikolas I'm sorry," his aunt says apologetically. "I don't know what this is all about. Jason I wish you'd just tell me what you wanted so I can get back home."

"Your nephew has been keeping a very big secret from you Alexis. It's time you find out what it is." Jason walks over and gets in Nikolas' face. "Go ahead Nikolas. Tell her. Tell her what you've been hiding." Jason and Nikolas face off, neither wanting to back down. Alexis can feel the tension in the air and is tempted to separate the two of them but feels that doing so may cause her bodily harm.

"Either you leave….or I'll throw you out. Either way you're getting the hell out of my house Jason!" Nikolas begins to panic. He knows exactly why Jason is here. He wishes this all could be over, but if too many people know about Sam, then Helena will surely come after her again.

"For the last time Nikolas, tell Alexis the truth." Jason grabs Nikolas by the collar and pushes him into the sofa. Alexis, who's had enough, steps in and demands that Jason leaves. She grabs him by the jacket and he pulls away. He gets ready to explain why they're there when Lucky walks into the room.

"What's going on in here?" Lucky sees Jason and Alexis in the room and immediately tries to stop what's about to happen, but it's too late. Sam walks in seconds later, much to the surprise of Jason and Alexis. Jason knew that she was alive, but it's different to actually see her.

Alexis’ first instinct is to embrace her daughter, as Sam bristles to Alexis’ touch. Alexis notices her daughter’s resistance to the hug and backs away, confused. Sam gives Lucky a glance and glares back at Alexis as she brushes off the embrace from the woman she doesn’t even know.

“Excuse me, do I know you or do you just go around hugging strangers?”


To Be Continued….
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