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#19 Thursday, April 26




JT is given a new assignment

Daniel is preparing to head out to work when Amber comes by unannounced. The mere sight of her makes Daniel upset again at the fact that Lily has left him. Noticing that he's not thrilled to see her, Amber asks what the problem is. He snaps that Lily left him after finding out about all the porn sites he was looking at. Waving her hand, Amber tells Daniel that she'll get over that, to which he immediately shoots down. He points out that Lily is aware that Amber is in charge of the Strangers by Night website. Amber smiles and tells Daniel that she has a sure fire way to help keep his mind off of his marital strive: come to the Chancellor party that is being thrown for Cane and her.

JT is at the G.C.A.C. drinking when Paul approaches him. Rolling his eyes, JT tells Paul to save whatever lecture he is prepared to make. Sitting beside him, Paul immediately pushes the drink JT has to the side. He informs him that he's re-opening the case involving Jana. JT asks him why that should concern him, reaching for his glass of whiskey. Paul tells JT that he is putting him on the case effective immediately. When JT balks at the assignment, Paul blasts JT for his recent actions, telling him that not only is he harming those around him, but himself: either take the assignment or face being fired.

At Newman, Daniel is making the rounds, delivering mail when he sees Drucilla stepping off of the elevator. Before he can muster up words to her, she pulls him into the breakroom. Shutting the door, she confronts him about hurting her daughter. Daniel tries to explain that his viewing the websites weren't on a regular basis, but Dru has none of his excuses. She blasts him for his troublesome ways and threatens to make sure Lily and he are over for good. Neil, who is looking for Dru, walks in on the heated confrontation and tells Dru to back off a bit. Neil stuns Dru when he says that most men who look at porn are in healthy relationships.

In another area of Newman Enterprises, Jack and David are meeting up with Randall Bates. Jack is curious to know why he suddenly wants to toss his hat into the ring. Randall admits that when he learned that Nikki stepped out of the race he wanted to have a go at going up against the great Jack Abbott. The three men are emersed in their conversation when Victor Newman rounds the corner. Jack immediately ushers Victor over by them, introducing him to his new competitor. Victor and Randall smile as the two shake hands.

Lily and Colleen meet up at Crimson Lights for the daily coffee ritual. While there, Colleen tells Lily that she's excited to be going to a new college and moving forward in a open relationship with Adrian. Lily, not in the mood of hearing Colleen bask in her happiness, tells her to make sure that Adrian doesn't do to her what Daniel has done. Colleen thinks Lily is blowing the matter out of proportion, reminding her of their previous conversation. Lily can't believe that Colleen finds it to be a minor issue and accuses her friend of siding with Daniel. Colleen makes the mistake of saying that Lily always seems to want to give up rather than working things out when problems occur. Lily grabs her things and storms off.

Katherine is going over the menu with Esther at the Chancellor Estate. She tells her loyal maid that she wants to make sure everything is perfect for her big 'welcome' for Amber. Esther notes that Katherine seems to be more excited than usual for this event. Katherine smiles as she explains that she wants to give Amber a night she will never forget. Once Esther leaves, Katherine makes her way towards the bay window. Although she knows the truth of who Amber truly is will hurt Cane, she is absolutely going to enjoy bringing the blonde gold-digger down to the ground.

Victor, who has returned to his office, goes through some proposals when someone knocks on the door. Without looking up, he tells whoever it is to come on in and close the door behind them. The person who has entered the office tells Victor that Jack hasn't got a clue as to how bad things are going to get for him in the race for the Senate seat. Looking up, Victor smiles and comes from behind his desk. As he makes his way towards the person, he extends his hand and shakes the hand of Randall Bates. Victor tells him that their plan to bring down Jack will start effective immediately.

Next on Genoa City

KATHERINE (to Amber): While talking to Stephanie Forrester, your name came up quite often.

AMBER: Stephanie?

GLORIA (to Jack): I get to go on Extreme Catwalk because I won Jack. You loose and I win!

PHYLLIS (to Sharon): I’m not going to blackmail you anymore.


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