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#20 Friday, April 27




A grand event at the Chancellors spells trouble for Amber

Guests have swarmed the Chancellor estate, celebrating the welcoming of Cane and Amber into the Chancellor family. As hostess, Katherine is tending to several guests and approaches Neil and Drucilla.

Katherine: Neil and Drucilla, so good of you to come!

Neil: Thank you for inviting us, Katherine.

Katherine: Of course. You employed my grandson when he first came to this town. You two belong here.

Drucilla: It’s a fine party, Kay. The Chancellors know how to do it best.

Katherine: Thank you, Drucilla. Where are Lily and Devon?

Drucilla: Lily hasn’t been feeling well lately. She wasn’t up for a party tonight.

Neil: Devon chose to stay with her.

Katherine: I see. Well, please, continue to enjoy yourself. The night is only beginning.

Katherine walks away from Neil and Drucilla. Daniel walks up to them.

Daniel: Hey, Neil and Dru.

Drucilla: Mm…Daniel. Baby, lets go get a drink. I’m starting to get a little parched.

Neil: Right, dear. We’ll see you around Daniel.

Daniel: Right.

Daniel places his hands in his pockets after Neil and Drucilla walk away. Amber runs up to him.

Amber: Do you see this place? Kay went all out. All of Genoa City’s finest are here. I feel like royalty.

Daniel: Yeah, everything looks nice.

Amber: Aw, Daniel… You’re still bummed about Lily. She’s going to come around.

A few yards away from Daniel and Amber, Katherine is talking to JT.

Katherine: Thank you for coming over, Jeffery Todd. I hadn’t known you and Amber were friends.

JT: I doubt you could call us friends, more like two people scarred by two thorns.

Katherine follows JT’s eyes over to Adrian and Colleen.

Katherine: Don’t let her get to you, Jeffery Todd. You will bounce back.

JT: That’s what everyone keeps telling me, but…

Katherine: I spoke to Mackenzie the other day. She asked about you.

JT: Really?

Katherine: Yes. You should give her a call one day.

Katherine leaves JT with much to think about. JT takes his drink and walks over to Adrian and Colleen.

Adrian: Oh brother…

Colleen: JT, what do you want?

JT: I just wanted to come over and congratulate you two. I know you spoke to Paul and told him everything.

Colleen: Paul was worried about you. A lot of people are.

JT: Don’t patronize me, Colleen. I’m not here to make conversation. You two won. You can be together now and I’m going to be out of your hair for a while.

Adrian: If we could only be so lucky.

JT: You will be, Kornball. Paul gave me the Jana Hawkes case, and it’s going to take me out of town.

Colleen: That’s probably a good thing.

Adrian: And we wish you all the luck in the world, TJ. I’m thirsty, Colleen. Lets go get a drink.

Colleen and Adrian walk away from JT to expose Brad and Victoria, who have been watching the conversation go down.

Announcer: The role of Victoria Newman is now being played by Heather Tom.

Victoria: Penny for your thoughts, Bradley?

Brad: What? Sorry…

Victoria: Don’t apologize.

Brad: There has to be something that can be done to stop that.

Victoria: There’s not. Colleen obviously cares for Adrian a lot. The more you try to drive a wedge in between them, the greater the wedge will be between you and your daughter. Trust me, I know. Take it from me. My father did everything in his power to keep Ryan and I apart. The harder he tried, the harder we tried to stay together and we did in the end. My father had to accept it. You do too.

Brad: There’s just something about him that irritates me.

Victoria: He’s dating your daughter. That’s what it is. Why do I find myself surrounded by such stubborn men?

Brad: Are you relating me to your father?

Victoria: You don’t see a comparison?

Victor approaches his daughter and son-in-law.

Brad: Speak of the devil.

Victor: Hello, Bradley. Victoria.

Victoria: Hi, Dad. Were your ears burning? We were just talking about you.

Victor: Good things, I hope.

Victoria: We were talking about how similar you and Brad are.

Brad: And on that note, I am going to get a drink. Would you like something, honey?

Victoria: I’m fine. Thanks.

Brad walks away, leaving Victoria with her father.

Victor: Have you spoke to your mother?

Victoria: Yes I did. Today.

Victor: How is she doing?

Victoria: Good.

Victor: Does she like where she is staying?

Victoria: Dad!

Victor: What?

Victoria: You know Mom doesn’t want you knowing where she’s at right now. Give her time. I’m going to need to engrave that into your brain.

Victor: Very well. Have you seen your brother yet? He told me he would be here.

Victoria: Look over there. He and Phyllis just arrived.

Nicholas and Phyllis walk out of the house, into the backyard.

Nicholas: There goes my dad and Victoria. Lets go say hi.

Phyllis: You go on ahead over. I’ll be there in a minute.

Nicholas walks away. Phyllis spots Sharon with Jack and approaches them.

Phyllis: Hello, you two.

Jack: Phyllis! It’s good to see you.

Phyllis: You too, Jack. Hey, Sharon!

Sharon: Hi, Phyllis! Jack, I need a drink. Care for one?

Phyllis: Actually, Jack, could you get Sharon and I a drink? I’m thirsty and I need to speak to Sharon about something for the next NVP shoot. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you about it later. I’ll take fruit punch. Thanks.

Jack: And for you, my dear?

Sharon: A water would be fine.

Phyllis: Good idea. You want to keep that figure for that dress you’ll be slipping into soon.

Jack walks away from the ladies. Sharon looks at Phyllis.

Sharon: Why are you still standing beside me?

Phyllis: I told you. I need to talk to you.

Sharon: Then hurry up, and leave me alone.

Phyllis: I just thought you should know that I’m done with the blackmailing.

Sharon: Really now? What brought about the change?

Phyllis: It almost ruined me and Nick. You and Brad can ruin your lives without me.

Sharon: Oh, Phyllis…

Drucilla walks up to Sharon and Phyllis.

Drucilla: Is she starting with you again, Sharon?

Phyllis: Save it, Dru. I’m leaving now.

Phyllis walks away.

Drucilla: What was that about?

Sharon: Phyllis wanted to inform me that she will no longer be blackmailing Brad and I.

Drucilla: Is the girl sincere though? That’s the question.

Sharon: I don’t know. With Phyllis, you never can.

Drucilla: Ain’t that the truth!

At the buffet table, Jack is pouring drinks when Gloria walks up to him.

Gloria: Good to see you, Jack.

Jack: Gloria. You are looking as leopard-esque as ever.

Gloria: Why thank you. I assume you heard the great news?

Jack: You’re moving?

Gloria: You wish. No. Ji Min has cleared my schedule to free up time for me to go on Extreme Catwalk.

Jack: Congratulations.

Gloria: That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say?

Jack: What more do you want? You wanted this and you got it. I do warn you though. Ashley is in Los Angeles, and she will be at these tapings, making sure you don’t ruin the Abbott name more than you already have.

With that, Jack picks up his drinks and walks away. Gloria spots Jill and Williams speaking across the yard. Jill is talking to William about Extreme Catwalk. Gloria slowly approaches the two.

William: I’m sure you will have a good time. I was in LA two summers ago. I had a great time.

Gloria: I couldn’t help but overhearing you two. You were talking Extreme Catwalk, I presume?

Jill: Yes we were. I was telling William, here, that I will be in LA for several weeks taping.

Gloria: And you won’t be there alone, Jill. I’m coming along.

Jill: You are? I thought you were booked for those weeks with Jabot?

Gloria: Ji Min was a wonderful man and cleared my schedule so I could make my appearance. It’s going to be a wild time, Jill. We can go to all the boutiques and shopping malls. And William, you are going to have to catch us on television and let us know how we look with the spotlight on us.

William: I’m looking forward to it, Gloria.

Cane walks up to Jill, William and Gloria.

Jill: Cane! You remember William Bardwell. And of course, Gloria.

Cane: Hi.

William: It’s good to see you again, Cane.

Gloria: Yes it is. Congratulations on landing a spot in the Chancellor family.

Cane: Thank you, I think. Jill, have you seen Amber? I’ve been looking for her.

Jill: No, not for a while now. I’m sure she’s around here somewhere.

Inside the house, Amber is checking the food that’s about to be prepared. Katherine walks into the kitchen.

Katherine: Amber! Doesn’t everything look delicious?

Amber: It sure does, Kay. I want to thank you for all of this. You and Jill have made Cane and I feel so welcomed into your family.

Katherine: Wait until the toast.

Amber: We get a toast? I’m so excited!

Katherine: You should be. It is a fine party, isn’t it?

Amber: Wonderful!

Katherine: It’s a shame my good friend, Stephanie Forrester, had to return to Los Angeles and miss it.

Amber: Stephanie? Stephanie was in Genoa City?

Katherine: Yes. Oh, I forgot to tell you that. I had lunch with Stephanie. Your name came up quite a bit.

Amber: It did? What about?

Katherine: Oh, there’s Esther. Come outside, dear, to hear the toast.

Amber: Katherine, wait…

Katherine exits the kitchen as Amber becomes nervous of what Stephanie could have said to Katherine. Amber runs outside and quickly finds Daniel.

Amber: Daniel!

Daniel: Hey, Amber. What’s up?

Amber: I think we may have a problem…

Katherine grabs a glass and a fork and bangs on the glass to get everyone’s attention. The crowd quiets down.

Katherine: Thank you. I want to thank everyone for attending tonight’s festivities. As you all know, tonight is a celebration. We are celebrating the welcoming of my grandson, Jill’s son, Cane, and his lovely bride, Amber. Cane and Amber, would you please come up here?

Amber hesitates at first, but Cane takes her by the arm and walks up to Katherine and they take their place.

Katherine: It was a miracle that Jill was able to find her biological son after all these years. The simple fact that Cane managed to be in Genoa City at this time was out of this world. Not many people know this, but we almost gave up hope that Cane was Jill’s son. The clues were all there, but the DNA test said otherwise. Cane was ready to leave the country and return home. Jill was ready to continue her search for her son. Had it not been for Amber, none of this would be possible. It was Amber who convinced us to take another test. She was dead-set on proving that the first test was somehow inaccurate. It was almost as if she knew the truth. Amber, what made you so sure?

Amber: I guess you could say I just had a feeling, a sixth sense of sorts.

Katherine: Right. A sixths sense. Well, we should all be grateful for Amber’s sixth sense. So please join me in toasting to my grandson and my new granddaughter, the lying, cheating and scheming gold-digger that she is!

The crowd is shocked by Katherine’s words towards Amber. Whispers can be heard. Cane and Jill share confused looks as Amber looks scared to death. Katherine smirks as the screen fades the black.


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