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#18 Wednesday, April 25




Daniel faces the music

Victoria makes her way to her office when she sees Brad rounding the corner. Waiting until he approaches her, the two of them go into the office together. Brad questions if Victoria is alright. Without looking up from her memos on her desk, she simply nods her head. Sitting on the edge of her desk, Brad asks Victoria to tell him what is troubling her. Trying not to shed tears, Victoria explains to Brad about the fears she has been having regarding her pregnancy. A puzzled Brad questions why she would be have fears, noting that the doctor has been telling them that she's doing well. Victoria begins to explain her miscarriage and how she would be devastated if she lost another baby.

Gloria, feeling pleased with herself, prances into the Baldwin home, humming. Michael, who is looking at the newspaper, glances up and questions what has got her so 'cheery'? Gloria smiles as she announces how she has a feeling that Ji Min will do what she wants him to do. Rolling his eyes, Michael warns Gloria about pushing the envelope. Lauren agrees and tells Gloria that she is playing a dangerous game and that she could get burned. Not in the mood to be lectured, Gloria tells them that she is positive that Ji Min and Jack are in cahoots with one another and she won't stop until either one of them makes a mistake.

Jack, on his way out of the break room of Newman, finds himself face-to-face with an agitated Ji Min. Jack quickly ushers him back to where he was, and closes the door. Ji Min tells Jack that either they deal with the Gloria situation today, or expect things to get very dangerous for them both. Jack smirks telling Ji Min that Gloria is a mere oversight that can be easily taken care of. Shaking his head, Ji Min stresses as to how close she is to connecting the dots, filling him in on their conversation. Seeing that Ji Min is soon to reach his breaking point, Jack relents, asking Ji Min what he thinks should be done. Ji Min tells Jack that he knows the answer to that question: give her the power to do Extreme Catwalk. Jack quickly agrees hoping that it will shut Gloria up once and for all.

Lily, still sitting at the laptop can't fathom what her eyes are seeing. With each click of the mouse, she is suddenly in view of every porn site that Daniel has been on. The one site, however, that catches Lily's attention is the site that Amber Moore is on. Covering her mouth with her hand, she shakes her head in disbelief. Closing out of the sites, she quickly unplugs the USB port and puts it in her pocket. Making her way up the stairs, she quickly checks her watch, realizing that Daniel would be home soon.

At the Winters' home, Drucilla is setting the mood for a romantic dinner for Neil and herself. Dimming the lights, she makes her way over to the entertainment system and turns on some slow jazz. Placing the dinner on the table, she lights the candles that are there. Preparing to get the wine, she smiles when she hears the door open and close. Walking out of the kitchen, she greets Neil with a kiss. Neil is surprised and delighted to see things set up for a night for the two of them. As the two of them sit down for dinner, Dru makes mention of the beautiful models she saw for the Clear Springs photo shoot, telling Neil that it brought up a lot of memories of her days as a model. Neil smiles, telling her that she was and definitely remains the most beautiful model in his eyes. The two of them share a tender kiss.

Daniel arrives home from his final and immediately calls out to Lily. As he is making his way towards the kitchen, he notices two suitcases by the stairs. Lily bounds down the stairs and looks at her husband. Daniel begins to ask her about the suitcases, however, Lily cuts his question short and asks him how long has he been viewing porn. Trying to play it off, Daniel tells her that he only looked at a few sites a few times and left it alone. Glaring at him, Lily pulls the USB port from her pocket and waves it in his face. She informs him that she saw every site he's been on, but found one in particular quite interesting. When Daniel stares at her, Lily snaps that she knows that Amber Moore was keeping him 'entertained' with the website she made, along with helping him start up his own. Reaching for her arm, he tries to stop her from walking away, but she pulls away. He tells her that looking at porn is harmless, but is cut short when Lily blasts him with the fact that his habit is just as bad as committing adultery. Grabbing her suitcases, she walks out on him.

Returning from checking in on Fen, Gloria makes her way to the mini bar and pours herself a glass of wine. Raising her glass, she makes a mock toast to getting everything she wants and bringing Jack down. Sitting down on the couch, she flips through a fashion magazine, thinking immediately of all the things she could bring to Extreme Catwalk. In mid sip, her cell phone rings. Picking it up, she smirks when she sees that it is Ji Min. Answering the call, she listens as Ji Min tells her that after a firm discussion with Jack, he is giving her the go-ahead to go forward with Extreme Catwalk. Once their conversation is over, Gloria sips her wine, quite pleased that she got exactly what she wanted.

Phyllis is rocking Summer asleep for the evening. As she does so, she glances at a picture of Nicholas. Although it wasn't too long before leaving her, she still could feel the sting of his words as he walked out the door. Whispering softly, she tells the little bundle that daddy is thinking of them and will soon be home. Wishing it were true, she carries a sleeping Summer to her crib. Picking up her cell phone, she stared at it; debating if she should call Nick and try to work things out. She was about to flip open the phone when she felt it ring in her hands. Taking a deep breath, she answers the phone. Nick, who is on the other line, asks Phyllis if Summer is doing well. Phyllis tells him that their daughter is doing fine, but that she's missing his daddy. Nick admits that he misses her too. Phyllis asks if he misses her; to which he admits. She once again offers her apology and asks him to come home so they can make peace. Nick tells her that he will be home shortly for them to talk.

Back at the Winters' house, Dru and Neil are cuddled together, listening to jazz and talking about how far they have come in their love for one another. Neil briefly talks to Dru about Victoria, sharing a little bit of their conversation they have had. Dru marvels at how wonderful Neil is to be there in her brief time of need. The two are about to take their romantic evening to the bedroom when they hear the door open and slam. Neil and Dru immediately jump up to see Lily, who is on the verge of tears. Taking her daughter's hand, Dru asks Lily what happened. Lily sobs that she has walked out on Daniel.

Next on Genoa City

LILY (to Colleen): You act like Daniel did nothing wrong! Who’s side on are you on, Colleen?

DRUCILLA (to Daniel): Daniel! We got some words to discuss. Break room, now.

JACK (to Victor, standing by Randall Bates): Victor Newman, meet Randall Bates, my opponent for the Wisconsin senate seat.


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