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#17 Tuesday, April 24




Paul is given the perfect way to 'help' JT

Kevin brings over a latte for Colleen, who is studying for her last final at GCU. Kevin congratulates her on being accepted into University of Wisconsin. Colleen is more excited at the fact that she and Adrian will no longer have to hide their relationship from anyone. Paul interrupts the two and asks to speak to them about JT. Paul is worried about JT and fears he’s hitting rock bottom. Kevin could care less and walks away. Colleen is concerned though and asks Paul if there’s anything he can do to take JT’s mind off of her. Paul has to think and goes to get a drink where Kevin asks when he is going to reopen the search for Jana. If Paul doesn’t, Kevin will. Paul thanks Kevin for giving him the perfect idea.

Gloria is also at Crimson Lights awaiting Ji Min’s arrival. Ji Min finally arrives and apologizes for being late. Gloria tells him that it is okay and that she is happy he agreed to meet with her. Gloria decides it is wise to bring up the fact that she knows Jack and Ji Min are meeting in secrecy. Ji Min is upset that Gloria went through his schedule, but Gloria tells Ji Min that if Jabot employees realized that Ji Min was meeting a Newman representative, there could be anarchy. Gloria wants to know the connection Jack and Ji Min share, but Ji Min is called away. When Ji Min walks outside, he calls Jack and demands to meet with him now!

Victor wants Nicholas to tell him why he is being so spiteful towards Brad. Nicholas asks if he needs to remind Victor of the secrets Brad kept in the past, secrets that nearly cost several people their lives. Victor says he will talk to Brad about it, but Nick tells his father to butt out. Victor is taken back by Nick’s warning. Nick makes it clear that he blames Victor for Nikki leaving town. It’s because of Victor’s meddling that most of the problems in the Newman family occur.

Lily comes home from her final with success. Daniel congratulates his wife with a kiss, but has to leave for his final. On the way out, something falls out of Daniel’s bag. Lily picks up a USB port and wonders what could be on it. She figures it’s Daniel’s term papers, but wonders if more secrets could be on the USB port. Curiosity gets the better of Lily and she plugs the USB port into her computer. To her shock, several porn sites appear. Also on the USB port are the shirtless pictures Amber took of Daniel for his website and Amber’s website itself. Lily is disgusted!

Cane stops by Jill’s office and tells her that he spoke with Diane Jenkins and she agreed to meet with him to discuss her ideas for the new Jabot building. Jill is happy that Cane fell right into place with his new job and figured he would. Katherine arrives to see her grandson’s progress at his new job. Jill tells Katherine that Cane doesn’t have time for visitors now, but Kay has important news and wants Cane to call Amber over immediately. After Amber arrives, Katherine reveals that she is planning a party to welcome Cane and Amber into the family.

Next on Genoa City

LILY (to Daniel): You may not have cheated on me physically, but what you did is just as bad!

PHYLLIS (to Nicholas): Come home… Summer misses you. I miss you too.

JACK (to Ji Min): Gloria is no concern.

JI MIN: You’re underestimating her, Jack. And now, my future is at stake. We have to give her what she wants to stop her.

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