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Episode #236 - Monday, April 9th:

  • Greta is thrown for a loop when she overhears Kristen and Eric discussing her pregnancy.
  • Melissa and Sarah begin to realize something is wrong with Maggie.
  • John, Bo, and Hope are shocked when it looks as if Tony’s story pans out, and he has been being kept down here for a decade. Bo speculates that Bonnie must have murdered Andre last year.
  • Belle and Philip continue to bond as she opens up to him about Shawn, and he opens up to her about how he has a secret he is keeping from everyone and how he is embarrassed to open to anyone about. Shawn is jealous when he sees them bonding.
  • Annie searches all over Salem for her taped confession.
  • Back at the dorm room, awkwardness begins to occur between E.C. and Andy. E.C. remembers their hot, sexy kiss, while Andy cannot remember the events of the night when they kissed.
  • Greta interrupts Eric and Kristen and asks them if they are pregnant. Eric confirms it. Greta is disgusted.
  • Frankie wakes up from a dream in which he professed his love to…Melissa!?
  • Bo asks Tony if he wouldn’t mind undergoing a full medical exam and a lie detector test, both of which will help determine if he is telling the truth.
  • Andy begins to realize something very strange happened the night before…
  • E.C. is keeping a HUGE secret from everyone!
  • Melissa and Sarah plan a surprise party at the Horton House for Maggie. They invite all of the Horton women, including Hope, Abby, and Alice.
  • Greta asks Kristen if this is some sick trick to try and get revenge on Marlena. Kristen refuses, pretending Greta is wrong…when she is right!
  • John reveals to Marlena that Tony is alive…and has been kept captive for ten years!
  • Addie finally listens to the audiotape…that has Annie’s confession to killing Alan and her confession to kidnapping of Austin and Carrie’s baby!
  • Frankie arrives at the bank and makes plans to transfer $500,000 into Melissa’s bank account, based on their agreement and why he married Greta in the first place!
  • Maggie is unnerved by the impromptu party and fears someone will find her secret shrine to her victims in the attic.
  • Eric removes Greta from the room so he and Kristen can have their sonogram. Kristen and Eric bond. Kristen begins to regret plotting to use a baby for revenge.
  • Alice is thrown for a loop when she discovers a bottle of wine in Maggie’s garbage.
  • Addie arrives at the police station and bumps into Andy once again. They share a connection. She hands him over the tape that proves Sami is innocent! When he asks her what it is, she runs away, scared of Andy.


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