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Episode #235, Friday, April 6th, 2007:

  • John is shocked when he comes face to face with his brother, Tony Dimera! He find Tony in the catacombs of the Dimera Basement. Tony is shackled to the wall and screaming in agony.
  • Andy and E.C. share a sexy, hot kiss while being drunk in the crypt.
  • Sami and Peter make love.
  • Billie continues to hide how bad her disease. She refuses to tell Jack how bad it is, but she opens up to Hope more about it.
  • Bo hits a brick wall during his investigation of the Fury and Vivian’s death.
  • John rushes to Tony’s side and sees he is emaciated and tortured. His first instinct is to help Tony, but then he remembers how Tony blew up the Brady Pub, killing Patrick and Chelsea. He hesitates. Tony begs John to help him, claiming he’s been here for over ten years!
  • Andy pulls away from E.C. and tells him never to do that again, claiming he is NOT gay! E.C. is taken aback.
  • Sami opens up to Peter about how she’s never had a man in her life who has loved her for who she is.
  • Simone, Vivian’s best friend and assistant, arrives in town for Vivian’s funeral.
  • John is stunned by Tony’s announcement. Tony swears it’s true. He says Stefano kidnapped him from Aremid because he refused to help Stefano kill John and the Brady’s! Tony says he was determined to prove the Dimera’s to be a good and true family and try to win Kristen back, but Stefano refuses to allow the Dimera’s to be seen as anything but powerful and almighty.
  • Kristen and Eric discuss the best possible way to tell Marlena about Kristen being pregnant with is child. Greta overhears them, and she is shocked by what she overhears.
  • Tony’s words work on John, and he sets him free. John puts a call into Bo and Kayla. Hospital and Police staffs arrive on the scene not much later. Investigators soon realize Tony’s story seems to be legitimate based on investigation of the scene. Tony reveals servants of Stefano’s used to come and feed him, but they were replaced with Megan Dimera, who has not come in a while. Tony reveals he has been starving down here without food or water for days. Bo reveals to Tony that Megan was killed by a serial killer stalking Salem.
  • Simone vows to find out exactly who could have done this to the Fury. Unfortunately for her…Maggie overhears he promising to bring the Fury to justice!


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I have missed your blog! This EC and ANdy storyline is going to behot, I can feel it. Poor Simone...

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