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The in-laws have always been kinda intimidating to me. Loren's mom and dad are firm believers in doing things the natural way. Using butter instead of margarine, feverfew instead of pain killers, no deoderant, and all that kink of things has been their way of life for over twenty-five years. They run an herb shop out of their home and have helped many sick people heal their bodies through nutrition. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to health, they have got a pretty good advantage over the rest of us.

So why, why, why did mom get cancer?

I mean, I can see that I, with my chocolate addiction and constant craving for sugar, that I'm probably on the road to diabetes. But for a family that grows its own food, and sneers in the face of pre-packaged, processed cuisine, to be touched by such a horrible disease...

The family couldn't live a cleaner lifestyle. No caffiene, no smoking, no drinking, no pork, and very little salt or sugar. She used vinegar to clean her house. No chemicals. No microwave. No tv. No cell phones. So why? Why them?

Yeah, I know. Cancer is a gene. The best we can do is live clean so we don't trigger the gene into mutation, but ultimately it is a roll of the dice.

I just feel so bad for mom, though. She feels so useless lying in bed, weak. She is in constant pain. Nauseated. Depressed. The other day she heard about a tragedy where a church family was driving somewhere and hit a horse. The crash killed the mother instantly and later the father died in intensive care. They left behind, I think, five children. Mom sat and cried "God, those kids need their momma. Why did you take her and leave me? I'm useless here. Take me. Leave her."

What do you say to that?

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