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The more that I think about it, the more it seems that everyone's life around me really, really sucks right now.

I have a friend who is twenty-two years old and is losing his eyesight. He is getting married in January and at the rate he's going, probably won't be able to see his bride. Nobody can figure out what's going on. The did a scan for tumors, there is no tumor. They did a battery of other tests - nothing. Twenty-two years old.

And he's a great kid. Hard worker. Great sense of humor. Good looking. Nice guy. He was going places. Not some useless schlub laying around on his momma's couch playing video games and living on workers comp for a backache aquired from lifting a "heavy" box of cornflakes. But I guess in a twist of irony, that might be a good thing. If the schlub lost his eyesight he would never get off the couch and would probably be a drain on everybody forever. I know that my friend has dreams and ambition. He will make it. He will survive on his own.

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