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Episode 45




Jack and Dallas meet Panzico in the alley behind Yo's and he gives them the time the truck should be getting there. He tells them they can have any girl they want to, but be careful. They've been in the back of the truck for a few days and they might be delirious. Susan rushes Hal to the E.R. and immediately starts working on him. After a few attempts of trying to get Emily on her cell, Emily finally arrives with Any in tow and is horrified to see Hal's health deteriorating right before her very eyes. Jennifer takes Nick to the Threadz office and asks for his help developing a new ad campaign. In a heated debate oevr the photographer, Jennifer ends up planting a steamy kiss on Nick. Meanwhile, Paul tells Barbara that he has to go get some supplies and some clothes for them and he'll be right back. Barbara, unaware of Paul's true intentions to turn himself in for his father's shooting, agrees. Roxie runs into Tom at Java and he mentions that he heard she got a job as a personal assistant with his mother. Roxie acts surprised at the news, but once alone, tells herself that she has a secret that will change Lisa's life forever.


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