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Epsiode 44




Ben and Jessica both arrive home to find Curtis. He tells them that he's home on a college break for a few weeks. Later, after Curtis has gone out with some old friends, Ben and Jessica begin to make love, but are interrupted when Jessica's pager goes off. Andy and Emily go shopping and run into Kim. After a few heated words between Kim and Emily, Andy poiltely tells his mom that his love life is none of her business. Lisa tells Roxie that her long time personal assistant DeDe recently moved to Hawaii with her husband and she could always use someone. Roxie jumps at the offer. Lisa later tells Nancy that she's a bit weary of Roxie..something just doesn't seem right. Susan goes by the station to check on Hal, who terafully confides to her in the interrogation that he's having trouble letting Emily go, even if she IS happy with Andy. Susan is alarmed when Hal starts complaining of chest pains and drops to the floor. Jack and Dallas alert the station of their plans for the night. After Hal is taken to Memorial, a fellow officer notifies Jack and Dallas. The two men order back-up and make plans to bust Panzico's ring tonight.


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