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-Kate is shocked when Forrest says his business rival is Vivian! She thinks to herself the same as him: She can use Forrest to take out Vivian.

-The man’s face in Willow’s apartment is not seen. He refuses to leave. He begs for her to take him back and she refuses.

-Marlena comforts Belle as she painfully says goodbye to Shawn.

-The man that knocked Steve out grabs him and drags him further into the secret area!!!!!!! Dorian meanwhile cannot find out where Steve went, so she decides to call the police!

-Eric continues to beg Greta to forgive him and let them have a second chance. Greta refuses but begins to contemplate it.

-Victor confronts Philip and asked if he killed Shawn. Philip says he didn’t and he was at the Kiriakis Mansion all night.

-Lilly and Erin continue to cat fight but Max finally tears them off of each other. He tells Lilly to stop this! Lilly tells Max she has constantly caught him and Erin together! She tells Max to admit if he’s in love with Erin if he is! Erin waits for Max’s answer.

-Bo and Hope finally decide to reconcile after Shawn’s death, saying now they need each other more than ever. Megan swears she will get Bo back.

-Cassie sadly informs John she could lose the use of her legs! John is shocked and Cassie tearfully says they say it’s a big possibility!

-Helena tells EJ it is nothing worth worrying about, and for him to just focus on taking the DiMera dynasty! EJ thinks to himself he also has to get Sami.

-Ivan advises Vivian to do it, and he says Lawerence is the only ally they could have right now against Forrest. Vivian decides she will do it and she will call Lawerence back to town to help her deal with Forrest!!!!!!!!

-Kate agrees to Forrest’s deal. However both of them are determined to use each other!

-The man and Wilow get into a heated argument and Willow orders him to leave! He refuses again, so she grabs the phone but he takes it from her and says he won’t let her not take him back! His face is revealed and the man is NICHOLAS ALAMAIN!

-The man that is dragging Steve pulls him into a dark hallway and opens a door, he throws Steve in and says “Enjoy yourself. Because you’ll be stuck in there for the rest of your life…”


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The picture isn't working for me, but the link says Victor Webster. Is it Nicholas? Eeek! Good twist.

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I don't know what is wrong with the link.....I tried several different things and nothing worked. I have done this before and everything has worked fine. :huh:

But, yes it is Nicholas and I just put it in words.

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