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-Bonnie arrives at Patrick’s house! Billie asks when she’s been, and she hasn’t seen her since Mimi was sent off to jail! Bonnie tells Billie she’s been thinking, and she’s going to leave Salem!

-Chelsea and Jeremy run into a couple of thugs while heading two another club! Jeremy says he can’t risk getting beat up all over again, so he manages to slide his way out, leaving Chelsea by herself!

-Kim continues to have problems walking! She contemplates going back to Salem! Kayla encourages her to, but Kim refuses.

-Steve says he’s gonna just forget him and Kayla’s plans, he’s breaking in to Llanfair, the Lord mansion, tonight! Someone over hears him though….and that very person is Dorian Lord!

-Helena is seen coming out of a dark alley smiling, and then the camera looks down to reveal a dead Susan Banks!

-Lexie is confused, but Megan just leaves.

-Lilly attacks Erin!!!!!!

-Willow wakes up in her bed….and next to her is REX!

-Jan realizes she has slipped, she first makes a petty excuse, but no one buys it. So she confesses that she’s pregnant with Shawn’s baby!

-Vivian and Ivan sneak back into the Alamain Mansion, and plot on how to take care of Forrest!

-EJ plots how to get Sami and take care of Stefano! He says first thing to do is take care of Lucas!

-John comforts Bo over Shawn’s death, and they share a brother moment! Faux Roman watches and is hurt by it.

-Belle and Marlena arrive back at the hospital, and Belle tells Marlena she’s going to see Shawn’s body!

-Kate runs into Forrest! He tells her he knows her, and she’s Kate Roberts! He says he has a very interesting propisition for her.

-Bonnie tells Billie Patrick is dead, Mimi is in jail, and Connor ran away, so she has no place in Salem anymore! She says it’s too painful to be there, so she packs her bags and tells Billie this house is hers now! Billie tries to convince her to stay, but Bonnie refuses. Billie asks about Alice’s, and Bonnie says she gave that to a friend….Billie asks who. Bonnie answers “Victoria Lord Davidson.” Billie’s eyes widen.

-Chelsea is angry at Jeremy for leaving her! The thugs tell her they aren’t going to hurt her, so Chelsea’s gets worried.

-Willow realizes she shared a bed with Rex! She says “I should’ve seen this coming.” Rex is asleep, she doesn’t wake him up and someone knocks on the door. She rushes to get it. When she opens it she goes “NOT YOU!!!!”

-Steve leaves the bar and heads off to Llanfair, Dorian (Robin Strasser) says to herself she never knew things in bars could be so interesting. She follows Steve! Steve walks through the streets and swears, tonight, will be the night he finds out who faked his death and make them pay!


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Damn! The Lord family is involved in Steves "death"?! Now that's wild!

Keep this stuff up. Wonderful. :)

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I continue to love how you are involving the OLTL people in the story. It's wild and so well written.

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