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S&L: Episode 32



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Secrets & Lies: Episode 32
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Written by: Ryan Chandler, Na’Vell J. Lee & Venus Stone (SweetNYGal33)
Produced by: Ryan Chandler & Na’Vell J. Lee

Opening Video

GH opens with Skye walking downstairs for breakfast. She greets her family warmly, as if nothing happened. Skye speaks to Alice, who gives her the cold shoulder. Skye questions why Alice is being so rude. Alice apologizes, saying she was ordered not to speak to her by Tracy. As Skye looks across the table at the other Quartermaines, she snaps at them, asking if she’s going to be treated this way for ever. Edward coldly responds that as long as she plans to marry him, they will have nothing to do with her.

At the hospital, Lainey smiles at a picture of she at Justus. Deep down she’s saddened that he’s leaving town, but knows it will further his career down the line. Her thoughts are interrupted when Diego knocks on the door. She calls him in and asks him to sit. Lainey asked Diego to meet with her privately because she wanted to make things perfectly clear to him. She will not divulge anything that they discuss privately. Even though Diego may have felt ambushed last time during therapy that was not what both she and his father were going for. Lainey wants Diego to open up to her, but it’ll only work if he is willing to do so. After thinking it over, Diego agrees to give therapy an honest shot, and asks if they can start today.

Nikolas puts in some quality time with his son Spencer. Though he would prefer it if Courtney didn’t hover, he knows that she’s just worried about the baby. While they’re bonding, Courtney asks how his friendship with Carly is going. Nikolas says they are currently on the outs because he doesn’t support her latest business scheme. Courtney tries to badmouth Carly, but Nikolas won’t allow it. While it is true that she and Carly were and kinda still are best friends, Courtney sees the chemistry between Nikolas & Carly and knows that eventually they’ll get together. Nikolas then hands the baby to Courtney while he goes to get some milk. Soon after, Helena appears from one of the tunnels, startling Courtney. Courtney doesn’t scream for Nikolas, instead she challenges Helena to try and take Spencer from her. Not in the mood for games today, Helena promises that eventually she will have Spencer. Nikolas returns in the middle of their conversation and orders Helena to leave immediately. When she does, Nikolas rushes over to Courtney and the baby and promises that he’ll never let Helena hurt them. Nikolas hugs a confused Courtney (who then smiles while hugging Nikolas) and kisses his son.

When Sam awakens, she doesn’t seem to remember where she is. Lucky rushes over and gives her a hug and begins talking to her. All the while, Sam has a horrified look on her face. As she looks him up and down, she gives him a big hug, and then releases her hold. Lucky realizes that Sam is probably overwhelmed and asks what the last thing she remembers is. Sam tries to recall her last memory, but it’s nothing but a blur. Her demeanor begins to soften towards Lucky. Lucky reaches for the phone to call Alexis and Jason, but Sam begs him not to call anyone. When he mentions that he has to report to work, Sam tells him that if he wants to leave he can, she won’t go anywhere. Against his better judgment, he informs her where the aspirin is kept and promises he’ll be back shortly. After Lucky leaves, Sam passes out again….

On the next GH: Secrets & Lies-

- Mac’s meeting with the Mayor doesn’t go so well
- Edward informs Luke, Skye, Ned and Tracy that they are required to attend the special board meeting on Friday
- Tracy wants to know if Luke will back her decision to fire Skye
- Lucky thinks about Sam at work
- Sam has a disturbing nightmare


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I've always liked the character of Lainey for some reason. Do you have big plans for her? I see Justus is leaving. Will she find a new love interest?

I LOL-ed when Courtney tried to stand up to Helena and Helena just brushed her off :lol:

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I love Lainey's character. I won't say much about what I have planned for her, but having Alcazar attend sessions with Diego was done for a reason :)

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