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2 Recasts Revealed! + Kimberlin Brown News!!



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2 Recasts Revealed! + Kimberlin Brown News!!

by Tu Morrow

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Last week SENN reported that the roles of Lucas Jones and Brandon Wexler were being recasted. We can now 100% confirm that Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC) has been cast as Lucas Jones. When asked why Justin was chosen, co-headwriter Venus Stone-Cutter said "Justin has a great personality. He's good looking, intelligent and we believe that he will grow into the role every easily." Sources close to the set say that GH's casting department will be undergoing a shake-up if the next few roles cast don't pan out too well.

Jay Kenneth Johnson was a frontrunner in the role, but GH decided at the last minute that he'd be better utilized in another role on the show in the future. Sources close to JKJ say that he has signed a holding contract with GH for the next 5 months. A GH rep said to us that fans will choose the role that JKJ will play on GH.

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Lucas' boyfriend has also been recast. Actor Matt Cohen (Aiden, South of Nowhere) has been cast as Brandon Wexler. Andrew Ridings (ex-JR, AMC) previously portrayed Brandon since early 2006. When we contacted GH regarding the hiring of Cohen, GH headwriter Ryan Chandler said "Matt has what we are looking for and we believe he will have a great future on our show."

Both men have been working hard since they were hired. Our source reveals to us that GH has had Cohen and Bruening reshoot scenes done by Ben Hogestyn and Andrew Ridings. Hogestyn and Ridings' last episodes have already aired.

In other news, we have learned more information regarding the role being written for Kimberlin Brown. It appears as if her character will have ties to Port Charles in more ways than one. Though we cannot confirm this at this time, rumor has it that Kimberlin's character is part of the restructuring of the Cassadine family. We're expected to receive more information next week.

It appears as if Alicia Leigh Willis' time on GH is just about up. The show is refusing to renogiate the actress' contract and is content with having her on recurring status. It is highly rumored that her character will not be recast.

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