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Secrets & Lies - Ep.9



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Secrets & Lies: Episode 9
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Written by: Venus Stone-Cutter & Ryan Chandler
Produced by: Ryan Chandler

Opening Video

Liz and Nik face off at Wyndemere after his accusation that Liz is having an affair with Jason. Liz still can’t believe that Nik has called her over to ask her this.

Liz: Are you serious? Do you hear what you’re asking me?

Nik: Liz, don’t get upset. I just need to know what is actually going on between you and Jason.

Liz: Absolutely nothing is going on between Jason and me. And even if there was, who the hell are to question me about it?

Nik: I was just –

Liz: When you were running around with Courtney behind Emily’s back did I dare ask you if you were cheating on her? No. Because I had more faith in you than that Nikolas.

We’re friends. Jason has been through a lot; we’ve all been through a lot. You standing there accusing me of adultery is just crazy.

Nik: Jason’s been through a lot? Are you serious? Jason’s life is dangerous, Liz. You of all people should know the life that Jason chose for himself. He chose a life of danger. The only person, who needs you more than Jason, is your husband.

Liz: But it wasn’t Jason’s “danger” that got Sam killed was it? It was your psychotic grandmother. I’m not going to stand here listening to you tell me who I need to help and care for. I already got a guilt trip in for form of grandmother. I’m not going to feel guilty for being there for my friend!

Liz turns to walk away but Nikolas grabs her arm. “Liz, don’t walk away. We seriously need to talk about this. I care about you but I also care about my brother,” says Nikolas as Liz pulls her arm away. She grabs her purse and walks through the door. Nikolas yells, “Your pushing him away is making things worse for him. He needs you by his side, Liz! He needs you!”

At ELQ, Tracy goes to Edward’s office. She goes to open the door but stops when she overhears Edward talking. “No one can know,” he says. “My taking over was to prove that I am still the man that I used to be. But let me be clear, I have no intention of leaving the company. I intend to oversee the board was Chairman, and will run the company with my newly selected CEO, provided I have enough votes from the board.”

“Who have you decided on?” the voice asks.

“Tracy, I haven’t decided yet. I’m just mulling things over for right now. I don’t intend on making an announcement until everything is in place. I am considering selecting my granddaughter,” Edward responds.

“Emily? Isn’t she a doctor? She has no business experience. She would not be a great choice to…”

“No, no, no. Emily has no interest in getting involved with ELQ. Besides, she’s decided to take down roots in Hawaii. We keep in contact though. The person I had in mind was Skye.”

“Hmmm….,” the voice says. “That doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Tracy would have a problem with that though.”

“What Tracy doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Edward devilishly replies. “Tracy will never run ELQ again. It’s because of her and Ned that we have Luke running around as the VP of Foreign Affairs.”

“I’ve heard he has a lot of those.”

“Shut up! I don’t have time to continue this discussion. Now, what I need you to do is…” Edward’s voice trails off. Tracy smirks, proud that she has accidentally come into this powerful knowledge. Tracy then steps into the elevator. As she’s going back up to her office she decides that she will need to set up a major plan to obtain not only more power in ELQ, but also remove the company of some unnecessary people; one of them being Skye.

Back at General Hospital, Jamie looks at the photos she took of Patrick on her cell phone.
Jamie slips into the empty office, closing the door behind her. Taking a memo pad from the desk, she jots down a note for Patrick to meet “Robin” immediately in the locker room. Going back to the door, she peeks out to see that Patrick is no where in sight. She heads towards the main station, quickly placing the note on top of some files that are there. Jamie then makes her way to the locker room.

Alexis, who is at work, is looking over some case files when her telephone rings. Picking it up, she is told that someone has requested to see her and that it is very important that they do it now. Alexis is not in the mood for games and asks who the person is. Suddenly her door bursts open. Alexis is face to face with Helena. Helena closes the door behind her and smiles at Alexis, pleased that she has stunned her.

“What are you doing here?” Alexis asks. “You have some nerve coming to my job, demanding my time, showing your face.”

Helena just smiles. “Oh, Alexis dear, don’t be so nasty. I simply wanted to see how you were doing.”

“I don’t believe that for a second. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You don’t care about how I’m doing. You put me through hell. You put…you put Sam through hell, and because of you, Sam is ……” Alexis’ sentence trails off.

“Gone?” says Helena, finishing her sentence. “I wouldn’t place all the blame on my shoulders, dear. You too are to blame for the poor demise of Samantha. My granddaughter had much potential but alas, it was ruined because you didn’t want her.”

“Get out!” screams Alexis.

“Oh, you want to blame others for her death, but you fail to see that you are to blame. You and no one else. But don’t worry. Once Kristina and Molly become old enough, I’ll explain to them what a whore you were and how you murdered their big sister. Then, I shall take them under my wing and make sure you never do any harm to them.” Helena continues to taunt Alexis.

“I’m going to have you arrested for murder you sick bitch.” Alexis picks up the phone to bring police into her office.

“Poor, pathetic Alexis,” Helena says as she prepares to make a fast exit. “I’ll leave you to wallow in your guilt, but be assured that I will be back.” Once Helena leaves Alexis’ office, she uses her cell phone to call the hospital. She is pleased to hear that the unknown patient is doing well. Helena arranges another meeting time.

Patrick is on his way to the admission desk to pick up some charts. Once there, he notices the note for him to meet Robin in her locker room. Smirking to himself, he heads that way. When he opens the door, steam surrounds his body. He notices a woman, Robin, in the shower. Patrick locks the locker room door, and then strips and puts on a robe. He slowly makes his way to the shower. He opens his robe, pulls open the shower door and says “I’m here...” The woman in the shower screams!

On the next General Hospital –

Jamie slaps Patrick for walking in on her naked.

Luke plans a surprise for Tracy.

Carly puts her plans on hold to deal with her mother.

Maxie taunts Dillon for staring at Lucas.

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