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Episode #17



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-Shawn tells Jan that of course the cage was her fault and then she says no just as Belle and Philip are walking over Belle gasps when she sees Jan.

-Lilly arrives at Chez Rouge and she tells Maggie that she is here to see Max Brady and then Maggie says that she must be his date that he was telling her about and then she leads Lilly to the table Max is sitting at.

-Sami arrives at the hospital and then she runs into Lexie’s office and says “What do you- oh my gosh you killed Tek” and then Lexie explains what happened and she says that Sami better help her or she will tell Austin everything about blackmailing her and then Lexie says that she needs her help to get rid of Tek’s body and she also tells Sami to go get the security camera tape that taped her killing Tek and destroy it so Sami runs off to the monitor room.

-The mysterious woman left Jack’s room as Jennifer and Frankie come back in and then Frankie puts his hand on Jack’s forehead and says to Jennifer that his fever has broken.

-Samantha explains that she barely survived the Salem Strangler’s attack and that someone saved her and took her away somewhere but she doesn’t know who and that the body in her coffin is fake.

-The hospital calls Hope and tells her that the paternity test results are in a few hours early.

-As Lilly and Max wait for their dinner Max asks what her life was like and then Lilly has a flashback of her mother slapping her across the face several times when Lilly was little.

-Jan scowls when she sees Belle and tells Shawn that she has hard core proof that the cage was not her fault and neither was what she did to Victor but before Shawn can reply Belle faints in Philip’s arms and Shawn lets go of Jan and runs over to Belle’s side.

-When Sami gets into the monitor she sees that no security guards are in there so she quickly runs in and looks for the tape that recorded Lexie killing Tek, when she finally finds it she takes it out and realizes that she can use this to blackmail Lexie into not telling Austin about her forcing Lexie to tell Carrie that she couldn’t have children with Austin.

-Hope quickly calls Bo and Patrick and tells them to meet her at the hospital and then she quickly gets her purse and leaves her house while the gloved hand watches her from a tree and the camera moves up to show that the hand is… Larry Welch! Larry says to himself that no matter who’s babies those is, that they won’t survive through tonight.

-Jennifer is shocked to learn that Jack’s fever is broken and then all of a sudden he awakens! Jennifer is stunned because Kayla told her that he would probably never wake up.

-Marlena is overjoyed that Samantha is alive and tells her that she does not care how sh survived but that she is glad that she is back and that they have so much to catch up on and she tells Samantha that she has had several children and is married to John Black now and when she goes to get her photo album Samantha says that Marlena won’t be happy much longer.

-Max asks Lilly if something is wrong when Lilly does not respond to his question and then Lilly suddenly looks at him and tells him that she was at boarding school for most of her life and then Max asks if her parents cared about her and then Lilly says that her father hardly talked to her and that her mother didn’t seem to care about her that much and then Max asks her what her last name is.

-Mimi walks out of the Pub with Cassie and Rex and groans to herself when she sees Shawn and Philip holding Belle and Jan walks over to her and whispers “Look Measels, your husband isn’t so faithful to you as you act like”, then Mimi looks at Jan and tells her to be quiet and Jan tells her that she can denie it all she like but soon Shawn will be over Mimi AND Belle for good.

-Sami goes back to Lexie’s office where Lexie has Tek’s body stuffed up in a trash bag and she asks Sami if she destroyed the tape and Samie lies and says “Yup, that tape is gone forever”and then she thinks that she is going to need to make copies of the tape before she blackmails Lexie because if she does it now Lexie might take it from her. Lexie tells Sami good and then she quickly picks up the trash bag and says that she is going to throw the bag into the ocean and then she quickly leaves the hospital as does Sami.

-Jennifer asks Jack if she can hear her and Jack mumbles to Jennifer that yes he can hear her and Jennifer tells him that his fever broke and he asks “What?”. Frankie tells Jennifer that he is going to call Kayla and quickly leaves the room while Jennifer tells Jack that he is getting better.

-Just as Lilly is about to tell Max her last name Abby all of a sudden walks over and ask Max what in the world is he doing with her.

-Hope, Bo and Patrick all arrive at the hospital and they rush into the waiting rom and tells the nurse that she is Hope Brady and she is here for the paternity test done on her babies so the nruse tells her that she will go get them real quick. Hope turns to Bo and Patrick and tells them that this is it while Larry wacthes from behind a pot and takes out a gun and aims it at Hope and says “Sorry Hope but can’t let you have those babies.” but just as he is getting ready to fire it the Mysterious Woman sees him and quickly grabs his hands causing the shot to go astray….and hit Patrick!

(I know this episode was a little bit long but I owed it to you guys for not posting an episode in a while!)

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